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<chrysopa> Hi is true that I need to empty a notebook battery for keeping this working best?
<susp3ct> chrysopa, i heard the complete oppisite
<petemc> chrysopa: its a good idea to let it run down completely, yeah
<susp3ct> if you run the battery out it will kill the batt
<petemc> nah
<petemc> thats bunkum
<nagulator> hey susp3ct
<susp3ct> nagulator, sup
<chrysopa> I heard that exist a software for make down the battery. Is true? Exist for linux?
<nagulator> a question mate, how do you put the testing packages or the backports to your sources.list without creating conflicts
<nagulator> i would really like to use gnome 2.14 or kde 3.5.2
<fwest> aha!
<liable> chrysopa: well, heres one i heard, if you have it about 40% charged, and keep it in a coll place is the best option for it.
<fwest> my laptop isn't using its docking bay
<pipeline> liable, chrysopa: That's for long-term storage.
<liable> chrysopa: read the thinkwiki, there a section about new battery tools that stops ac going into the battery when you are plugged in

<susp3ct> nagulator, not to sure cause i dont use gnome,i know i know but i have to say have you searched google for someone who has done it?
<fwest> the sound is coming out the headset on the side of the laptop but not the docking bay
<pipeline> liable, chrysopa : If you're actually *using* a lithium-ion battery, you should deep-cycle (i.e. drain completely) about once a week.
<nagulator> susp3ct: do you use kde?
<nagulator> it is the same for me
<susp3ct> yah
<nagulator> I only require a desktop env
<mmm> petemc.... what's the last oracle ver for linux?
<pipeline> liable, chrysopa : It's important to keep in mind that lithium-ion battery life is measured in *charges* not deep cycles. So really, avoid charging it. Charge as rarely as possible.
<liable> pipeline: hrm, i have read different on the thinkpad-linux mailing list.
<pipeline> mmm: Uhhh, the newest oracle version? RHEL is officially supported by Oracle.
<susp3ct> nagulator, im using KDe 3.5 now, which is in the deb repos
<crazy_penguin> re
<liable> pipeline: theres a tool that effectively stops your battery being charged when on ac
<mmm> RHEL?
<pipeline> liable: the "40% and a cold place" is how you store lithium-ion batteries for weeks of non-use. e.g. packing for sales/shipping
<azeem> nagulator: you can't reasonable use Gnome-2.14 on stable
<petemc> mmm: 10g? im not sure, i still use 8..
<mmm> red hat ?
<nagulator> azeem: why?
<mmm> hmm
<pipeline> mmm: Yes. Redhat *only*.
<azeem> nagulator: there are no backports
<nagulator> are there backports for 2.12?
<pipeline> liable: You don't want to use a lithium ion too rarely, you don't want to use it too often :\
<pipeline> liable: fragile, fragile
<azeem> nagulator: neither
<nagulator> well ok I will use kde
<azeem> if you *really* need a newer Gnome than 2.8, you will have to use testing (which has 2.12 currently I believe)
<nagulator> if we have kde 3.5.x available it is fine with me
<nagulator> I can compile it from source
<nagulator> if i knew how to create debs for it I would do it right away
<susp3ct> nagulator, why from source?
<susp3ct> why not from apt?
<azeem> there might be KDE backports for sarge, dunno
<nagulator> I do not know teh internals of .deb
<liable> pipeline: yeah, well i leave mine almost constantly on charge. i have had this almost 4 years and replaced the battery once, and still get 3 hours when i unplug it. just mentioning what i have read :)
<nagulator> as I said this is my first debian installation, and I can see why it has the fame of being stable
<mmm> i want sarge oracle debs
<nagulator> but some updates are necessary, until I find out how to do this into deb packages i will stick with the good old konstruct or gargnome method for desktop stuff
<petemc> i want an oompa loompa
<nagulator> you know how it goes mate
<pUm> <-- damn! anyone knows how I can make a cross compile kernel on 32 bit for a 64 bit system ? (make-kpkg)
<RichiH> petemc: i only have a dicadi dum :/
<susp3ct> nagulator, true
<mmm> petemc, i didn't find them..
<sushimako> is libpq4 currently broken?
<liable> sushimako: check the bts?
<nagulator> susp3ct: ok seems like gnoem installed
<nagulator> what do I need to do to configure X now
<nagulator> seems like x86config is not here :p
<mmm> what's root-plugin-oracle ?
<liable> !drxx nagulator
<dpkg> nagulator: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 [or xserver-xorg if you're using] (as root). If you have edited the X config file by hand, or used some other program like xf86config, ask me about <xmd5>
<nagulator> thanks liable
<mmm> im trying to install oracle on sarge.. can someone help me out?
<liable> nagulator: did you actually install all the x stuff ot just gnome?
<nagulator> i did this:
<nagulator> apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment
<nagulator> X11 directory is here
<nagulator> i suppose that it did install the dependencies

<nagulator> :P
<liable> i wouldnt be so sure
<nagulator> checking
<mmm> im trying to install oracle on sarge.. can someone help me out?
<liable> it doesnt depend on x..
<nagulator> hmm gnome does not depend on x?
<nanok> nagulator: if you also want X to go with that gnome, you ashould also do apt-get install x-window-system
<liable> nagulator: install x-window-system-core
<nagulator> well apt should take care of that
<nagulator> ok ok I try noe
<nagulator> now
<nagulator> i want to install thuogh
<nagulator> what is the command for that
<liable> nagulator: no, you dont *need* an xserver to run gnome technically
<azeem> nagulator: you can install GNOME on a headless server and run the apps on a remote X terminal
<azeem> nagulator: nanok just told you the package you need to install
<nagulator> liable, azeem: i need to get thins working
<nagulator> ok
<nanok> nagulator: you can have gnome and run it connecting to a remote X server, for instance, that is why gnome (and others) are not dependant on X
<nagulator> doing that now
<nagulator> nanok: got it thanks
<nagulator> very helpful all of you
<nagulator> appreciate it
<nagulator> launched it, downloads for now
<Brox> how can i clear /var/chache?
<liable> nagulator: btw dont use xf86config. use dpkg to reconfigure it
<fwest> are there any tools to control laptop's in their docking bays?
<nanok> Brox: that is not your real question. think again
<nanok> ;)
<liable> Brox: man apt-get (see clean option)
<nagulator> dpkg-reconfigure x-window ?
<nagulator> dpkg-reconfigure x-window-system
<liable> nagulator: see what dpkg told you before
<nagulator> more likely that is the command correct?
<nagulator> right
<nagulator> got it
<ma3x> (Gecko:23977): Gtk-WARNING **: Can't set a parent on widget which has a parent
<ma3x> I get that when I try to play a clip in firefox
<nagulator> hmm i see it fetching xfree86 though
<nagulator> nah my mistake it gets
<nagulator> fine!
<liable> nagulator: sarge doesnt have xorg. you can get it from backports though
<nagulator> liable: things I have to learn about backports...
<ma3x> how do I start firefox with debug option?
<nagulator> lets try first to get an x working lol
<liable> ma3x: man firefox (-g option)
<nagulator> hmm I wonder if i should just start using the testing branch only
<nagulator> better not!
<sushimako> how to recover a missing/deleted files list file?
<liable> what file?
<marc7> does anybody know how to fix nano treating a backspace like a delete key? I know this isn't #nano, but something about the keymap on the default debian installation is weird...
<marc7> and I'm guessing someone's run into this problem before. I've heard suggestion of changing my term to vt100... but that breaks the auto-updating banner on my xterm
<sushimako> liable, /var/lib/dpkg/info/libpq4.list is missing
<nagulator> 5 mins to go for x to install
<sushimako> and therefore dpkg says that libpq4 is in a very inconsistent state and should be reinstalled. but i cannot reinstall/purge/install/configure anything because of that broken package
<petemc> marc7: does it work ok outside of nano?
<marc7> yeah
<petemc> no idea then, dont use nano..
<marc7> gonna try something here in a second...
<marc7> the problem either just sorted itself out, or I'm on drugs.
<marc7> sorry for adding unnecessary chatter to the channel
<dbglt> hi
<RvGaTe> hello
<dbglt> can I just ask, is there a way to limit the download rate via apt?
<dbglt> (similar to limit-rate in wget)
<petemc> dbglt: i dont think it has that facility built in, you could perhaps use trickle
<liable> sushimako: what happened to that file?
<sushimako> liable, my harddisk crashed while i was 'aptitude upgrade'ing my system
<netman1> whois petemc
<Brox> i have 3gb on my vserver - but i'm using 2.9. What is the best way to slim? I want to keep emacs,java,tomcat,apache,oracle
<liable> sushimako: you could try cleaning the cache, otherwise you might have to edit the status file.
<sushimako> liable, it doesn't exist anymore
<kibl> Hello, I have just installed udev without upgrading my kernel to the required version. Now I can't access my devices, including access to the Internet. Is there a way to manually re-enable /dev/eth0?
<sushimako> liable, how do i clean the cache?



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