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<fryer> Testing DomainKeys I installed dk-filter with sendmail and generated all the keys etc and have the service running as shown on:
<fryer> Testing to send a mail from bash to a yahoo account it doesn't look like my mail is being signed. Any suggestions?
<fryer> X-DomainKeys does show in my mail header but the domainkeys-neutral is displaying
<fryer> =neutral
<sub> dk-milter 0.3.3 is old ..
<fryer> I'm using 0.4.0
<fryer> Do I need to do something special when sending a mail to sign it? Or just the typical mail command?
<sub> paste the maillog on a website

<fryer> I will paste the header from the mail sent and maillog
<sub> You need to tell dk-milter which mail should be signed. usually localhost and daemon
<fryer> Not sure how I would tell it. Do I specify when starting the daemon?
<sub> Yes
<fryer> inet:8891@localhost
<sub> That is the port in which dk listens
<fryer> Need to change that to the IP it's using to send from
<sub> pastebin is slow
<fryer> Oh
<sub> use anotehr site
<sub> wait
<fryer> See it?
<sub>; domainkeys=neutral (no sig) ,-
<sub> You did not sign
<fryer> Right
<fryer> How do I sign?
<fryer> That may be a dumb question. I'm not an expert on this. I tried looking it up but with no luck
<sub> dk-filter -l -p inet:8891@localhost -c simple -d -s /var/db/domainkeys/mail.key.pem -S mail -u domainkeys -m MSA
<fryer> Ok I'll try that
<sub> It's -S dk for you. check the man page as that may have been changed in newer versions
<sub> I think that should work for 0.4.0
<fryer> It took the string and started with -s
<fryer> Oh for the -s mail
<sub> That's for the selector
<fryer> Still getting the nosig
<sub> You are sending from
<fryer> Yes
<fryer> I have it set as
<sub> It's not signing for subdomains

<fryer> Do I need to build signing requests based on general3?
<sub> Try sending from root@domain
<fryer> the keys
<sub> No but you can tell dk-milter to sign for subdomains
<fryer> Oh
<sub> use -D
<fryer> Starting the daemon how you mentioned now it doesn't show X-DomainKeys in the header
<fryer> Let me try the -D
<fryer> AH
<fryer> We're closer
<fryer> domainkeys=fail (bad sig)
<fryer> It signed
<sub> There is a switch to add that header or not add. man page
<fryer> Probably because I created the keys for
<fryer> And sending from
<fryer> Would you agree?
<sub> It should sign for as well. bad sign can mean that the keys changed or you broke the signature on send
<sub> send me an email
<fryer> Sure
<fryer> Well I'm closer. Atleast I got it to sign
<fryer> What is your email?
<fryer> nm
<fryer> Sent
<fryer> d= in the signature might be the issue
<sub> domainkeys=fail (testing)
<fryer> Because it doesn't match the from=
<fryer> Huh
<fryer> Its in testing mode?
<fryer> int=t
<sub> Your dk record says testing mode
<fryer> Ok
<fryer> Let me take out int=t
<sub> That's not testing mode
<fryer> Oh



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