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<gantrixx> does anyone know if there is an abiword channel?
<misha-strong> how do I search for a package using yum ( i mean literally search as in find all packages whose name contains "smb" which will give me smbfs ) ??
<fedorared> misha-strong: yum list *smb*
<fedorared> see the man page
<misha-strong> -kthx
<fedorared> and
<misha-strong> i just got geometric lines all over my screen, how do I take a screenshot :D ?
<fedorared> misha-strong: Print Screen key.
<misha-strong> and then what?
<fedorared> In Gnome it should pop up and ask you to save it.
<mattwestm> how can I search for an installed rpm?
<misha-strong> in KDE it does f**k all
<mattwestm> using grep.
<fedorared> mattwestm: rpm -q
<fedorared> mattwestm: rpm -qa | grep package
<RockClimber> Has anyone experienced AGP aperture effecting system stability?

<RockClimber> Because 2.6.15+latest nvidia = unstable, 2.6.15+older nvida=unstable, 2.6.14+new nvidia = stable. The only other thing I tried different today is increasing the AGP aperture to 128mb (I have 2gb of RAM). I set it back to 64mb when I switched back to the 2.6.14 kernel
<misha-strong> heres something you dont see every day:
<RockClimber> what happened there
<Anvil> RockClimber : stop nvidia driver is not 2.6.15 ready. has patched the nvidia drivers to stabilize it.
<misha-strong> nothing it just suddenly appeared, its still there lol
<RockClimber> Anvil, thanks. that's the answer I needed. I couldn't find it in a brief google
<misha-strong> (and you think you have graphics problems)
<RockClimber> Anvil, where did you find this out, is there a web page with details? What has changed in .15?
<misha-strong> well .15 gives you funny lines all over your screen for a start
<Anvil> in the kernel ? man, changelog is public. And it's huge.
<RockClimber> Anvil, i wondered if there was a big change with gfx that would mean waiting a while. thanks for the info anyway
<Anvil> RockClimber : kernel magic is complex.
<RockClimber> new vm_insert_page() kernel interface
<paloris_J> when is the next release of fedora coming out
<fedorared> paloris_J: the schedule is on
<Codename_V> march apparently
<c0ldshadow> is the most efficient way for me to dump the first GB of data on /dev/hda2 by doing: dd if=/dev/hda2 of=DUMP.BIN bs=1024M count=1
<paloris_J> Codename_V, Yes I thought it was to be around march
<LLyric> c0ldshadow: sure
<c0ldshadow> just wondering b/c its lagging my system a ton
<Anvil> c0ldshadow : ja, but that's a partial fs image.. not point doing that you know. It's unusable as is.
<c0ldshadow> anvil, im trying to see if drivecrypt actually encrypted my win32 partition
<c0ldshadow> i was going to examine te dump in ghex
<LLyric> c0ldshadow: it'll consume some decent CPU on IDE systems, especially if dma isn't enabled properly
<c0ldshadow> my swap is going up non stop.. its at 650MB now
<LLyric> Maybe should have used a smaller bs and a bigger count
<LLyric> Don't you have >1GB ram? :)
<c0ldshadow> good call LLyric
<LLyric> Try it the other way around
<LLyric> bs=1M count=1024
<c0ldshadow> LLyric, i dont think i can kill the process now
<c0ldshadow> i had to reboot last time
<LLyric> just ^C should be fine
<c0ldshadow> it goes to uninteruptable
<c0ldshadow> not working
<c0ldshadow> even after i logged off, the thng kept going
<c0ldshadow> last time that is
<c0ldshadow> i could hear it in the background
<c0ldshadow> i tried doing kill on the PID but didnt work
<c0ldshadow> im curious whats going to happen when i run out of swap lol
<fedorared> oom killer perhaps.
<c0ldshadow> oom killer?
<LLyric> Out Of Memory killer
<LLyric> Kills "random" processes to try and free up ram
<TheMafia> how do I use ffmpeg to convert a wma?
<Anvil> not random, kills the one which is begging for ram.
<c0ldshadow> dont think its possible for me to stop the dd
<c0ldshadow> actually i have no idea lol, just havent been able to yet
<c0ldshadow> my swap is going back down again maybe ill get lucky and not run out lol
<LLyric> Anvil: it's not as simple as that - just because a process wants some ram, and there's none left, doesn't mean it's the one that consumed it all.
<LLyric> Basically, when you get OOM, your system becomes unreliable
<c0ldshadow> nice its done
<LLyric> It took 2.5 minutes on my laptop with slowish disks
<zcat> vmware kills my system like that sometimes. definitely getting way more than 1GB in my next system
<c0ldshadow> dd if=/dev/hda2 of=DUMP.BIN bs=1M count=8096 is working alot better, thanks for the tip llyric
<LLyric> np
<Anvil> LLyric : still it's the way the OOM acts.
<Codename_V> c0ldshadow: just though I'd mention, you wouldn't need to dump a partition to a file just to examine it with a hex editor. you'd simply run something like ghex /dev/hda1
<c0ldshadow> Codename_V , i tried open dev/hda2 in ghex but it didnt let me ,, probably b/c i wasnt root.. i did it from the GUI
<c0ldshadow> i bet if i was root it would work though, good call

<Codename_V> course depending on how that app operates you might find it filling up your ram and all.
<c0ldshadow> its probably safer to dump it first actually , so i dont accidently modify the content
<Tinned_Tuna> you can use less -f
<c0ldshadow> if i changed one byte on the /dev/hda2 , i would probably corrupt entire XP partition... the encryption was done in cipher block chaining mode
<zcat> c0ldshadow, can you feel the POOOOWWWEERRR at your fingertips?
<c0ldshadow> Lol zcat?
<c0ldshadow> yeah its pretty cool being able to do this
<c0ldshadow> i bet someone has done a shell script to use dd and grep to undelete files
<sohmc> what file does gdm use to store your preferred windows manager?
<fedorared> sohmc: use switchdesk to change your default sessoin
<fedorared> * session
<sohmc> *shivers* at the thought
<sohmc> i'm looking for the actual file...I'm writing a script for my vnc session
<sohmc> I thought it was stored in .Xdefaults...but I don't have that file
<fedorared> sohmc: have a look at the switchdesk script, you can figure out where the defaults are.
<c0ldshadow> i recently encoded movie clip using mencoder, and then encoded that clip in a flash file at , my goal was to make it so the movie has highest chance possible to work in all browsers and OSes. if your bored check it out im curious if it works for u all
<c0ldshadow> might not work on linux actually. goingto work out ill bbl peace
<HaXtut[KB]> hey whats the command for fglrx to see if direct rendering is on?
<PsychoDad> glxinfo | grep -i direct
<HaXtut[KB]> huzzah :D its on!
<MrCraig> bbl
<AntonTakk> what are the chances that using a few user-space libs and apps (multimedia stuff) from livna for fc4 would cause fc5t3 to lock up?
<AntonTakk> namely libdvdread and libdvdcss
<DrNick> AntonTakk: it's possible
<DrNick> those libraries are talking to hardware and using interfaces that probably nobody at Red Hat is testing due to the legal issues
<AntonTakk> yeah
<darkfrog> I made a mistake in my /etc/fstab on my '/' mount and now it's locking up when I try to boot. It gets all the way to "Starting system logger" before it locks, but it throws errors before that saying "Read-only file system"
<darkfrog> Can someone help me figure out how to recover from this?
<Codename_V> darkfrog: boot the resuce cd or knoppix or something and fix your fstab file
<PsychoDad> repair your fstab
<Codename_V> or if you get a shell when you boot then fix it then
<gezick> what package provides host, etc? i've got a problem w/a machine where on a cname entry, it keeps trying to look up the original cname, and can't resolve the host ever.
<AntonTakk> might be able to boot single user mode
<fedorared> gezick: use system-config-network
<fedorared> gezick: and fix your dns
<gezick> fedorared: it's using the portper dns server, the dns is fine[3~
<darkfrog> Codename_V, I finally got the shell to come up, but it's in readonly mode...?
<Codename_V> darkfrog: so remount your filesystem. mount -o remount,rw
<darkfrog> Codename_V, it won't remount because of the problem in fstab, and I can't change fstab because it's read-only...
<Codename_V> darkfrog: sure it would. you'd just need to tell it what you want remounted. for example: mount -o remount,rw /dev/sda3 /
<darkfrog> Codename_V, thanks, I think I got it
<bench12345> has anybody gotten DRBD to compile on FC5t3?
<PsychoDad> drbd?
<Codename_V> distributed replicated block device
<Codename_V> I think
<bench12345> yeah
<bench12345> think raid-1, over a network
<PsychoDad> sounds nice :)
<bench12345> worked great on fc4.... fc5 (at least on a xen kernel) it doesn't want to compile
<PsychoDad> sounds like something that should really be stable
<pembo13> is knowing the physical geometry of a hard drive on an older system necessary for an FC4 install
<pembo13> ?
<daMaestro> i do not thing so
<daMaestro> tink*
<daMaestro> ksjdf;lkasjdfls
<daMaestro> ]d
<daMaestro> think*
<pembo13> ok
<jerware> fellaz
<jerware> when will fc5 be released ?
<Codename_V> a month or so
<stigga> Hello everyone - general question... can anyone point to a good RSS pop-up client for my Linux Fedora client? Java or whatever ?
<hlieberman> stigga, Are you running KDE?
<stigga> nope
<stigga> Gnome
<Heuristic> Anyone use an MSI Master TV@nywhere with tvtime?
<exw> stigga: to see what is in the repos do a: yum search RSS
<zcat> keep yer bets com'n fellas. that's riiiight. see here pal. riiight.
<hlieberman> What version of GNOME is supposed to be included in FC5?
<Harms> 2.14
<stigga> Hi eveyone,



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