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<kombi> mtr
<welp> grendal_prime, how easy is it to configure it?
<DaBlade> Which version was 3.1 again?
<DaBlade> Etch?
<Trev_> anyhow yea I use it v1.4.5 about 500 users.
<DaBlade> Sid?
<Vasistha> hmmm. DaBlade sarge is 3.1
<DaBlade> ****..
<Tassium> welp: squirrelmail is easy to configure.
<grendal_prime> welp, seems like it was so simple i actually didnt think it was working at first
<DaBlade> I can't find a mirror with etch ISOs
<Vasistha> DaBlade: if you have etch or sid then /etc/debian_version will say "testing/unstable"
<grendal_prime> there is a setup script that dpkg fires off if i remember right.
<welp> grendal_prime, apt-get install squirrelmail ?
<grendal_prime> you just need to know what your transport is , and what your going to use for imap,
<grendal_prime> i would use aptitude but ya that should work as well

<welp> i use courier
<grendal_prime> you have the email server working already?
<Trev_> apt-get works
<Sparticus> kombi - its working fine, thanks for your help... wish there were more people like u around
<Tassium> welp: That'll work, although the tarball is just as easy to use. Squirrelmail is REALLY self contained. I use cvs, myself.
<grendal_prime> welp, if you use courier..i think its even simpler
<Vasistha> if anyone knows media players well... I've got a funny problem. Looking for some kind of program that can identify aspect ratio or picture size, but I am limited to the list of programs that is here:
<kombi> welcome, there are btw..
<welp> grendal_prime, lucky me, 'eh? :P
<welp> grendal_prime, i already have one webmail thingie working, so it can't be TOO hard
<welp> grendal_prime, ok, installed, now do i do squirrelmail-configure?
<kombi> dpkg-reconfigure ?
<lcore> howto list (currently using update-rc.d -n -f daemond remove) at which runlevel and when a daemon is beeing run / stop?
<welp> brb, need to get physical access to server upstairs
<kurumin> yuki vc deve ser muito gostosa
<cr3> anyone happen to have the perl Filename/ file installed? I can't find the corresponding package and apt-file search Filename/ is not returning anything
<Vasistha> cr3: did you try looking for instead of Filename/ ? Also, are you sure there's not a case sensitivity problem?
<MDVz0r2> im installing debian using etch beta 2-netinstall cd, im at the point where i need to install a boot loader, but somehow i get failures for lilo and grub, i've got 2 harddisks in raid0..
<usual> is there a way I can have the framebuffer console with a stock kernel? is there a module I need to load at boot or something
<welp> grendal_prime, by default, where do i find it? i know sqwebmail was http://domain.tld/cgi-bin/sqwebmail
<tero__> please help me, how I mount my usb stick in my debian?
<usual> tero__: it is prolly like /dev/sd something
<usual> tero__: dmesg should show it connected
<usual> is there a kernel module I need to load to have a nice framebuffer console session instead of this huge text I have in console now
<tero__> usual: dmesg shows that is connect but how I mount it?
<usual> Gnea: wake up foolio
<tero__> usual: what is the script
<usual> tero__: first make a moun point dir like /mnt/stick or something
<kriel> hey, what do i need to do to get my sound to work? I've got an ac97 audio card, and all that's happening right now is a really annoying staticky beat about twice a second.
<usual> tero__: then mount /dev/sdwhatevrthedeviceis /mnt/stick
<cahoot> kriel: what did you do up till now?
<kriel> cahoot: looked through aptitude for either ac97 or audio drivers, and found nothing.
<cahoot> kriel: trying alsa or oss?
<cr3> Vasistha: I have tried apt-file search | grep Filename and nothing was returned. I am sure of the case for this perl module
<spanglesontoast> how do I stop users from being able to roam in other home directories?
<kriel> cahoot: ... uhm... -blank, noobish look- say wha?
<abrotman> chroot/jail
<formorer> spanglesontoast: chmod
<cahoot> kriel: try alsaconf
<Vasistha> spanglesontoast: chmod go-x /home/*
<kurumin> tatiane fala coooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
<Covener> kriel: ac97 isn't really what you're looking for. lspci may be give you a audio chipset
<kriel> Covener: i think that said unknown.
<cahoot> kriel: try update-pciids
<chump> ok i ripped the dvd using dvdbackup now how would i burn it to disk?
<chump> would i make it an iso first ?
<cr3> Vasistha: actually, maybe there is no such module :( the reason I came upon this module is that there's some other program that apprently depends on it. I'll have to look into that
<beardy> !info dvdbackup
<dpkg> dvdbackup: (tool to rip DVD's from the command line), section utils, is optional. Version: 0.1.1-6 (sid), Packaged size: 19 kB, Installed size: 84 kB
<Vasistha> cr3: ask #perl ? ... could be that it's not packaged / maintained in debian
<beardy> chump: If it isn't already, probably yes.
<cahoot> kriel: after that run lspci again
<kriel> 0000:00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 60)
<kriel> cahoot: is that what you're looking for? I don't see anything in there...
<markus_> Hello.. How can i Delete a file witchs ending "'" if i write rm firewall' i get a prompt like >
<Tassium> markus_: Cheat - use tab completion. rm firewall<hit tab>
<tero__> usual: It go like this-- mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt (found in the net)
<markus_> Tassium: thx,
<cahoot> kriel:yes - but it's not me looking - it's you ;)
<tero__> usual: thanks anyway :)

<abrotman> markus_: try a \
<kriel> cahoot: ... shush. >x; ... -looks- ... ... VT~~ is the chipset, isn't it?
<markus_> Tassium: it worked=)
<Tassium> markus_: Pretty sweet, isn't it?
<Covener> alsa sure knows about that symbol.
<chump> beardy its as the VOB's
<kriel> cahoot: alsa said it didn't find the card.
<chump> so how would i do that i tried using mkisofs
<chump> but there is no man pages and the help just confused the crap out of me
<cahoot> kriel: my guess is the alsa module should be snd-via82xx
<snickel1650> when I type in startx into the command line, I get these errors: "skipping "usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libGLcore.a:m_debug_norm.o": No symbols found.. (EE) failed to load module synaptics.. can anyone tell me what this means and what I need to do?
<snickel1650> I did a minimal installation and I'm not sure if I've downloaded everything that I need to
<chump> is dvd author better to do?
<|dennis|> just a general hardware question..not too sure if it pertains to deb..but if i put in two quad(4) port nics into a box which makes it 8 nics, deb should pick it up without any irq conflicts...true???
<Perdignus> Hello - can someone tell me which package has the "tr" utility for text manipulation please?
<cahoot> kriel: did you run alsaconf?
<kriel> cahoot: yeah. it said it didn't find the card, and i can't find the snd-via~~
<cahoot> kriel: tried modprobe snd-via82xxx?
<kriel> cahoot: wait a sec... -blinks- ... how can i tell what kernel i'm running?
<cahoot> kriel: tried modprobe snd-via82xx?
<kriel> cahoot: nope.
<Termin8-0> do anyone knows how to add subtitles to an extracted divx movie?
<cahoot> kriel: uname -r to know kernel
<kriel> cahoot: didn't find anything.
<cahoot> kriel: no output is good news from modprobe
<Perdignus> "tr" is also known as transliterate
<kriel> cahoot: modprobe: Can't locate module snd-via82xx
<cahoot> kriel: hm - selfcompiled kernel?
<kriel> cahoot: ... /me blinks, then digs 'noob' sign out of pocket and hangs around her neck- ...
<cahoot> kriel: uname -r
<Vasistha> Perdignus: that would probably be in gnu core utils
<kriel> 2.4.27-2-386
<cahoot> kriel: my bad - you need pull in alsa-modules
<kriel> cahoot: but the problem is, all the ones that apt-cache finds are 2.4.27-3-blah
<Maulkin> Perdignus: coreutils
<grendal_prime> sorry on the sqwebmail deal did you get that worked out?
<grendal_prime> there is a package for in in the stable repos
<cahoot> kriel: so maybe you first need to upgrade kernel
<Perdignus> Thanks Vasistha and Maulkin you were right
<kriel> cahoot: ehhh... ... the last time i tried updating kernel it clobberized my system... xx;
<kriel> cahoot: albeit, that was... a few months ago...
<markus_> ifconfig
<markus_> oops sorry
<Dan39> i need some helpin istallin, cant get internet to connect during install
<kriel> cahoot: mya... can you point me somewhere about upgrading my kernel?
<Dan39> cuz i need to enter username/pw
<Dan39> eh?
<beardy> Dan39: First, what kind of internet connection do you have?
<cahoot> kriel: using debian a simple apt-get install should do it safely for you
<Dan39> dsl
<kriel> cahoot: apt-get install kernel ...?
<Dan39> trying to install businesscard cd
<wiskywisky> hello guys, I'm trying to install debian, but this is not working... linux26 doesn-t recongnize my hard disk... (sata) is there a way to pass the argument to the installer to load sata support? I checked all the menu options and seems to be no sata...
<chealer> Dan39: which release are you trying to install?
<pbryan> wiskywisky: I've just spent 2 days getting SATA working. How can I help?
<Dan39> debian-31r2-i386-businesscard.iso
<pbryan> wiskywisky: What release are you trying to install?
<cahoot> kriel: apt-cache search kernel-image, the choose one, then apt-get install kernel-image-<of your choice>
<wiskywisky> pbryan, ho my god... I don't want to spend that much...
<pbryan> wiskywisky: I sure didn't.
<chealer> Dan39: and what's the problem?
<wiskywisky> sarge 3.1
<pbryan> wiskywisky: That's probably 2.6.8 kernel?
<Dan39> internet wont work
<cahoot> kriel: stick to the latest 2.4 variant to minimise work
<Dan39> i need to enter in username/pw for my DSL but ti doesnt give me any options for that
<wiskywisky> pbryan, yes, linux26 when booting but I don-t recongnize my hard disk.. maybe there's a special parameter to pass for sata to load?
<chealer> Dan39: are you installing on a different computer than the one on which you are connected to #debian?
<pbryan> wiskywisky: Probably not. A lot happened to fix SATA support in 2.6.11.
<Dan39> yes
<pbryan> wiskywisky: I'd recommend downloading the etch beta installer.
<chealer> Dan39: did you already use Debian or GNU/Linux?
<kriel> cahoot: heh. okay. thanks.



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