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<Trengo> hazta
<Archeroff> hey folks... how'

<Archeroff> how's everyone doing today?
<Archeroff> hey does anyone know what they call that anti-spam system whereby people wanting to send you an email get sent an email one time that they must respond to in order to get whitelisted?
<sub> fine and you? Let's not get into dumb challenge response spam
<Archeroff> goes well today sub.
<Archeroff> sub: I take it you are not a fan?
<sub> Please click here if that IRC text message was addressed to me, Archeroff. This is to prevent spam
<Archeroff> Well... given the fact that I have one account for which I receive legitimate email from only about 5 people, I thought it may work
<Archeroff> because the spam volume is pretty harsh...
<sub> Yes, it would work for you
<Archeroff> and I notice that spammers seem to have patched their tools against greylisting.

<sub> But what about the millions of poor children out there who will get that challenge message? Do you want them to suffer because of your antispam system?
<Archeroff> heh
<Archeroff> if I could enable some sort of milter-cut-your-spamming-balls-off-***** I would.
<sub> Because you are going to send out a message for each message you receive
<Archeroff> ahh
<Archeroff> yes.
<sub> and most of the sender addresses you see are not genuine
<Archeroff> impractical
<sub> so don't do it:)
<sub> I thought that you were running spamasassin



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