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<Mark1988> hmm
<Mark1988> what are the advantages of a flat file database , are there any ?
<wasabi__> Paladin_M: You know what a "flat file database" is right?
<EyePulp> mysql?
<EyePulp> mark: they're cheap to create
<Paladin_M> yes i do
<CoJoNEs][> heh
<wasabi__> Then explain it to me.
<Paladin_M> Well
<Paladin_M> Often they have four legs, each one consisting of a different metal
<CoJoNEs][> hah
<Paladin_M> more commonly alumnium , titatanium , mithral and admantium
<Paladin_M> they can shoot fire out of ther enostrils of which they have 3
<EyePulp> I use Magic Missle.
<EyePulp> er, missile

<EyePulp> nice
<EyePulp> Am I getting drunk?
<Paladin_M> they also can breath fire out of there ears
<chamois> drunk as a skunk
<Paladin_M> more often than not they have names like
<EyePulp> Are there any girls there?
<Paladin_M> Bob , Bill and Zordon
<Paladin_M> and like saying "Get me out of here Mr Wizard"
<Paladin_M> meh
<SicWork> EyePulp: where?
<Paladin_M> thats pretty much all i know
<EyePulp> Sick: the Dead Alewives.
<SicWork> whats that?
<kodas> hey i have a simple "delete from table where column=null" but it refuses to delete the row thats null, i tried ='' also why doesnt it recognize?
<warpus> is there a way to use the WHERE clause in a way that will only return non-numeric rows?
<MEE> kodas, you replaced column with a column's name ?
<Paladin_M> hey guys , what would you say the other advantages of relational databases are , not including that they saves tons of space from not repeating records ?
<warpus> i'm looking for something like.. isNumeric(columnname) or something like that
<kodas> yea of course
<warpus> paladin: speed, efficiency
<Paladin_M> Thank you warpus :)
<warpus> np
<MEE> I study sql for 2 days...
<warpus> can anyone answer my question please? :)
<MEE> :-D
<MEE> It can be an integrity's restriction
<MEE> I think you should state after "delete" what you want to delete
<MEE> For example, delete all
<kodas> i dont want to delete all though
<MEE> I may be wrong
<kodas> just what has a null column
<MEE> delete all for ...
<MEE> That's what I say
<MEE> Sure
<warpus> use isNull ?
<kodas> can i use that in asp?
<MEE> "=" what it does ?
<MEE> Returns true or false ?
<MEE> Or change a value ?
<Quant> just watched 2 episodes of Russian Godfathers
<Quant> not bad
<kodas> this is retarded, i just dont get it
<kodas> it goes like this "if 1,ix = null then ocn.execute delete row where rowid=bla else..." but it always goes to the else
<Quant> where columb is null
<kodas> if i do is null it says object required
<Quant> null is not a value
<EyePulp> what db?
<kodas> maybe i can do something thats if len(1,ix)>-1 then....? mssql
<EyePulp> DELETE FROM tablename WHERE columname IS NULL
<EyePulp> is completely valid
<kodas> i did that, it says object expected!!
<EyePulp> then you're misspelling something
<kodas> im doing the query in asp if that affects anything
<EyePulp> divide and conquer.
<EyePulp> run the query in SQL analyzer and see that it works
<EyePulp> then figure it out in asp
<EyePulp> you're spelling your table name or column name wrong though.
<kodas> ok i dont think its a query problem...
<EyePulp> are you getting a SQL error or an asp error. Paste your whole error someplace.

<kodas> its an asp error.... its doing if rsarray(1,ix) = "" then query.... the IF is not recognizing that the array is null
<EyePulp> paste your code someplace
<phargle> isn't there a DBIsNull function in asp?
<phargle> er, is that new for .net
<phargle> "new" lol..
<EyePulp> no, just if ISNULL(val) then do something
<EyePulp> SQL has an isnull too, but it behaves differently.
<phargle> IsDBNull, thats the .net one
<SicWork> yo
<kodas> thanks the if isnull() worked
<SicWork> isnull is evil
<kodas> heh
<justinm> no
<justinm> nO!!
<Paladin_M> what are the advantages of using a relational database to calculate and print invoices ??
<EyePulp> l8r ladies.
<Paladin_M> im not a lady
<EyePulp> paladin: go do your homeowrk with google.
<EyePulp> it won't laugh at you as much.
<Paladin_M> actually its just revision
<Paladin_M> not like i need to hand it in lol
<Paladin_M> better to get it from the pro's to :)
<SicWork> no advantage.. better if its all done by hand
<DCpromo> justinm raped my kids !!!
<Jarett_> Less intelligent people can see when people cook the books via bad sql code on an rdbms
<Paladin_M> what are the advantages of using a relational database to calculate and print invoices ??
<Jarett_> none
<Jarett_> only idiots do that sort of crap since they will never amount to anything
<Jarett_> and they use excel or quickbooks
<Jarett_> people like you...
<Paladin_M> hehehe
<Jarett_> and when they are done with that they go get their boss coffee
<Paladin_M> I live to serve :)
<Jarett_> and take his pants to the drycleaner
<Paladin_M> lol and I rarley use Excel :P
<justinm> access is better then oracle
<Jarett_> You RARELY use spellchecker either do you?
<justinm> Jarett_ told me this
<justinm> he is a smart and credible individual
<Paladin_M> I rarley use spell checkers too , your right :) .
<Paladin_M> :P
<Paladin_M> *rarely
<Paladin_M> atleast not before I type in IRC
<phargle> neat, fulltext search in 2k5 lets you use a thesarus
<Jarett_> neat Oracle has has thesaurus (iso compliant too), and theme and gist searching for 9 years
<phargle> yea but, i dont give a **** about oracle :)
<justinm> don't listen to Jarett_
<justinm> he works for Oracle
<Jarett_> Not any more
<justinm> he is zealous, and will do anything it takes to switch people over
<phargle> i dont, i just dont have him on ignore at the moment
<justinm> actually i think oracle is pretty good
<justinm> I'm just trying to get a reaction out of the bastard
<justinm> he mocks me in silence, and it has driven me insane
<DCpromo> ?
<SicWork> ??
<phargle> i actually like oracle, i just like the idea of not being nice to Jarett_ more
<Jarett_> mssql is about as cool as bringing a disposable camera to a pantera concert
<justinm> phargle: why
<Jarett_> ponder on that one
<phargle> before or after dimebag died?
<Jarett_> If you dont understand, you aren't ready to learn why
<justinm> Jarett_'s not bad for an overzealous facist christian
<phargle> you hit the nail on the head..
<phargle> except, remove the "not bad"
<phargle> and replace with "there's no such thing as"
<phargle> wait that doesn t work
<phargle> nm
<justinm> you... you bastard
<SicWork> they killed kenny



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