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<jade> for sarge, why does nautilus always freeze when trying to open desktop folders?
<cureless> IceWolf0: if not then stew is probably right and you have bad hardware.
<KingCrime> @kspath, know i know what i wanted, i'm still searching for a util which is updating my system-clock from an time-server

<KingCrime> now i meant
<cureless> KingCrime: you want ntp
<Ronin> KingCrime: ntp
<KingCrime> ah thanks
<Coweater> lss: just real slow right now, probably just timing out
<S4nD3r_> so...
<lss> Coweater, yeah.
<IceWolf0> no, i think u are right about the hardware, windows used to crash on me too about hardware problems, how exactly do i test it? i type memtest86+ and it says not found
<S4nD3r_> how do I install openofficeorg 2 ??
<KingCrime> o.O
<S4nD3r_> deb sarge-backports main

<kspath> KingCrime: ntpdate and ntpd are useful
<cureless> IceWolf0: you need to install it, get it from apt. Then you'll need to reboot.
<KingCrime> good, i will try
<Rockj> can I add these to sources.list ? (kinda want to try vim7)
<IceWolf0> ok
<KingCrime> so im going to bed, hope to see you again soon :)
<S4nD3r_> Im trying to use this deb sarge-backports main
<IceWolf0> its probably a ram stick my friend gave me, but it usually works fine, should i take it out or leave it?
<S4nD3r_> but this is not working
<kspath> !not working
<S4nD3r_> I have package broken (> 2.0.1)



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