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<Trengo> bom dia!
<Trengo> silly question, how do you force delivery to ~login/Maildir/ instead of /var/spool/mail/login ?
<sub> Your mail delivery agent does that
<msk> you need a local delivery agent that does so

<Trengo> it's all up to procmail or whatever?
<sub> If you are using procmail, yes
<Trengo> no need to tweak local mailer options?
<sub> No
<Trengo> ok thanks
<twkm> for values of no that include "perhaps, if your lda needs such tweaks".
<twkm> procmail does not.
<Trengo> hmm, i'm trying to setup autoprovisioning users, account info in ldap
<Trengo> procmail delivers to /var/spool/mail
<twkm> only by default.
<Trengo> must be doing something wrong
<twkm> time for you to read how it works.
<sub> I think you have to recompile procmail to use Maildir
<Trengo> .forward?
<sub> No
<sub> Maildir is a different storage format. It's not like changing the location of the mailbox
<Trengo> hmm ok, i'll look into it
<Trengo> hazta
<sub> msk, are you around?
<sub> ah, never mind, I made the wrong assumption

<msk> i am
<msk> ok
<spork> hello
<sub> sorry, I forgot that DK checks the From: header and misinterpreted external host attempted to send ..
<msk> howdy
<sub> Hi spork
<spork> how goes it guys
<sub> Going fine, spork, and you?
<spork> not too bad
<sub> Busy day?
<spork> not really
<spork> been screwing around with imap + sendmail
<spork> trying to get aliases to do soemthing =
<spork> =)
<sub> cyrus?
<spork> yup
<sub> They banned p2p
<spork> who?
<sub> If you mean the municipal wifi
<sub> oops, sorry, wrong channel
<spork> no joke =)



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