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<Janger> !google adjusting font size in outlook
<square> oh ****
<square> hes back
<square> RUN!
<port> :) square
<CyberGeek> ;-)
<square> ooh
<square> its my ickle baby
<square> hiya porty
<port> whats up man
<square> nuffin much
<square> absolutely bored ****less out of my mind
<Sh4dowcat> heh

<Sh4dowcat> or maybe I should just forget about it
<square> im grabbing latest lost atm
<square> listening to some easy listening music while im waiting
<Sh4dowcat> I got that sent to me along with a ****load of stuff I'll ever watch
<square> cmon newsserver!
<Sh4dowcat> slow
<square> for a UK residential line its actually a very good connection/speed
<^-Lord-^> ok I just took the plunge.
<^-Lord-^> I applied for a Civilian Service Position
<^-Lord-^> starting pay is $10,000 more than I make now
<dylix> doing what
<^-Lord-^> Systems Admin
<^-Lord-^> more pay, more benefits, less headache
<Sh4dowcat> ^-Lord-^: like you have any hair left anyway
<Sh4dowcat> :P
<^-Lord-^> I have a full head of hair
<^-Lord-^> but I probably have a tumor to go with it
<sfsdfsd> !list
<Phaze> sfsdfsd, NO! warez triggers here
<Geofu> get him!
<Geofu> :D
<CyberGeek> :-)
<pfloyd> Is there free theme software out there? Or am I stuck buying Plus!, Windowsblinds, StyleXP, etc?
<CJDeak> pfloyd: I don't know of any freebies
<pfloyd> CJDeak: hmm ok. well, StyleXP is only $20. I think I'll buy that. you have a preference on which to buy?
<CJDeak> I don't like theme software
<uchuff> you can patch uxtheme.dll and install custom msstyles
<uchuff> google
<CJDeak> WB is a resource hog, and a lot of the themes you download "recommened for style xp" from have spyware
<pfloyd> uchuff: I'm not doing that, this is my work laptop.
<uchuff> i dont see the connection
<pfloyd> CJDeak: ah ok. is it embedded or can I just unzip it and remove the spyware ****? I imagine it's an .exe huh?
<CJDeak> It is pfloyd
<pfloyd> uchuff: it's illegal to do that, and I don't want to get busted by my company's software audit?
<CJDeak> It's not illegal to do that
<uchuff> lol
<CJDeak> Your company (or you) bought windows, you can mess with it all you want
<Night> WB is far from a resource hog...
<CJDeak> That's like saying it's illegal to put new upholstery in your car
<pfloyd> well themes are not free in xp, so modifying the xp dll responsible would be bypassing the purchase of their plus! software, no?
<Night> Plus! does not unlock it, either.
<Night> StyleXP just patches it in memory, does not directly change the DLL.
<pfloyd> I don't get how hacking a dll to provide functionality that is otherwise not free is not illegal
<^-Lord-^> uxtheme.dll is free and easy to use
<^-Lord-^> and it doesn't "hack" the dll
<pfloyd> still doesn't seem entirely "right"
<^-Lord-^> oh ****ing get over yourself. you asked for advice and you got it.. now use it as you want
<Night> I use WindowBlinds, it's the best out there.
<Sh4dowcat> Windowsblinds is a pos
<Night> The free version is reasonably functional, too.
<^-Lord-^> it's free, it's not illegal, it's easy to use
<uchuff> pfloyd the themes are free
<uchuff> noone is talking about stealing themes or anything
<pfloyd> ^-Lord-^: well excuse me for not wanting to violate corporate policy and get fired. christ.
<Night> It works great for me and uses fewer resources than uxtheme.
<Night> I have to disagree with pos.
<Sh4dowcat> pfloyd: you've gotten your advice, do with it what you wish

<Sh4dowcat> now quit whining about it
<pfloyd> oo now you're op'd. ph34r
<Janger> !kick pfloyd
<uchuff> bout time
<uchuff> ul Janger
<Janger> np
<Liss> lol
<Liss> you guys are funny
<Sh4dowcat> I wasn't about to kick him anyway
<Liss> yes you were
<Sh4dowcat> just because I op up doesn't mean I go on a banning spree
<Liss> that's why you opd before you said it
<Sh4dowcat> no
<Phiber0pt> cops have guns, but they don't have to shoot everyone with them to get them to comply..
<Sh4dowcat> what I was going to do was beat the crap out of him and his Debian Free Software Guidelines bible
<Sh4dowcat> some open source people can be surprisingly closed minded
<Liss> Phiber0pt oh in this channel the rule is kick anyone who diagrees with you or doesn't kiss your ass
<Sh4dowcat> hey I haven't kicked anyone in ages
<Sh4dowcat> I've hardly been here
<Liss> Janger gets to it first
<Phiber0pt> no, the rule is... When someone asks a question, and they are given 3 answers, and they continue to ask the question and not accept any answers, then they get a attitude problem cause it's not the answer they wanted.. then kick them.
<Janger> yes
<Janger> i call first kick dibs.
<Phiber0pt> I see that 100 times a day in here.
<Sh4dowcat> most of the time people have a set answer in their minds
<Liss> they tend to get attitude problems because they're talked to like they're idiots
<Janger> welcome to WindowsXP.
<Sh4dowcat> and if they don't get that answer they go on a swearing spree
<Sh4dowcat> and that's even when you're nice
<Liss> a swearing spree?
<Phiber0pt> and I don't blame anyone for getting pissed... you ask me a question, you get 3 different answers that will all give you results, yet you insist on not doing anything but *****ing...
<Liss> people are nice in here very rarely, Shad0wcat
<Sh4dowcat> heh you don't take the European morning shift often do you
<Sh4dowcat> it's only me :P
<Phiber0pt> lol
<Liss> i have yet to see a day when there isn't someone who's treated like crap in here for asking a question
<mastag17> :(
<Hunterkll> wtf
<Sh4dowcat> mastag17 doesn't count
<Hunterkll> i keep doing 'dir' on my linux box
<Phiber0pt> pft
<Phiber0pt> ls
<mastag17> ls
<Hunterkll> stupid atari portfolio poisining my mind
<Phiber0pt> hah
<Sh4dowcat> Hunterkll: there's a reason I symlink dir to ls
<Hunterkll> damn it's DOS 2.11 'dir'
<Hunterkll> sh4dowcat: I never type dir, ever!
<Thadius> ?? systemrequirements
<CyberGeek> systemrequirements == <not Defined>
<Hunterkll> until I got this damn portfolio, that is
<Sh4dowcat> liar
<mastag17> i type ls on windows
<mastag17> it doesnt work
<mastag17> :(
<Hunterkll> and suddenly had to go back into the infernal world of DOS 2.11 :)
<Sh4dowcat> I link ls to dir in Windows
<Hunterkll> on a 40x8 screen, i think
<mastag17> how
<Thadius> !learn system requirements this site lists games and will test your system to see if they're playable on your pc.
<Sh4dowcat> Hunt4m3x: don't make me force you to use dos 1.0
<Thadius> gahhh
<twoika> usb boot
<Hunterkll> sh4dowcat: I have a 1.0 box with dual 8" drives ...
<Thadius> !learn systemrequirements this site lists games and will test your system to see if they're playable on your pc.
<Sh4dowcat> then get working :P
<mastag17> ?? systemrequirements
<CyberGeek> systemrequirements == this site lists games and will test your system to see if they're playable on your pc.
<Hunterkll> i usually have CP/M-80 on it so I can run Microsoft Macro Assembler 3.31
<Hunterkll> 48k ram required, one disk drive.
<Sh4dowcat> Hunterkll: and the last time you were on a date was?
<Hunterkll> actually
<Hunterkll> last tuesday
<mastag17> heh



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