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<MrObvious> Uhh I need help learning some TCL. I'm lost :|
<MrObvious> Ok let's say I have this script:
<MrObvious> bind join - * join:voice_and_greet
<MrObvious> proc join:voice_and_greet { nick host hand chan } {

<MrObvious> }
<MrObvious> What I don't understand is where do the host and hand come in?
<ScoTTie_> they are passed to the proc, but you dont have to use them.
<ScoTTie_> the 'hand' is just there handle on the bot if they have one, otherwise its empty
<ScoTTie_> and host is just the users hostname
<MrObvious> ScoTTie_: That helps thanks :)
<ScoTTie_> :)
<MrObvious> Now I've gotta sort out the bind and proc itself.
<MrObvious> It's syntax is a tad confusing yet.
<greenbear> lilo needs to stfu, do we really need 10+ snotices a day ?
<greenbear> -every day-
<tiberius> he keeps users informed :S
<tiberius> imho a bit too informed
<tiberius> if i were somebody who wants to spam using spambots, i would start a new wave using old ones (which are now again usable)
<tiberius> btw not snotices but wallusers (which means: /umode -w or //mode $me -w will turn them off)

<Doa> he uses both
<tiberius> maybe i'm on the wrong server then :o
<Doa> 21:26 -lilo(i=levin@freenode/staff/pdpc.levin)- [Global Notice] Hi all. In regard our connect problems, we'll periodically
<Doa> those are not wallops or walluser msgs :p
<tiberius> surely =)
<Doa> besides there is no walluser here :p
<tiberius> [14:32:39] !lilo! cleaning the kline file; you may see a few spambots.... thanks
<tiberius> i'd guess there is
<Doa> just regular wallops
<Doa> there you go an other snotice :p
<tiberius> yeah, that was a snotice
<tiberius> but i'm on the other hand no ircop here ... so the message i posted must have been wallusers :> (or something similar - i'm not familiar with freenodes ircd)
<Doa> its ircd depending if users can or can not see wallops
<Doa> if you /quote help you'll see all server cmds :)
<Doa> wallusers are normaly marked with a $ too
<tiberius> weee :o
<tiberius> seems you're right :<
<tiberius> anyways, at least a /{ignore,silence} lilo should help, i guess
<Doa> true :p



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