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<reisio> why should he need to put it in dead-tree form?
<IamEthos> reisio, I personally prefer to learn from books as opposed to the web
<MGPalmer> Hello everyone, I've got a problem with my CSS layout - look at it here : . The trouble is, when you resize the window so that you get a vertical scroillbar, and then scroll down, the footer is stuck in place, which looks fugly. Can someone help me ?
<Markjuh> @
<MGPalmer> the problem is consistent across the browser i tested (IE 6 and 7, firefox 1.5), i guess its not an error so much as a design fault
<reisio> IamEthos: I find that exceedingly silly
<reisio> particularly when any testing you'll do is going to need a computer
<Markjuh> MGPalmer: you probably used position: relative and bottom: 0...
<Markjuh> MGPalmer: ah, a position: absolute and bottom: 0
<MGPalmer> Markjuh: yeah
<Markjuh> MGPalmer: that means that the element is always positioned at the bottom of the browser viewport... iirc
<MGPalmer> Markjuh: So I would think as well, but apparantly not in that special case
<Markjuh> no, I'm talking nonsense here... I should reread positioning
<Markjuh> ]css position
<_ZofBot> css position:

<Markjuh> MGPalmer: okay... it should be positioned at the bottom of the containing block... which is div class="container"
<MGPalmer> yeah
<MGPalmer> the container div is what encloses the whole content of the page
<Markjuh> yeah
<Markjuh> and I see what is happening :P
<MGPalmer> please share you insight :)
<Markjuh> you have height: 100% on your div.container, which makes sure that div is exactly as high as the browser viewport...
<Markjuh> the footer is stuck at the bottom of that container div
<Markjuh> but you main div has more content than the height of the browser viewport
<tom> how can i make this centered in IE 6? (like in firefox/safari)
<Markjuh> and hence has a height > height of div.container
<reisio> ;google valid dtd list @ tom
<Minibot> tom:
<reisio> tom: doctypes are important
<Markjuh> MGPalmer: yeah, DOM Inspector confirms my guess
<Markjuh> MGPalmer: your main div is higher than your container div in that case
<Markjuh> MGPalmer: and that is causing the problem
<tom> reisio: but it still doesn't work
<MGPalmer> cool
<reisio> tom: try switching #center's position: absolute; to position: relative;
<Markjuh> not sure how to fix it though
<MGPalmer> aaah, i just removed the height: 100% property, and now it works :)
<tom> reisio: thanks
<Markjuh> MGPalmer: good :)
<tom> reisio: didn't know that position:absolute can be a position which is relative to it's relatively positioned parent ;)
<MGPalmer> just need to check if it works in IE6, the greatest browser ever
<Markjuh> lol
<MGPalmer> yeah, and what do you knwo: it doesnt...the footer is now always directly at the bottom of the last content
<MGPalmer> ok, got that now, too - added to the IE6 hack, which now gets the heigth: 100% back
<MGPalmer> Markjuh: Thanks for you help
<Markjuh> no problem :)
<MGPalmer> oh and while im here, does anyone know of a way to have the border of a fieldset to be automatically as wide as the enclosed content ? all i can find about it sets a fixed width or lets the border go to the end of the screen
<kojiro> MGPalmer: block elements expand to the width of their parent. You would need to position it or float it to get it to collapse
<MGPalmer> ok thanks, ill look into that
<tdd1984> hey guys how can I get my borders to repeat on the left, and right side there inside of a div, i have a border that is like 10px wide, and I want one on the left, then I have another image, and i want to repeat it down the right?
<cronin_> suppose I have a div#container and then inside it i have a div#left and a div#right. I float div#left to the left and div#right to the right and then I want to add a bg image to div#container that repeats-y. When I do that it doesn't go all the way down. It stops where div#left & div# right begin. But when I remove the floats it goes all the way down (but the inside divs aren't styled properly)
<depinko> hello guys, could somebody hint me with rounded corner box on that page: (I can see only the top right corner), I followed these steps:
<tdd1984> ahh rounded corner boxes i had a heck of a time with them
<depinko> tdd1984: like me :)
<tdd1984> yea, but can't remember how to work with them
<depinko> :(
<tdd1984> your gett better with it, I've gotten so good with php/css/mysql/html over the past year from working with it every day for hours that I can see it in my head
<tdd1984> still get confused on the absolute,fixed, and etc, but floats rock
<tdd1984> been getting more into seo here latly big time
<depinko> the box should look like that desihn preview
<depinko> *design
<Markjuh> ]css position
<_ZofBot> css position:
<tom> what doctype does IE use when i don't define one?
<Markjuh> I should make a bookmark out of that :P
<tom> IE6
<Markjuh> it just does quirks mode
<Markjuh> not sure, but I think that's worse than HTML 4.01 Transitional
<tom> yeah
<tom> (in my particular case it's better :P)
<Markjuh> lol
<tom> because i can't select any text on the page when i use a html 4 transitional/strict doctype
<Markjuh> then you must be doing something weird :P
<tom> no
<tom> all other browsers render correctly
<tom> microsoft should use the gecko/webkit engine in IE

<tom> this would make a lot of things easier
<reisio> they'd probably just **** it up
<reisio> the only decent solution is for Microsoft to go under, as I fully expect them to do relatively soon
<reisio> all the top execs are super rich and don't care about it much anymore, plus it can't compete with free/open source
<coolzone> And someone said a table based design is never the way to go :-)
<reisio> coolzone: and?
<coolzone> it is
<reisio> ...not
<coolzone> for people who care about time
<coolzone> whos got a life
<reisio> coolzone:
<reisio> oh noes that took so long to copy and paste
<coolzone> like I said.. a life
<reisio> a life
<tdd1984> hey guys how can I get my borders to repeat on the left, and right side there inside of a div, i have a border that is like 10px wide, and I want one on the left, then I have another image, and i want to repeat it down the right?
<coolzone> its not a good idea using those workarounds
<coolzone> you never now how new versions of browsers might react
<reisio> tdd1984: link
<reisio> coolzone: _I_ do
<reisio> I know exactly how all relevant browsers will react
<reisio> it was really hard to determine, too
<tdd1984> basically I'm trying to get a border on the left, and one on the right
<coolzone> so you know the future.. well thats just great
<tdd1984> the image is 10px wide, and about 400 px tall
<reisio> I had to do the HORRIBLE task of opening the page in each of four browsers and CHECKING OMFG
<tdd1984> 2 different images
<reisio> coolzone: the future doesn't guarantee table-based layout will work properly, either
<reisio> tdd1984: link
<coolzone> reisio, I exspect you dont work with development daily
<kojiro> lol
<Markjuh> lol
<kojiro> coolzone: no, he's on IRC like you :P
<reisio> I "work with development" more than daily :p
<tdd1984> reisio: you don't need a damn link lol, if you knew you'd tell me.
<coolzone> reisio, yeeear right
<reisio> tdd1984: it'd take too long to impart all my knowledge of CSS and height issues to you
<reisio> tdd1984: I'd much rather just give you some code to fix your problem
<tdd1984> yea, well hold on, usually i see stuff like that in my head when someones ask me a question
<reisio> don't think you've provided enough info for that
<reisio> and I'd rather not guess too much
<Markjuh> @
<Markjuh> @
<Markjuh> iek!
<Markjuh> @
<Markjuh> phew
<kojiro> heh
<Markjuh> okay... only difference between index.html and index2.html is: div { position: absolute; }... why do I need it to get div#wrapper to the top?
<Zerb_Riss> hey I have a max-width on a div, but when I float: right something it stretches it out to the full width of the page :(
<Markjuh> which browser?
<Zerb_Riss> firefox
<Markjuh> okay, unusual... usually only see that kind of thing on IE...
<Markjuh> url?
<tdd1984> ain't here a way I can just float my borders on the left, and right then repeat them downwards, and put elements inbetween the floats?
<`Dave> Can someone say something. I'm testing my message alerter
<`Dave> bugger, didnt work
<tdd1984> this is driving me up the wall any one know where a tutorial is on setting image borders, on the left, and right? I need to use these borders i ahve created with images, but can't get it to work :(
<Markjuh> tdd1984: like reisio said... provide a link and tell us what is wrong with that
<Markjuh> because I have no idea what it is you are struggling with
<tdd1984> okay
<tdd1984> a site
<tdd1984> you know how you put a border ont he left, and then on the right, and they repeat down words?
<tdd1984> a image border
<Markjuh> no... I don't have a clue what you are talking about
<Markjuh> ]css border
<_ZofBot> css border:
<tdd1984> you know what a border is right?
<Markjuh> yeah, the thing explained at that url
<cynic> Border????
<FabianFabian> background-repeat: repeat-y
<FabianFabian> try playing with that



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