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<xomhauvtt> ktwilight: ok :D
<morten> jesus christ. how can it be so difficult to find out how to set the default news server? can anyone tell me how to do this?
<rohan> grzesio: no one :P
<HarpiaIn> stoned, what about if I was a user and not an system administrator?
<grzesio> why no one?
<nkuttler> grzesio: just ask your question here. and please stop flooding
<ktwilight> haha
<stoned> HarpiaIn, huh?
<grzesio> check if my network connection work properly?
<morten> try to ping something
<AlexCTI> Hi everyone, Someone knows what means Interrupt:201 Base address:0x6c00
<HarpiaIn> stoned, ?
<stoned> HarpiaIn, why are you talking to me?
<AlexCTI> on my nic eth0?
<rohan> i built my initrd using initramfs, it gave me errors about stuff like battery and fan kernel modules (its not a laptop, still those modules are trying to load), and using yaird, it gave me LOTS LOTS of errors about read only file system, and /dev/null permission denied, and stuff like "Contents of /sys will be hidden" , but i NEVER EVER got such errors with yaird, not even the fan and battery things .. is it a known problem ?
<rohan> or do i file a bug report ?

<HarpiaIn> because you give me a tipe to bypass the "mirrors" step on debian install process, ;-)
<ktwilight> haha
<draft> stoned: well i think im ****ed.... but cant i use floppy disk ?
<AleXerTecH> somebody has installed the adative server anywhere (asa9) module for php in debian ? im getting troubles with this! :(
<grzesio> my ping is blocked by firewall
<stoned> HarpiaIn, there is a reason why you have the option to do that. thus, "expert" setup option. Meaning if you're not an expert, don't ****ing use it
<grzesio> another way?
<stoned> HarpiaIn, you asked, I answered, I'm guilty ;)
<nkuttler> grzesio: well, what do you expect the firewall to allow you?
<stoned> draft, what are you trying to accomplish. Tell me your entire situation
<rohan> hmm.. is down ?
<stoned> dunno
<cire> I plan to buy a PDA. I'd like to have linux as OS on it. Do you have any experiences? (I don't know what is state of the art at the moment). It should be small and have long battery lifetime. I don't need much multimedia capabilities as it shall mainly be used as organizer.
<grzesio> knuttler: why you ask me this question?
<grzesio> i only need to runme network
<grzesio> am i dhcp network
<grzesio> network cart work properly but still i canot go outside
<nkuttler> grzesio: so your box is configured through dhcp?
<friedl> hi how do you install atmelwlandriver. could anyone guide me through it?
<grzesio> yes
<AlexCTI> Stoned, I have a situation, My machine has 2 NIC cards, I'm try to setup the eth0 with a Fixed IP, so I already put the address and the subnet...etc and looks like fine it was down and i set thi up, but I can get it work, i see the ifconfig and i see on the last line Interrupt:201 Base address:0x6c00, so how can i check that eth0 is up and running?
<nkuttler> grzesio: and the dhcpd runs on what?
<mwe> what's the easiest way to remove X and everything that depends on it?
<cklaus> hey all .. anybody has experience with the 3ware 8006-2LP raid controller in debian ? anybody knows since which kernel version it is supported (if it is.. ) ?
<ktwilight> it's been down for a couple of days i think rohan
<rohan> ktwilight: oh, ok
<stoned> AlexCTI, ifconfig?
<rohan> ktwilight: happens to you, too ?
<nkuttler> mwe: try /msg dpkg remove x
<draft> stoned : well ; i want to use linux at work by usb. on my computer it works fine, but not at work. I try with shinux and damn small linux without success... ui try to use "bootfloppy-usb.img" without success too....
<AlexCTI> yes, i'm using shell to set up this
<phaedrus44> how to make an app run auto when booting?
<stew> cklaus: that card should be supported by any debian kernel
<ktwilight> just heard 'bout it yesterday from someone :)
<rohan> ktwilight: :)
<ktwilight> but weirdly, it works for me? :/
<stoned> AlexCTI, no I meant like ifconfig isn't telling you if eth0 is up or not?
<rohan> i still cant decide between yaird and initramfs-tools .. yaird has always been perfect up until now
<nkuttler> grzesio: ok. paste the output of ifconfig in #flood or /msg dpkg paste. and try to type my name correctly please
<friedl> I've read the RADME file for atmelwlandriver but i still cant install the god damn card
<ktwilight> draft, have you tried puppy linux? or knoppix?
<rohan> anyway, while boot i get the message "[udevd-event]: %e is deprecated, unused, and unlikely to work properly. Dont use it" .. any remedies for that ?
<nkuttler> grzesio: ah, well, try
<draft> ktwilight: well no, just knoppix on cd. i watch doc :)
<AlexCTI> stoned, when I run ifconfig it show me all of them but on the eth0 i get that line Interrupt:201 Base address:0x6c00 which is not on eth1 and that works
<stoned> draft, if the usb key boots at home, means you have a bios capable of booting from a usb device. if your work pc does'nt, then get into the work pc bios and see if you can boot from usb. if you cant' get into those options, contact you sysadmin. If they don't help or you can't boot from usb at work, you are out of luck
<stew> rohan: /msg dpkg fresh udev config
<ktwilight> k :)
<rohan> thanks a lot, stew :)
<stew> rohan: bts is back up
<rohan> oh, ok
<stoned> draft, why don't you just boot from a cd at work?
<grzesio> knuttler:i asked my admin about proxy and he gave me some info but still doesnt work
<stoned> AlexCTI, I dunno mate, those look like hardware thingy majiggies to me
<phaedrus44> how to make fbdesk run auto when booting?
<tarzeau> who/what generates /dev/cdrom on a 2.4 kernel?
<cklaus> stew, thanks.. you have a hint for me where i can check for stuff like that ?
<ktwilight> phaedrus44, it's dependent on what you run on, gnome/kde/etc?
<tarzeau> (sarge)

<rohan> !popcon
<dpkg> it has been said that popcon is the Debian Popularity contest. See results at or install popularity-contest to participate. do the dpkg-reconfigure -plow popularity-contest right after you answered all debconf stuff
<rohan> tarzeau: ;)
<tarzeau> rohan: omg you're infected!
<rohan> tarzeau: thanks to you :D
<draft> stoned: because i cant save file with cd and its toooooo slow :(
<grzesio> knuttler: i send you my ifconfig and more o private?ok??
<rohan> so, do i file this yaird bug or no ... i mean, if it is a known problem ..
<ktwilight> draft, you can always boot on cd, and mount usb. :)
<AlexCTI> stoned, how do I know that eth0 doesnt have drivers issue?
<stoned> AlexCTI, I have no idea
<stew> cklaus: here are the debian configs: 2.4.27-2-386 and 2.6.8-2-386 are the current install kernels, the 3ware driver is the one that looks like *_3W_* which support all 3ware cards up until the 9500s. the 9500s requres a separate driver
<draft> ktwilight: yeah, but it is possible to change "/" without rebooting ? :p
<orlowsks> special device /dev/sda1 does not exist. I keep getting this error when mounting my thumb drive. Any ideas?
<jetscreamer> you could in single i think
<rohan> hmm.. was there some other rohan here ? this is strange see.
<rohan> !rohan
<ktwilight> i wouldn't know anything 'bout that... :/
<dpkg> rumour has it, rohan is a php scripter in the everlasting search for more warez and porn
<stoned> lol
<stoned> I dunno about the warez, but porn
<Soeki> gmorning, i finally installed xorg with gdm and now it runs till the login screen, after i log in to it . i get a black bash promt on the top left corner of the screen upon the blueish bg of gnome :(
<stoned> mmm
<rohan> stoned: come now, who doesnt want porn :D
<rohan> and ofcourse, i know 0 php :D
<stoned> Soeki, you don't have a window manager, or anything installed? if you do, then before you click login on the boot manager screen, go to the optinos and select your session, make sure its NOT on anything but kde/gnome, nothing like failsafe or something etc.
<rohan> friedl: you have a nice girlfriend, dont you ?
<friedl> yep and im getting laid at least once a week xD
<stoned> when did porn have anything to do with having a mate?
<abrotman> once a week?
<stoned> it doesn't, and never will.
<abrotman> do you not live with her/him ?
<friedl> nope, just 17y old.
<rohan> friedl: so am i
<stoned> Soeki, you are using gdm, so i think you have gnome, go to the menu in gdm and select session as Gnome. then click yes when it asks you to make it the default session
<friedl> i tend to stay over at her place, but since she lives with her parents its kinda akward
<Soeki> in the actions menu?
<stoned> Soeki, I think so I dunno
<friedl> no irl
<maxb> Is /etc/hostname supposed to contain just the immediate local hostname (e.g. 'foobar') or the FQDN (e.g. '') ?
<orlowsks> usb 4-4: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 6. Would ehci_hcd be the device?
<Maulkin> maxb: local part only
<Maulkin> orlowsks: No, that's the driver that's claimed it.
<jetscreamer> not the fqdn
<jetscreamer> maxb: ^^
<grzesio> i need good sources.list for ETCH.
<MatBoy> What is the best tutorial to find out what you don't need in your kernel ?
<orlowsks> Thanks Maulkin
<Soeki> stoned it claims that i dont have gnome installed and that is prompting me to the emergency terminal so i can fix my system
<stew> grzesio: /msg dpkg mirrors
<stoned> Soeki, apt-get install gnome-core
<Soeki> oh
<Soeki> i installed gdm
<Soeki> but no gnome-core :P
<cklaus> stew, thanks again.. fyi, i know (since i recently installed one) that the 9500s is being finely supported in 2.6.8-2-386 (the current stable install cd kernel) .. only the 9550 (s/sx) need newer driver i think
<stoned> Soeki, lol, well you gotta install other stuff too before you know
<valdyn> MatBoy: why dont you use a debian kernel?
<orlowsks> SCSI device sda: 1000944 512-byte hdwr sectors (512 MB)
<orlowsks> Jun 2 09:27:19 box kernel: sda: Write Protect is off
<orlowsks> Jun 2 09:27:19 box kernel: SCSI device sda: 1000944 512-byte hdwr sectors (512 MB)
<orlowsks> Jun 2 09:27:19 box kernel: sda: Write Protect is off
<orlowsks> Jun 2 09:27:19 box kernel: sda: sda1
<MatBoy> valdyn, I mean the config for my setup
<maxb> Maulkin, jetscreamer: Thanks! Is that documented anywhere, or is it just an obscure bit of lore passed around in conversations?
<Soeki> do you by any chance know the most importants i need?
<stoned> Soeki, come again?
<valdyn> MatBoy: i know what you mean
<stew> cklaus: lucky you, the newest i have is a 7500 :)
<MatBoy> valdyn, I don't need Laptop-modules on my workstation :)
<valdyn> MatBoy: so?
<cklaus> stew ;-)
<Maulkin> maxb: man hostname? :)



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