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<|Papa|> ok
<TheMetrix> right click My Computer>Properties>Computer Name tab at the top
<TheMetrix> check and make sure the "Workgroup" name is the same on all machines
<|Papa|> k
<|Papa|> ok
<|Papa|> one minute
<TheMetrix> !google simple home network using wireless
<TheMetrix> well that might help some
<TheMetrix> what WAP you using?
<|Papa|> TheMetrix, how would i find out what wap is being used?
<TheMetrix> WAP = Wireless Access Point
<TheMetrix> LinkSys - DLink - ?
<TheMetrix> !google setup simple homenetwork
<TheMetrix> if you are able to connect to the internet with all of the computers you will most likely be able to get to each machine through the network

<TheMetrix> do you have any folders shared yet
<TheMetrix> if not
<TheMetrix> !google how to share files using windowsxp
<TheMetrix> you shouldn't have to set permisssions on the folders as you are on a peer to peer network
<TheMetrix> <<---- your best be is to use this link and follow the directions
<Poink> **** m$ anyways
<Phiber0pt> yea cause god knows we haven't heard someone say that before..
<Phiber0pt> !Poink! VERSION xchat 2.6.0 Windows 5.1 [i1586/3.00GHz]
<Phiber0pt> traitor
<Poink> so?
<Poink> I use kubuntu
<Poink> but not now
<Poink> I'm at my gf's 'puter
<Poink> she won't use kubuntu
<Phiber0pt> something tells me he's spamming...
<|Papa|> netgear
<CoolD3Vil> can i split my own C:> Drive ( the only drive in my HDD ) in windows xp sp 2 ?
<CoolD3Vil> is that posisble to do in xp sp 2 with NTFS version ?
<Abydos313> CoolD3Vil, yes but you need software like partition magic to do it
<GambiT`> hmm.. isnt there a way to add a Color scheme for the teskbar without installing some dumb resource eating program ?
<perfekt> yeah
<perfekt> goto video propteries, appearance tab click advanced button
<perfekt> edit the colour windows uses for each item manually
<GambiT`> well, it doesnt influance the saskbar. only the popup windows
<GambiT`> taskbar*
<perfekt> negative
<DoUbLe_R> anyone know how to use Windows XP Recovery Console
<DoUbLe_R> ?
<perfekt> modify the "3d objects" one
<GambiT`> let say i want to change the "blue" or "silver" color scheme.. to something else
<Phiber0pt> ahh that was fun, just spent the last 2 hours playing X-Com
<DoUbLe_R> does Windows XP Recovery Console work after a format?
<Abydos313> run the console fromt he cd
<blackdevl> lets hope this xp cd works
<blackdevl> nope
<blackdevl> ****er
<blackdevl> !pkban Nelll` bot
<DoUbLe_R> yeah
<DoUbLe_R> i was runnign it from the cd
<RSI> Is IE7 pretty?
<DoUbLe_R> how do you use it to recover?
<interfear> when does vista come out
<Dov-work> DoUbLe_R, recovery will NOT run after a format. There would be no \windows\system32 to work with..
<RSI> Is there somewhere in XP where I can change the REG key?
<Dov-work> RSI, regedit. You don't sound confident so I wouldn't go messing around in there if you don't know what you are doing.
<RSI> I know how to move my way around the registry
<RSI> I have a nonlegit copy installed
<RSI> with nonlegit key
<RSI> I do own a legit copy and key
<RSI> I have a legit key/copy
<RSI> will my copy Validate if I just change the key?
<RSI> for IE7
<Dov-work> So hang on, you want to convert your pirated copy of Windows to legit copy by replacing the key?
<RSI> Wondering if it is possible
<Dov-work> Google magical jellybean.
<RSI> Or do I have to install my leigt copy heh
<RSI> haha
<RSI> k
<Dov-work> The disc itself is not the legit version, it's the license (serial number) that makes it legit.
<MeRcUrY18> anyone know a way to edit the registry in xp without going into windows?

<Hastor> im installing an external firewire HD, is there a way i can be sure it will be the same drive ltter every time i boot regardless of other firewire/usb drives present?
<Dov-work> MeRcUrY18, you can use an offline registry editor. ERD is a fine example, or a free version like BARTPE.
<biOh4z4rd> I know how to change the key
<Dov-work> Hastor, if you set it in disk management, it should stay as the same drive letter.
<biOh4z4rd> google for this...
<biOh4z4rd> "Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder v1.41"
<biOh4z4rd> in options it lets you change your key
<biOh4z4rd> or I can upload it to my website
<biOh4z4rd> oh, looks like help was given
<biOh4z4rd> my bad
<Donato> firstname: Daniel
<Donato> lastname: Maresca Jr
<Donato> street1: 20 Budding Place
<Donato> pcode: 11726
<Donato> state: NY
<Donato> city: Copiague
<Donato> ccode: US
<Donato> phone: +1.6315137659
<roto> OOOOOH
<Dov-work> That's so uncoool.
<Phiber0pt> call him up and tell him he's an idiot
<Corkster> Why would he post his info like that ?
<Dov-work> It wouldn't be his info, moreso someone he has an issue with.
<Corkster> yeah your prolly right
<Dov-work> Still working hard at the gym Corkster?
<Donato> firstname: Daniel
<Donato> lastname: Maresca Jr
<Donato> street1: 20 Budding Place
<Donato> pcode: 11726
<Donato> state: NY
<Donato> city: Copiague
<Donato> ccode: US
<Corkster> yeah im sitting here with legs so sore i can barely move
<Donato> phone: +1.6315137659
<Donato> Segmental
<Donato> Segmental 's info
<Phiber0pt> rofl.
<Corkster> Donato: quit that ****
<Phiber0pt> yea and stop using AOL.. damn.
<Donato> proxy
<Donato> :)
<CyberGeek> :)
<roto> we already know segmentals info
<Phiber0pt> oh
<Phiber0pt> so whats your beef with Segmental then?
<roto> he's a chinese midget
<Dov-work> I am lazy with legs, as I hear most people are. Then again going once a week doesn't help.
<Phiber0pt> how can you have a AOL proxy... I am just curious.. since they have sort of a NAT setup for their dial-up clients
<Corkster> Dov-work: I did 5 sets of 5 reps with 405 and not real sure why it made me this sore
<Dov-work> Could always spoof it.
<Phiber0pt> doesn't seem like you could do an incoming connection to a internal AOL ip address....
<roto> you can
<Phiber0pt> or.. he really is using AOL
<roto> could be some trojan. "proxy" is general
<Dov-work> Corkster, that's still a fair bit of weight :)
<Corkster> i can squat well over 500 i guess my quads were just complaining
<Corkster> that was on friday i did that
<Phiber0pt> old age catching up to ya
<Corkster> could be could be 49 in july
<Segmental> anyone uses that info will have their asses reported to the fbi, got it?
<Phiber0pt> you could be my dad.
<Phiber0pt> lol
<Phiber0pt> like the FBI cares about you.
<Corkster> Segmental: saying **** like that will mkae me call you up :0
<Dov-work> I had a weighty girl jump on my back on Friday night, I was intoxicated and decided to try and squat with her. Didn't work out too well.
<Phiber0pt> I'll post your phone and address on a gay hookup site if you keep posting stuff.
<Segmental> Corkster...
<Corkster> people are hard as **** to lift they wiggle too much
<Segmental> that nigger pedophileic ******* did
<Segmental> hes been harrassing my family
<Phiber0pt> well your "threats"



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