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<callas> hello
<trexen> hi
<trexen> how do i reconfigure so my sendmail answer my domainname insted of localhost.localdomain
<twkm> do you have a fixed ip address?
<trexen> when someone do HELO on port 25
<twkm> if so, remove localhost.localdomain from your hosts file and put a line in with your fixed ip address and fqdn.
<twkm> if not, replace localhost.localdomain with your fqdn.
<twkm> be sure your system agrees that its hostname is your fqdn as well.
<trexen> ok. tanx allot. my ip is blacklisted =(
<twkm> then fixing your fqdn, while important to do, won't help you much.
<trexen> maybe but a recomendation was to remove localhost and so on
<twkm> leave localhost.
<trexen> twkm: you have other recomendation for me to check ?
<twkm> remove or replace localhost.localdomain.
<trexen> ok

<twkm> changing your fqdn won't change your listing in a blacklist, you would need to visit the blacklist and see if they have a way to request removal.
<trexen> im there! and try to remove it, and they have som recomendations to follow first.
<sub> Why were you blacklisted? You must be a spammer or a bad person
<trexen> no no no, just my own mailserver and my family got mail there
<sub> Then why were you blacklisted?
<trexen> i dont know, but i see other people try to use my server as a relay
<trexen> and they got denyed
<sub> so you are an open relay?
<trexen> no
<sub> if you cannot find out why you were blacklisted, you won't be able to get off
<trexen> i can change ip
<sub> Then change it
<trexen> the problem is that one of the DNS servers is on my mail server. just at temorary solution
<trexen> i just bought a DL380G3 server, to become my new mail server.
<trexen> and web
<trexen> how can i be sure that im not relaying ?
<twkm> look over your configuration and logs. get tested.
<trexen> any specific configuration file ?
<twkm> uh, err, sendmail's.
<trexen> =)
<trexen> is there any free good loging tool to mesure sendmail activity ?
<trexen> i use ""
<Trengo> bom dia!
<Trengo> do you guys think it is possible for sendmail to not try and verify if a user exists? I have this server, that relays for certain ip ranges, or if the other side authenticates. I'd like it not to try and check if the user exists when the address is in those "relay" ranges
<twkm> why bother, it would just have to bounce when the lda refused to handle the delivery.
<Trengo> because it does have some impact on the LDAP server
<twkm> *shrug*
<Trengo> i know...
<Trengo> thanks
<twkm> so, people that aren't allowed to relay (not in the access list and haven't used smtp auth) will check if delivery would fail, but people that can relay should receive a bounce sometime later?
<Trengo> umm no, i didnt explain myself
<Trengo> actually, i'm wrong, let me rethink this :s
<Trengo> ate amanha!
<m347> I finally got sendmail to work to my specifications :)
<m347> thanks all for yesterday, however I'm here with a new question if you can be so kind to answer it :)
<m347> how do I disable useless sendmail commands, and are there a list of them? So far I can think of help
<sm> There are no useless sendmail commands
<twkm> read doc/op/op.*
<m347> sm, help is useless in my opinion. If you want help, you should read the docs and not go into someone's server and read it from there
<m347> twkm, where's doc/op/op.* located?
<sm> Have you ever debugged a mail problem?
<twkm> m347: uh, op.* is in doc/op/.
<m347> you can always enable help when debugging :)
<m347> sm
<m347> twkm, where's the "doc" directory located to begin with?
<twkm> m347: it is relative to the distribution tarball.
<m347> oh, I installed mine as an RPM package from fedora core 5 servers (yes, I know... not the best method :P)
<pip> m347 : define(`HELP_FILE',`/dev/null')dnl
<m347> thanks pip
<m347> any other similar commands?
<m347> similar as in, not used to receive/send mail
<pip> you need to look at the options for confPRIVACY_FLAGS and see which ones you think you can do without
<pip> my helpfile says:
<pip> #vers 2
<pip> smtp Are you kidding or are you joking?
<m347> bahaha

<m347> I might do just that!
<m347> well let me ask you pip, what did you do without yourself?
<m347> other than help
<pip> that's pretty much it
<m347> good stuff, thanks.
<m347> smtp Are you kidding or joking? USE GOOGLE YOU IDIOT!
<m347> haha
<StR> I just lloked at the stock helpfile...:
<StR> send SEND FROM: <sender>
<StR> send replaces the MAIL command, and can be used to send
<StR> send directly to a users terminal. Not supported in this
<StR> send implementation.
<m347> is it possible to prevent ouside from emailing local users, like root and any other users in the passwd?
<twkm> not much point in having sendmail if you aren't going to accept mail.
<StR> twkm: isn't it "SENDmail" ? (as opposed to "ACCEPTmail") ;-)
<sm> if you don't accept my mail, don't send me mail
<twkm> but, you certainly can make virtusertable entries to reject mail to specific addresses.
<m347> twkm, I hate to sound like a smart ass but how does me saying: "is it possible to prevent ouside from emailing local users, like root and any other users in the passwd?" relevant to your response: "not much point in having sendmail if you aren't going to accept mail"
<StR> twkm, sm, on a serious note, - there are situations when you don't want to accept any mail for the "local" users, while being able to send it out: e.g. "smtp-out" server of ISPs working with subscribers.
<m347> basically, what I was insinuating was I want sendmail to only work with virtual users.
<sm> are you an ISP, str?
<StR> twkm, sm .. some sort of "smart-relay" host with user authentication
<StR> sm: not at the moment.
<StR> sm : why?
<sm> The point is that if you are running one mail server, you accept mail too. If you are an ISP with smtp-out and such, you will also have MX which solves the problem
<sm> if you don't want to accept mail, block port 25 and the problem is solved
<StR> sm sure. but nevertheless - it is a situation when you "<sm> if you don't accept my mail, don't send me mail" doesn't work
<sm> That line still stands
<sm> If you don'taccept my mail, don't send me mail. Use a smarthost
<sm> I'm not telling you how to run your mail server. I'm only specifying why I would reject your mail
<StR> sm: at the level of an address - yes. at the level of each particular host (smtp-out) - it doesn't hold.
<sm> FWIW, I don't block smtp-out
<StR> sm: are you saying that smtp-out scheme is wrong?
<sm> No
<sm> You are looking at details and you miss the entire picture
<sm> An ISP setup is different from the one server setup
<StR> so, than your statement doesn't hold in that case. I do not miss the entire picture. All I am saying that the statement is not universally correct.
<sm> Hye, there is no general rule
<sm> If there was, mail would be easy
<StR> <sm> That line still stands
<StR> :-)
<sm> Yes, I stand by my policy to block a domain if it does not accept mail
<sm> Keeps out the idiots when I notice them
<StR> sm: you block the entire domain or the host?
<sm> mail from that domain or the host depending on the issue
<StR> ok. that's fine
<sm> That's very rare. I have other ways to deal with problematic hosts
<sm> My access_db is 0 lines
<sm> You can even send me mail from .cn:)
<sm> The default setup general blocks that nowadays
<StR> sm: I can also configure it that sendmail sends all messages from .cn to /dev/null
<sm> Oh, I don't
<StR> sm: sure.. those days are long gone
<twkm> StR: i don't agree, consider how cron is supposed to tell root that a local job has failed.
<StR> sm: you forward them to or smth. like that? ;-)
<twkm> StR: you may say, it should be forwarded outside of the local box, and that's fine, but what use is it if you reject mail to root?
<sm> I do not use /dev/null.
<sm> No
<sm> That would be spamming
<sm> I don't make my problem become someone's else problem
<StR> twkm: if you are talking about delivery to the local users ,- the discussion was about ACCEPTING mail from the outside for delivery to local users.. Not about local mail
<twkm> StR: i think you are forgetting how sendmail works these days.
<sm> str, twkm already gave you the answer
<StR> sm: don't take it that seriously, I was an irony...
<twkm> StR: echo oh ****, it died! | mail root, must connect to the mta using smtp for delivery to root.
<twkm> (in a round-about way, via the msp queue runner)



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