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<stainer70> anyone know?
<amonfils> tv's should just be "on" or "off"
<amonfils> what is this "rebooting?"
<azure> http://www.********ing_hot_too.wmv
<Barsky> hmm. some TV or other announced a ton of them have a software problem
<FKnight`> amonfils: cable box
<amonfils> oh, cable box.
<amonfils> not tv.
<amonfils> that makes sense, seeing as they are computers with IP addresses
<FKnight`> I consider the cable box part of my TV.
<Barsky> well, my reference is to a tv's software
<FKnight`> If there's no cable box, the TV is useless
<amonfils> hahaha, no ariel?
<FKnight`> you're kidding right?
<amonfils> WHAT? BROADCAST?
<amonfils> it wasn't so long ago that cable wasn't an option!

<FKnight`> long enough
<peerce> 157 channels and nothin' on... 157 channels n nothin' on...
<Barsky> my two piece of **** comcast dvrs went bonkers the other night. caused a show to not be recorded but now (or at least last night after it happened) they were actually synced up between the two
<nach0_> i just download the shows i want, i don't need cable
<FKnight`> ther'es always something on
<FKnight`> and if there's nothing on
<FKnight`> Law & Order is on
<amonfils> think of the technological advances since, say the 1940s.
<Barsky> normally, you can have the show on on both and they are way the hell off
<amonfils> l&o is always on somewhere
<FKnight`> yeah
<pale_blue> when bruce did that, it was only 57.
<FKnight`> L&O is *always* on
<Barsky> chicago was like one of the last major cities to get cable
<amonfils> in 66 years look how far 'computing' and related technology has come
<amonfils> where are ew going to be in anothre 60
<amonfils> almost scary
<Barsky> whole bunch of political bull**** held it up
<z4M04> amon, embedded chips and cloning hybrid foods
<Barsky> you lived here then, amonfils...didn't you?
<amonfils> can i get a non-meat but-tastes-like-meat cheezeburger from a tree so my wife will eat it?
<amonfils> i lived in the burbs
<nach0_> soy burgers?
<nach0_> boca burger?
<amonfils> soy burgers != real meat.
<Barsky> well, situation covered the burbs too I thought, but I can't say for sure
<azure> <- Nissan Terranaut concept 4x4
<Barsky> especially south side
<amonfils> i grew up with cable more or less
<stainer70> omg
<Barsky> ah
<stainer70> easy question
<Barsky> oh, that's true.
<amonfils> so never really noticed the lack of it.
<Barsky> chicago only got cable like 17 years ago
<amonfils> hot political town.
<Barsky> I had just moved into my last rental apt
<amonfils> it's not called the 'windy city' because of the breeze through the streets!
<Barsky> yep
<Barsky> as many people incorrectly think that
<Barsky> although, michigan ave. certainly supports that mistake
<z4M04> you gotta clean shot all the way back to the windy 10-9 ? 10-9? copy?
<Barsky> when was the last time you were downtown here?
<amonfils> last year.
<Barsky> like around the michigan and roosevelt area?
<Barsky> mind blowing
<amonfils> no, S. LaSalle
<amonfils> CBOE/CBOT
<Barsky> from slum to $$$$$$CHACHING
<amonfils> and then at the Hotel Indigo
<Barsky> oh. diff there isn't much
<amonfils> i suppose chicago will follow nyc
<amonfils> and become stupid priced *
<amonfils> my question is, where do the displaced poor people go?
<Barsky> but south of roosevelt on michigan ave and going west on roosevelt is insane
<Barsky> insane nice
<Barsky> given that it was always a dump
<Barsky> to nyc level, I doubt ever but in the trend, has been for a long time
<Barsky> price here have skyrocketed
<amonfils> well, i mean the entire city will become gentrified
<amonfils> i.e. no more cabrini greens and robert taylor homes

<Barsky> that's been going on for a long time now too
<amonfils> citys are shiek again
<Barsky> cabrini is mostly gone
<amonfils> ya i heard
<azure> <- that's neat... visuallizations of the code of 6 atari 2600 games
<Barsky> it is $$$$ townhomes and condos and such
<amonfils> again i ask
<amonfils> where did the poor people go?
<stainer70> So, to wrap things up all i want to know is if the refresh rate is tied ONLY to the monitor.
<Barsky> on halsted from north ave, it is new townhomes right down to what hasn't been torn down in cabrini land
<Barsky> shrug
<z4M04> wtf i wanna find all the .exe's find / -name .exe ? or find / -name *.exe seem not work
<Barsky> panty stainer: videocard and monitor
<amonfils> find / -name \*.exe -print
<z4M04> thanks
<amonfils> you need to escape the *
<z4M04> k
<z4M04> :D
<z4M04> thanks bro
<amonfils> 9 killed in libya!
<stainer70> <Barsky> how so?
<amonfils> this cartoon stupidity hasn't stopped.
<stainer70> how does it affect the videocard?
<stainer70> isn't it just the monitor giving out a higher refresh rate?
<amonfils> i would like to violate teyla in several different ways
<nerp> mirc 6.17 is out
<Barsky> stainer: because a videocard has to support said refresh at your desired resolution too. granted, with lcd which you run at 60hz at whatever resolution the monitor supports, thats not gonna be an issue
<Barsky> but in crt land, you could have some ****e videocard that doesn't support higher res at high enough refresh
<Barsky> amonfils: as would sheppard
<Barsky> well, if he is banging the woman in charge, whatever her name is
<amonfils> Elizabeth Weir
<Barsky> yeah her
<Barsky> I think tayla would do shepperd
<csm> crackers
<Barsky> AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but occasionally there's a cheap feast for the eyes.
<Barsky> Several topless bars, peep shows and *** show clubs in Amsterdam's famed "Red Light" prostitution district have declared an open house on Feb. 18, hoping to shore up their reputation with local politicians who are calling for a crackdown.
<Barsky> hey csm. how's your a-rabs?
<csm> ****ed up as ever
<csm> dude i swear to god
<csm> i dont know what's worse
<Barsky> did you crackdown on that situation from last week?
<csm> arabs or the brits
<Barsky> domain admin my ass, eh?
<csm> oh yeah... doha is currently reviewing all that ****
<csm> i'm like. ahahahahahaha idiots
<joobie> Hi Guys.. anyone know where i can download a DOS bootable CDROM ISO?
<csm> all this after the guy told me he had already hired his telecom/it people
<Barsky> dude. bring the network down to it's knees.
<csm> oh oh oh... now they are reviewing it???
<Barsky> take them off the air to show your power ;-)
<csm> yeah ok dude... whatever
<Barsky> hehe
<csm> oh no dude it's not like that...
<FKnight`> has all kinds of bootdisks
<joobie> Hi Guys.. anyone know where i can download a DOS bootable CDROM ISO?
<csm> i mean everything is fine.... it's just like.... this is all egg in his face ****
<csm> and funny
<BBS> joobie -
<z4M04> man i love the beach area here
<Barsky> leave shoe soles on their desks ;-)
<csm> because everything we told them was gonna happen... is happening
<digidog> we are outsourcing all of our telecom
<z4M04> everything from my gf's house is like within a square mile
<digidog> im so happy
<joobie> u have to pay on for the cd iso
<z4M04> im so happy
<BBS> no you don't
<csm> i dunno...
<csm> i'm not a big fan of outsourcing anything
<digidog> **** i am
<csm> specially telecom
<digidog> i dont have to deal with it
<csm> keep that **** in house



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