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<Kevin-p> it went to a black screen
<Kevin-p> and now everytime i turn the machine on, i get a black screen, my monitor gets no signal
<rjune> but you also replaced hardware and your IDE cables wern't properly connected
<Didact> What do I need to setup NAT on my FC5 machine?
<Kevin-p> they were ><
<zcat> Kevin-p, you still see video when booting though?
<Kevin-p> the ram was put in 3 days before and everything worked fine
<Kevin-p> what do you mean video?
<zcat> Kevin-p, as in any signal at all
<rjune> Kevin-p: but fedora won't unplug them. :-)
<Didact> Kevin-p: like does the bios screen show up?
<Kevin-p> no
<Kevin-p> nothing at all
<zcat> Kevin-p, then that's bad and not fedora's fault
<Kevin-p> monitor gets its usual screen "no signal"
<Kevin-p> :(

<Didact> so it won't turn on?
<Kevin-p> it turns on
<Kevin-p> i can open/close cd rom etc
<Didact> any lights on the hard disks when you turn it on?
<Kevin-p> well .. normally i have a red light which is always on
<Kevin-p> and a green light
<Didact> open the computer and re seat the video card
<Kevin-p> when i boot up, the red flashes once quickly then turns off
<Kevin-p> so their both off
<zcat> Kevin-p, does it make any beep codes when you boot?
<Kevin-p> its onboard video
<Kevin-p> nope, doesnt eep
<Kevin-p> beep*
<Em> it looks like in extras, amarok's nonfree components (xine engine, mp4 tags, ipod support) are separated out into a separate installable RPM. any repository supplying that ?
<Didact> od
<Seg> Livna?
<Didact> anyone wanna give me some NAT advise ?
<zcat> Kevin-p, no beeps? then maybe it's booting and you just can't see it. dead monitor/cable/vidcard
<Em> Seg, you'd think.
<Didact> Kevin-p: It's indicative of a hardware issue
<Kevin-p> zcat i dont think so ..
<Kevin-p> my hard drive makes certain sounds before boot up etc
<Kevin-p> and it doesnt anymore
<Kevin-p> just hangs
<Kevin-p> quiet, = /
<zcat> Kevin-p, normally if you've got bad ram or whatever your BIOS will give a beepcode to let you know
<Kevin-p> i've barely ever tinkered inside either, just to add a stick of ram a few days ago
<Didact> either your cable became unplugged or your video card broke
<Kevin-p> i took the new stick out
<Kevin-p> same thing
<Em> Anvil, have you got any intention of adding amarok-nonfree to your repository ?
<Didact> ANYONE: Is there anything I need to do to get NAT working on my FC5 box ?
<zcat> Didact, yeah. read about iptables and tools.
<Kevin-p> Didact: what cable ?
<Kevin-p> IDE?
<Didact> Kevin-p: the cable that goes from the monitor to the computer
<rjune> Kevin-p:where are you located?
<Kevin-p> Ontario Canada
<Ahmuck> hi, is there a way to get xine to play in fc5 without bieng root ?
<rjune> lemme think do I know anybody from ontario that could help you...
<Didact> zcat: got any more specific information ? some how to page to point me too?
<Blis***> Ahmuck: possibly.
<Kevin-p> lol :(
<Kevin-p> this sucks
<Kevin-p> i was going to start learning python today to
<rjune> Ahmuck installed xine, and I think it's not setting ownership properly on login
<Kevin-p> brb
<Blis***> Ahmuck: usually the issue is that the ownership of the audio devices is not set right, as <rjune> hints
<Ahmuck> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 3 Mar 31 21:19 /dev/dvd -> hdd
<Ahmuck> brw------- 1 user disk 22, 64 Mar 31 21:19 /dev/hdd
<Blis***> Ahmuck: ahhh, in that case change the permissions of '/dev/hdd', not the audio devices.
<zcat> Didact, lots of nat howtos out there. if you want to save yourself some trouble, yum install firestarter
<AndyCap> Ahmuck: hmm, if that's the dvd device it should have been set to you when you logged in.
<rjune> it was set right.
<Didact> zcat: Yep, that's what I did, thanks
<rjune> he's gonna try xine from livna instead of freshrpms
<Cerin> Are there any instructions on upgrading to FC5 using Yum? The instructions at just point to the regular CD/DVD based method.
<Cerin> And yes, I know it's dangerous. I'm upgrading a test machine.
<cds> Anyone know if you can convert M4P to MP3/OGG?
<Didact> Cerin: none that I know of
<rjune> cds: it's possible,

<rjune> dunno how yet though
<rjune> mplayer can play m4p's so it'll prolly be part of the conversion
<cds> Hm..
<rjune> cds: wait.
<honey> cds, just mplayer > wav > lame > mp3
<zcat> cds, I know you can go the other way, using mp4creator tools
<AndyCap> cds: mplayer -ao pcm -vc dummy -vo null
<rjune> mplayer -ao pcm | oggenc -o file -
<honey> or ogg, yeah :)
<rjune> mplayer -ao pcm infile | oggenc -o outfile -
<cds> Cheers.
<honey> don't think you can pipe mplayer like that though?
<AndyCap> rjune: missing something to write sound to stdout there?
<honey> it'll pipe it's text output
<honey> s/\'//
<AndyCap> should make for an intererting ogg though. :P
<rjune> AndyCap: i don't think so. I thought -ao pcm would do it
<honey> really?
<zcat> livna doesnt have the sox with mp3 support eh?
<rjune> honey: use -quiet
<honey> rjune, it pipes sound output to stdout? you sure?
<rjune> this is theory. I haven't tried it yet.
<rjune> nope
<AndyCap> rjune: no, it needs pcm:file=-
<cds> honey: What will that rip to?
<honey> yes, that's what i use
<rjune> ah, ok
<rjune> thanks AndyCap
<honey> cds, i use -vo null -ao pcm:file=thing.wav, but that has an intermediate step
<AndyCap> nope
<honey> if there's a pipe straight through, that'd be nice
<cds> Ok, I'm lost...
<AndyCap> it won't work
<honey> but i always use an intermediate wav file
<AndyCap> it writes a file called -
<cds> How do I rip to wav, then?
<honey> as above, cds
<honey> mplayer -vo null -ao pcm:file=thing.wav
<rjune> honey: mplayer -vo null -ao pcm:file=- | oggenc
<cds> Ta.
<rjune> as per AndyCap
<AndyCap> cds: mplayer -ao pcm:file=mywave -vc dummy -vo null inputfile
<hlen> can the fedora installer scan for badblocks?
<honey> rjune, are you saying that works?
<AndyCap> rjune: no, tested it and it doesn't work
<honey> i don't think so.
<rjune> AndyCap: oh,
<AndyCap> mplayer doesn't seem to like pipes.
<cds> That didn't work.
<honey> what didn't, cds? error? details, details
<AndyCap> cds: and removing files name "-" can be done with "rm -- -"
<cds> Cannot find codec for audio format 0x736D7264.
<cds> Read DOCS/HTML/en/codecs.html!
<AndyCap> hehehe, that's another problem entirely
<honey> right, but that just means you don't have the codec for mplayer :)
<cds> Hrm.
<honey> and download them
<cds> 'them'?
<honey> or (ugh) get the rpm from atrpms
<honey> i'd do the former.
<honey> yes, go there, look under codecs
<rjune> win32codec is the only package I get form atrpms
<cds> Gah, this is stupid.
<honey> i don't even get that
<cds> What codec?
<|Jef|> cds: yes software patents are stupid
<honey> cds, just get the mplayer recommended codecs
<AndyCap> heh, all of three hits on google for 736d7274
<cds> |Jef|: For once, I agree ;)
<Harms> |Jef|: hi
<honey> cds, if you don't like mp4's don't buy them! i don't
<honey> m4as? whaEVA!
<Cerin> Didact: Nevermind, I figured it out.
<cds> honey: Blame iTunes.



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