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<^-Lord-^> man X-Men 3 looks intense
<bofh`> that it does. looking forward to it
<loqii> I've been looking all over -- Do any of you happen to know how to specifically block IMAGES from only ONE website?
<WithX> My PC keeps rebooting randomly and coming up with cmos checksum failed and I have to reload the defaults like everytime
<loqii> WithX: That's a serious problem.
<WithX> I agree
<loqii> Your motherboard is ****ed.
<loqii> At least, your CMOS is.
<loqii> Did you replace your battery?
<WithX> yup
<WithX> I thought that was the problem so I bought a brand new one
<WithX> No nice
<WithX> dice*
<loqii> Whoa, really!?
<WithX> yeah
<loqii> Have you swapped your PSU ?

<jak2000> hi all i have windows 2003 and 10 thin clients each client acces to windows 2003 server via terminal services, each client have too 1 printer per client, when the user sign up in terminal server the printer are the defaul but with port ts001, but i need that be lpt1, how change or ... any tool for convert the port? escuse me my bad english
<WithX> well I was thinking about it .. but it's an antec 300watt and it isn't too old
<loqii> jab: Quit with that copy-paste job.
<loqii> WithX: wow....
<loqii> I'm stumped on that one.
<loqii> jesus.
<WithX> The hard drive keeps making a clicking sound every once in a while.. so I tried a different hard drive but I'd come back.. and it'd still say CMOS bad
<WithX> So I tried reinstalling windows.. same thing
<loqii> wow....
<^-Lord-^> ok so that means the cmos is bad
<loqii> And, you're using the same CPU, I assume?
<^-Lord-^> not windows
<^-Lord-^> not the hd
<^-Lord-^> the cmos
<WithX> New Mobo?
<^-Lord-^> yes
<^-Lord-^> new mobo
<WithX> ahhh
<^-Lord-^> or
<^-Lord-^> you could try a firmware update first
<WithX> Alright I got another one.. My ceiling fan is wobbling uncontrolibly and I'm afraid it's going to fall on me... What should I do?
<WithX> :D
<CyberGeek> &:-)
<^-Lord-^> you should leave this channel
<^-Lord-^> NEXT!!!
<WithX> Heh
<NChief> ^^
<^-Lord-^> unless your fan is run by windows xp, and there is a windows problem with it, you're on your own
<WithX> haha
<bofh`> stand right under it and poke it with a stick
<^-Lord-^> ok I think I am going to wrap this up and head home. back to the flooring job at hand
<^-Lord-^> replacing the entire downstairs
<bofh`> have fun
<^-Lord-^> tons
<^-Lord-^> thanks
<bofh`> I'm going to go home and have a glass of scotch and sit outside and enjoy the nice weather
<bofh`> most likely, anyway
<^-Lord-^> ooh that soudns nice
<^-Lord-^> cept I don't have scotch
<^-Lord-^> mark and coke will have to do it
<^-Lord-^> ok later all
<WithX> Yay lord is gone
<WithX> He's always mean
<bofh`> stfu WithX
<WithX> Uhh alright
<loqii> :/
<s-K-y> hey...anone come accross a XP Home, connecting to a office via VPN... not able to register itself onto the network?
<s-K-y> we have about 2 dozen XP Pro w/o problem... and 2 XP Home... but this one... nothing special with it... just won't coennect
<redhook> reinstall that box
<ManKind> s-K-y check for spare DHCP leases....
<ManKind> do you get an error?
<s-K-y> 5% free
<KrAzIe> you are prolly outta licenses on the server
<mcneeber> If my clock is always reset on my toolbar is it an indication of a hardware problem?
<KrAzIe> pro is licensed via client and home needs a seat license
<KrAzIe> mcneeber, check your bios battery and next time ask stuff like that in #hardware
<mcneeber> bios battery? I set the time in the bios but don't know anything about a battery. I am banned from #hardware.
<mcneeber> Maybe my cpu is getting so hot the information gets fried from it.
<KrAzIe> well do you want to be banned from #windowsxp ?
<KrAzIe> lol
<KrAzIe> no mcneeber

<KrAzIe> thats dumb
<KrAzIe> the cpu stores no info
<KrAzIe> look on the motherboard
<KrAzIe> there is a battery on there, replace it.
<mcneeber> oic
<loqii> In firefox, the "block images from..." Is there a way to type in addresses manually? And to delete ones that I have chosen to "block"?? I don't see anywhere to change/modify these settings?!
<loqii> oh come ON
<loqii> :( !
<Janger_> ;/
<loqii> :< !
<Pain|busy> How do I disable SSDP in Windows XP SP2 ?
<j2000> anyone know about bluetooth?
<ManKind> !google ssdp windows xp disable
<ManKind> ?? ask for j2000
<CyberGeek> ask == If you have a question, just ask it. Don't ask if you can ask a question. Don't ask who uses the product in question. And especially don't ask can someone help me. Just ask the damn question. We can't promise an answer every time, but we'll probably try -- if we feel like it and are awake. | dont know how to ask questions properly? go here
<j2000> it wasnt specifically an xp question... was wondering the differnece between Class 1 and Class 2
<ManKind> !google wiki bluetooth
<Janger_> ;/
<Janger_> sup
<redhook> !google wiki intercourse
<suse_1> anybdoy know a program that can read .gho files other than "norton ghost"
<Janger_> try #nortonghost
<suse_1> i just said "other tahn norton ghost"
<Janger_> suse_1 why did you come to #windowsxp for that answer?
<suse_1> where do i go then
<Janger_> #google
<Pain|busy> Noone knows how to disable SSDP in Windows XP SP2 ?
<Janger_> * suse_1 has joined #google
<Janger_> <suse_1> anybdoy know a program that can read .gho files other than "norton ghost"
<Janger_> lol
<suse_1> i think ihave better chance getting answer here than there
<suse_1> Janger_ why are you laughing , you are the one who told me to go there
<redhook> !g SSDP
<redhook> !g SSDP
<redhook> ?? services
<CyberGeek> services == start > run > services.msc | See | |
<Pain|busy> Thx :)
<j2000> still dont get it
<ManKind> did you go to that link j2000
<suse_1> anybdoy know a program that can read .gho files other than "norton ghost"
<j2000> its ok i found the info thanks
<j2000> class1 can transmit up to 100m but you need two class1 devices to do that obviously
<j2000> class2 is 10m
<Janger_> like omgz i cant install wmp 11 cuz my key isnt genuinze
<loqii> lol
<loqii> you newb.
<Janger_> zip it
<loqii> Don't use a cracked version of windows as your primary box.
<loqii> lol
<loqii> can it!
<Janger_> dude shut your trap
<port> lol
<loqii> i'm jokin man
<loqii> damn
<loqii> don't get all womanly on me.
<loqii> lol
<loqii> janger: do you have a cracked version of everything on your computer?
<port> wtf
<loqii> jesus
<port> who's bots are those?
<Janger_> yes
<Janger_> i do
<Janger_> so what
<loqii> so you're a n00b.
<Janger_> loqqi. die.
<slacker_> enough notice'ing spam from the immature ops already
<Janger_> lol



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