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<nicks> I am trying to add a domain name to sendmail. I modified a line in virtusertable and I am getting an error message. Is there anyone here who can look at a small sample of the error log that I get and maybe point me into the correct direction?
<twkm> add to local-host-names as well.
<nicks> ok, will give that a try
<nicks> twkm: Thank you so much. It was a complete oversight and I should know better. That fixed the problem. Thanks again. ;)
<nicks> One more quick one, how do I deal with this: reject=553 5.1.8 <>... Domain of sender address does not exist
<felix> nicks: because you don't own, and's owner doesn't like you using his domain on irc.
<nicks> is an example
<nicks> the domain is
<felix> can't help you unless you use your real/actual domain.
<nicks> I'm sorry.
<felix> interesting. i see and its mx record just fine
<nicks> I know
<felix> make sure you can see it on the box sendmail is running on, by using: host
<nicks> it's confusing me

<felix> also, kill sendmail completely and restart it
<nicks> I'll do it again.
<nicks> ;; Got SERVFAIL reply from, trying next server
<nicks> Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
<felix> heh
<felix> there ya go
<nicks> do I need to add that somewhere?
<nicks> I've only done this one other time about a year ago, and brad helped me out with it. But, brad isn't available so I have to learn how to do this myself. ;)
<felix> so, you're running a nameserver on that machine... does it have in the config as a master or slave zone?
<nicks> it's not added in the hosts file at all
<nicks> and it should be a slave to
<nicks> kb9lrt
<nicks> localhost
<nicks> that's what is in my hosts file
<felix> it wont have anything to do with /etc/hosts
<nicks> do I need to add a record for mt-pockets too?
<nicks> ok
<felix> it's a nameserver config issue
<felix> oh
<felix> i see
<felix> mt-pockets's dns is handled by zoneedit
<nicks> yes
<nicks> which points at
<felix> so make sure your local config does NOT have in named
<nicks> I don't see that it is, and I am positive that I did not manually add a record for in named
<felix> okay
<felix> hmm
<nicks> I an only suggest a few things that I think could cause a problem, like resolv.conf
<felix> maybe restart named? or have a dummy zone for it locally
<felix> yeah, add another nameserver to resolv.conf
<felix> a reliable one, with your isp, perhaps
<nicks> ok, I don't have to restart anything for that I don't think, right?
<felix> gotta restart sendmail
<felix> because its resolver libraries only read resolv.conf when it starts
<felix> bbr
<nicks> ohh.. That make sense
<nicks> wow, still same error.
<nicks> I could paste the error message I get with outlook
<nicks> and the error log message
<nicks> The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was ''. Subject 'Email is fixed!', Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '553 5.1.8 <>... Domain of sender address does not exist', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 553, Error Number: 0x800CCC79
<nicks> which, I think we already established that.
<nicks> there it is. Must have just taken some time for DNS to propagate
<nicks> felix: thanks for your efforts. I should have just waited a bit longer. That 'is' a newely registered domain name and I forget that dns is intermittant for the first few hours.
<leooo> whats the latest version of sending mail
<twkm> i don't know anything called sending mail.
<leooo> send mail
<leooo> typo.
<twkm> i don't know that either.
<leooo> eh?
<twkm> sendmail's current version is 8.13.7.
<leooo> thanks pal
<leooo> what tiem is it in israel

<twkm> good question. why not fly there and find out.
<leooo> can you go for me
<leooo> :>
<leooo> im just playin dog
<twkm> so am i. i've a larger stick.
<leooo> festivus
<leooo> for the restofus
<leooo> you watch seinfeld
<leooo> its another festivus miracle!
<twkm> really. move along.
<leooo> heh
<leooo> peace young husta
<leooo> husla
<msk> ahh, the younger sect.
<twkm> ghod bless them ... with a brick.
<ZBandit> I just installed a fresh copy of sendmail. I keep getting connection refused. I recall something about telling sendmail to listen to a specific device or interface. Where was that at ?
<kneer0w> what do the logs say.
<ZBandit> nothing is showing in the logs. It shows up when I tried to mail to a user on the box.
<ZBandit> connection refused.
<kneer0w> what do you mean by 'nothing'
<kneer0w> nothing shows up when you start and stop sendmail?
<ZBandit> when starting shows no errors.
<kneer0w> what happens if you mail locally
<ZBandit> mails locally ok
<kneer0w> what happens if you telnet to port 25 from a machine on the same subnet?
<ZBandit> works that way.
<kneer0w> do you see the telnet attempt in the logs?
<ZBandit> yes.
<ZBandit> when I try to telnet from outside (different interface) I get connection refused.
<ZBandit> I remember it was something simple, but can't rememeber what it was. it had to do with the eth0 vs eth1 if I recall right.
<msk> morning
<ZBandit> greetings.
<pip_> ZBandit : what's your operating system?
<msk> you have a line by that name in your which is restricting sendmail to the localhost interface only
<ZBandit> centOS 4.3
<pip_> never heard of it
<ZBandit> tried compiling a new sendmail and using the rpms
<ZBandit> internally on eth0 works fine. But will not listed to eth1
<ZBandit> I've heard of it and dealt with it before I just can't freaking remember what I did to make it work......
<msk> *tap tap* is this thing on?
<sub__> remove the DAEMON_OPTIONS line and stop tapping on the screen
<msk> that was me tapping, apparently he can't hear me
<ZBandit> missed your message.
<sub__> see he heard you:)
<pip_> msk: good morning
<msk> howdy boys
<kneer0w> 'morning folks
<msk> so i have a new certificate
<ZBandit> thanks. That was it. I must have pulled the wrong mc file over.
<msk> i got my open water diver certificate yesterday
<msk> so now i've got earth (humans cover it), air (pilot) and water (diver)
<msk> that leaves only fire to master
<msk> time to take a firefighter course
<ZBandit> doesn't ipop3d come with sendmail? or is that from an imap server
<twkm> doesn't come with sendmail.
<ZBandit> thanks.
<spork> hi
<sub__> Hi
<msk> hi
<sub__> hi msk



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