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<crimsun> you can't until you either reset the IDE bus (very dangerous) or you reboot
<crimsun> that's normally a hardware issue
<crimsun> and you can just install 'ubuntu-desktop', which will pull in the necessary dependencies.
<crimsun> how new is this hardware?
<tengil> everything is brand new
<tengil> except the graphics car
<tengil> d
<tengil> and im getting that error during reboot....
<crimsun> so do you have an SATA HD?
<tengil> yes
<crimsun> so your hda must be an ATAPI cdrom?
<crimsun> (or dvd)
<tengil> yeah
<crimsun> then you can ignore the error
<tengil> but i cant boot
<crimsun> is the cdrom/dvdrom configured as master, slave, or cable-select?

<tengil> that i have to check
<tengil> what should it be
<tengil> master>
<tengil> ?
<crimsun> it's either master or cable-select
<crimsun> try moving it to the secondary IDE controller
<crimsun> shouldn't matter then if it's master/slave/cable-select
<crimsun> otherwise it's worth a bug report
<tengil> it was set to master
<tengil> im moving it now
<tengil> and did you just mean i can do apt-get ubuntu-desktop earlier>\
<shizident> well, still can't get the new kernel to boot-- having alot of VFS mount troubles, all relating to a root path (which i've set repeadely to no avail)
<shizident> i think its a problem with the initrd
<crimsun> a self-compiled one, I presume from previous context?
<crimsun> if so, did you generate an initramfs manually if you didn't compile in ('y') support for your root fs and the controller on which it resides?
<shizident> what does that fall under> where in the kernel config?
<shizident> i tried an mkinitramfs originally, because i didn't have mkinitrd (for some weird thinking reason)
<shizident> but yea, i checked the .config and it had BLK _RAM_FS off
<shizident> or commented out
<shizident> I'm sorry, CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD
<shizident> was commented out in the config
<shizident> in terms of what you're saying, I am understanding that I may not have compiled in support for my local root FS, being EXT3 ?
<ColdNeon> has anyone worked with GfxBoot?
<tengil> whe
<tengil> when trying to configure x i got the wrong setting and i only get a black screen when booting up. how do i get back into the console to fix it?
<Mellar> tengil: ctrl+alt+f1
<tengil> doesnt seem to do it
<crimsun> shizident: correct, you need that compiled in via 'y', and you need your HD controller compiled in via 'y'
<tengil> Mellar: nope doesnt work. i can hit ctrl alt backspace though and hear it restarting x
<ColdNeon> has anyone tried this?
<Mellar> tengil: strange
<Mellar> I guess you tried ctrl+alt+f2 and so on as well?
<tengil> yes
<tengil> i did
<Mellar> then I don't know what to do
<Mellar> only I can think of, is trying to boot up with a liveCD
<Mellar> fix the system in that way
<tengil> oops i succeded after ctrl alt backspace a bunch of times and x kinda messed up on me
<tengil> which is the correct file to change the resolution and such in?
<tengil> so i know im changing in the right place
<Mellar> don't edit the file. that is quite hard
<Mellar> try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
<tengil> i edited the files in other linuxes
<Mellar> yes, but use the packagesystem to do it
<tengil> have to do so much else while reconfiguring xserver-xorg
<tengil> ok
<Mellar> it is menu-based. goes a lot faster and easier
<Mellar> easier to avoid mistakes
<Mellar> tengil: how is it going?
<shizident> crimsun: is it possible to cat your hd controller information
<crimsun> shizident: it would be in dmesg from a Ubuntu live cd
<shizident> what should i grep?
<tengil> Mellar: since x completely messed up im rebooting right now. i did some reconfiguring and ill see what happens
<tengil> thing is i put i a really **** graphics card at the moment. i will have to go buy a new one tomorrow i guess
<Mellar> :S
<shizident> crimsun: out of curiousity, why from a live cd? Why not proc
<crimsun> shizident: well if you can get it to boot, sure, it should be in /proc
<shizident> crimsun, any idea what I should be 'grepping' ?
<tengil> i dont want to buy an expensive graphics card but i need an pci express for this mobo and i want tv-out to work smoothly any ideas on what kinda card i would need?
<shizident> something thats supported, thats for sure!
<shizident> lol

<crimsun> shizident: from lspci -v ? lspci -v |grep -i interface
<crimsun> ->phone
<Mellar> tengil: mandrake has a list of supported hardware
<tengil> shizident: and where can i find that out
<Mellar> the same hardware should be supported by Ubuntu
<tengil> ok
<tengil> my xserver keeps crashing right now even though i set 640x480 with 4bit color
<Mellar> tengil: you are using the right driver?
<Mellar> i810 for intel and so on?
<Mellar> if nothing works, try vesa
<tengil> its an ati mach64 i have
<Mellar> vesa can be used on any card, but it's pretty slow
<tengil> not sure how many mb menory even...
<Mellar> ok
<Mellar> I'm going to bed
<shizident> Thanks crimsun , I thought I had comiled in support for Intel CH* but perhaps not
<tengil> but my ati card should use the ati driver shouldnt it_
<tengil> can debian packages be installed in ubuntu. seems like ubuntu doesnt have the vpnc package i worked with in debian...
<crimsun> sure it does; it's in universe
<crimsun> don't mix and match binaries for debian/ubuntu, generally. You can regenerate a binary deb from the debian source package, though.
<tengil> oh yeah i found out about the universe and that stuff now
<crimsun> (yes, I saw in #ubuntu)
<james_> whats the name of the c++ compiler?
<james_> apt-get search c++
<korozion> gcc
<james_> returns everything
<crimsun> g++ is the canonical compiler.
<crimsun> if you ``sudo apt-get install build-essential'', you'll get it.
<james_> apt-get install g++ worked
<james_> thanks
<x0x> I have a question. I've got a laptop with 80g HD, and it's partitioned as 60MB winxp, 19gigs EXT3, and 1gig SWAP, and I am installing unbuntu 6.06, and i go thru all the install screens and it gets to the end and says WARNING ALL data on all partitions will be destroyed, bla blah. But I thought you could just install it to the ext3 partition without affecting the winxp partition. I tried to just set it as being mounted on /winxp but I can't risk
<james_> i just installed ubuntu on my laptop
<james_> as a duel boot
<james_> didn't have any problems
<x0x> does it sense that you have winxp installed and ask about installing grub or whatever that boot thingy is?
<james_> i dont remember exactly how it worked, but it should be straight forward
<james_> especially if you already have your partitions setup
<james_> just set a mount point
<james_> grub automatically detects the XP install and leaves that as an option
<shizident> guys, is it possible to a new drivers to a kernel and compile them in that way?
<shizident> shoot, i'm sorry-- i mean, add
<crimsun> yes
<crimsun> mmc_core is modular in Ubuntu kernels
<shizident> can you point me to a howto or direct me as to how to do that?
<x0x> ok **** i am going to try it
<crimsun> well you'll need to use Edgy's kernel source, for starters.
<x0x> but i think i[m going to download kubuntu real quick instead of regular ubuntu
<crimsun> x0x: same base system
<james_> gross
<james_> kde is lame
<crimsun> heh, I'm using Xfce atm
<james_> gnome is where its at
<x0x> kde is lame?
<x0x> really?
<james_> imo
<x0x> do most ppl just install the regular ubuntu
<shizident> crimsun, if i'm using acpi, should i disable apm completely?
<shizident> in a kernel compilation
<shizident> damn, i have a million questions- lol
<crimsun> shizident: doesn't matter; they're mutually exclusive. One will be disabled at boottime.
<shizident> cool, ok
<crimsun> i.e., you may compile both of them, but only one will ever be used.
<shizident> and my presvious question-- is integrating new drivers more hassle than its worth? ie. easier to install serperately?
<shizident> ****, i'm sorry about the spelling
<x0x> give me 3 reasons I should NOT install kubuntu/kde and stick with plain ubuntu
<james_> lol
<crimsun> x0x: 1). 2). 3).
<james_> no ****
<crimsun> I'll also give you three reasons why you should use Kubuntu/KDE.
<crimsun> 1). 2). 3).
<james_> x0x: its a matter of personal preference, try them both
<x0x> i am scared as hell the ubuntu install is going to **** up my winxp partition
<shizident> hehe
<james_> i remember my first partitioning job



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