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<j0ker> rob, you can check your httpd.conf
<j0ker> it can lock in the port number there
<j0ker> make sure its set to 80
<j0ker> you can do a netstat to see if it actually binds to 80 too
<Netwolf> Bitte: you need to either recompile your apache with -R/llocation/to/libapr or add a crle path
<chemguru> weren't you doing SSL?
<j0ker> he WAS yesterda
<j0ker> y
<j0ker> :)
<Netwolf> Bitte: or create a shell script that sets these vars up
<Robspiere> your right that was the problem
<j0ker> plz drive thru
<j0ker> grouphug
<isol> <j0ker> My name is Dyce and I secretly *********e in other mens clothes (in the changing rooms when their not there) I also like wearing womens clothing.... I have such a small penis (314381438)
<Robspiere> it was set to 8080...
<Netwolf> Robspiere: as j0ker netstat -a | grep LISTEN and make sure that it is indeed listening on the port you think it is

<Netwolf> ****...gotta go work.
<j0ker> have fun
<Netwolf> j0ker: anyways mate...good to chat with you. Take care and try not to work too hard :)
<j0ker> you too and ace that interview tomorrow!
<Netwolf> thanks!
<Bitte> Netwolf : don't run away please ...
<j0ker> 12:11PM <Netwolf> ****...gotta go work.
<beerbum> bitte you can put the path to that lib in your /path_to_apache/bin/envvars script
<Bitte> beerbum : tell me please how ?
<beerbum> tho /usr/local/apache2/lib should already be there and thats where lives in 2.2
<j0ker> he just did
<Bitte> sorry but I'm not that fluent in SOlaris
<beerbum> unless you made a non-standard tree when you compiled
<beerbum> like I do :-)
<Bitte> I just added the packages from sunfreeware and installed it
<beerbum> ahhh
<arno_> heh
<arno_> grouphug
<isol> <arno_> One day Brendan was outside on his bike, and one of his friends comes running up to him going "Brendan! Brendan! Look what Kyle gave me!!!" And Brendan just turns around, says "I don't care, *****!" and knocks him flat on his face, takes the Pokemon card and comes home. He was 7 years old. (518856441)
<beerbum> i prefer to build my own
<arno_> use the source, luke
<beerbum> speaking of which, i need to instal php
<Bitte> well.. this was packaged and all I had to do is unzip it and add the package and instal
<beerbum> and try to get ssl working on it
<arno_> lame, bitte, lame
<arno_> grouphug
<isol> <arno_> I cannot believe I've been having *** with my cousin in my office. We're both adults, me in my late 30's and she's 40...and it's been incredible. She just drops by and I close for an hour or two and it's incredible. (119834576)
<beerbum> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 21 Jul 5 23:01 /home/www/lib/ ->
<arp> I bet they dont think anything is wrong with that either
<arp> I bet they wont
<beerbum> your path be different
<arp> until he accidentally gets knocked up
<arp> she
<arp> weird
<beerbum> arp at least it isn't his sister..
<beerbum> but.. depending oh how far in the south they are.. could be 1st cousins which would be just as bad
<arn0> why isnt there a CSI Kentucky?
<arn0> all the dna's the same
<beerbum> probably cause dna tests would be useless...
<arn0> there ya go
<arn0> grouphug
<isol> <arn0> I have a fetish for women with really huge feet. If I'm about to have *** with an ugly woman, I think about a woman with huge feet giving me a foot-job and my penis begins to get hard. :) (141543792)
<arn0> heh
<arn0> mm, luger's tonight
<_Tenchi_> yummy
<arn0> i should just skip lunch totally
<arn0> bacon!
<arp> arn0, who ya goin wit
<arn0> some friends on the island.
<arp> cool
<arn0> you're welcome to join us. 6:45 in great neck
<_Tenchi_> if i was in nyc i'd invite myself
<arp> yah, a bit far to travel for steak :)
<arn0> heh
<Kae> so these guys setup a meta device and mounted it directly
<_Tenchi_> haha
<Kae> now I can't mirror it
<Kae> I have to bring oracle down, unmount it, then attach it
<Kae> pendejos

<_Tenchi_> hahah
<Kae> they're not going to like that
<rwxr--r--> wow a company i was working for had an office in great neck
<rwxr--r--> cutter mill road ... till the feds shut em down like public enemy
<_Tenchi_> i dont even know where tf greatneck is
<_Tenchi_> rwxr--r--: hey thanks for that dvdrom tip... the toshiba patch worked
<rwxr--r--> neat tenchi
<rwxr--r--> arp you still in riverside?
<arp> I never was in riverside
<rwxr--r--> could have swore you were ... sorry
<arp> how would I know you?
<rwxr--r--> we spoke here and there in here (/nick sil)
<rwxr--r--> i think it was via ryan nelson over at mlb or something
<arp> got it
<rwxr--r--> i forgot what exactly we spoke on or so
<arp> ryan nelson is a good friend.
<_Tenchi_> arp's got so many friends he cant keep track of them all
<rwxr--r--> ryan is cool as heck
<Kae> okay, I'm going to sharfenberger for a croissant
<_Tenchi_> grab me one while you are out
<Kae> uh huh
<Kae> oooo
<Kae> so yummy
<arp> localtime 981222703
<isol> Sat Feb 3 12:51:43 2001
<arp> thats when I last talked to 744/sil
<beerbum> amazing the **** one finds when cleaning out junk.. one complete copy of solaris 8 02/02.. books and all
<Kae> maybe because he watches....
<Kae> erm
<arn0> grouphug
<isol> <arn0> I stereotype girls by their race. (587272353)
<gothchick> haha
<rwxr--r--> thats a long ass time ago
<rwxr--r--> i was thinking more to the tune of maybe 2003 *shrugs*
<Blah> grouphug
<isol> <Blah> first of all, im the dorky girl that everyone has something bad to say about. as you can imagine, that brings your self esteem down a lot i've moved a lot during my life and making new friends and falling into the same situations is horrible. i used to think things would be better in another school but its just the same. it makes you feel like something is wrong with you, like being ugly or showing your style is something [-snip-] (608622817)
<arn0> grouphug
<isol> <arn0> i am a dendrophiliac (589373178)
<arn0> heh
<jd> someone wants more money
<jd> :)
<jd> or, someone is smart and gives a damn about this country
<jd> one or the other
<arn0> grouphug
<isol> <arn0> I am so scared of becoming a boring person or an unhappy one, someone who does the same thing over and over again everyday or someone who hates their job but works in a cubicle 60 hours a week so she can feed her family ...When I think about it or I'm reminded of it that it makes me cry. I never want to be one of those people. I never want to be bored with life. (301044110)
<rwxr--r--> 1million Linux based laptops going to nigeria... should we expect more spam
<_Tenchi_> haha
<arn0> grouphug
<isol> <arn0> i got head off some random chick and later that night i saw her kissing some guy! i bet he didnt know what she did haha sucker. (433499587)
<arn0> heh
<arn0> grouphug
<isol> <arn0> everytime i meet one of my dad's important business friends or meet "important" people i always act like a wonderboy. truth is im TOTALLY acting. i impress these people by using an expanded vocabulary but the truth is that i hate these people. i think about how much of *******s they are and how much a want to punch then in the face. im such a good actor because im really not that good of a kid. (281765234)
<arn0> grouphug
<isol> <arn0> back when i wwas working, i used to stay in late and wank to porn after hours. god that job sucked. (854161674)
<arn0> grouphug
<isol> <arn0> if he only new how many guys i ****ed while being with him.2 guys i can't remember their names they were one night stands.carlos,Elvis,Alexis,Henry,and junior. he ****ed more girls while he's been with me though. I wish i didin't feel it's wrong for me cause i'm a girl. (111264091)
<arn0> dont
<fallout> she's going to get teh HIV
<gothchick> so will he
<gothchick> and so will all of their ****buddies
<Tont0> speaking of ****buddies
<Tont0> grouphug
<wbits> oh sweet
<Tont0> also, if you've been living in a cave for the past 4 hours
<bigbambu> hah
<bigbambu> that fag is gay? NO WAY!



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