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<sub> for what?
<StR> sub:anyway, - you are right that "generic" would be a reasonable solution for him
<sub> He's on dynamic dns. What should his hostname be?
<StR> sub: you are right. it is hard to set that properly - as I stated above. .. although not impossible, and there are different ways of doing that.
<StR> but - none of those are important at the moment.
<zapher> I don't want to put 2 days of work into this
<zapher> I will try generics and we'll see
<zapher> Thanks!
<StR> sub: but as an example: since he said that he has a hostname registered with - he can use that one. He can also set it in `confDOMAIN_NAME'

<spork> samyo
<sub> Yes, he could
<pip> damn i'm tired
<pip> today hebrew slaves were looking at me and saying "damn they're working that guy like a negro"
<pip> 13 straight hours
<pip> 6:30 friggin am
<pip> goodnight
<m-00kie> anyone have experience setting up a listserv?
<Niteowl63> is this a sendmail help kinda channel ?
<Trengo> bom dia!!
<Hamm> hi, is anyone around?
<sub> No
<Hamm> :(
<sub> ask
<Hamm> alright
<Hamm> when I see messages like this in my maillog, does it mean that I have a problem?
<Hamm> STARTTLS=client,, version=TLSv1/SSLv3, verify=FAIL, cipher=DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA, bits=256/256
<sub> No
<Hamm> relay being some other persons email server
<sub> the mail is generally not rejected for that reason
<Hamm> so then the problem is their email server configuration?
<sub> No. It's usually self-signed certificates
<Hamm> Do you mean that they are using a self-signed cert for their email server?
<sub> Yes and you don't have a proper certificate
<Hamm> ah, so they have to send me one if they want emails to work fine from my server to theirs?
<sub> No, they have to give you a certificate for you to be able to verify their server certificate
<Hamm> hmm, interesting
<Hamm> any particular topic I should search for to get info on this?
<sub> SSL
<m347> is it safe to setup one's own mx mail server? If so, what software should I use (I'm thinking Sendmail) and is there a tutorial that any of you have come across?
<m347> thanks in advance
<twkm> m347: i suggest reading the sendmail documentation, and at a guess the fedora documentation on sendmail as well.
<sub> safe?

<sub> If you know what you are doing, yes
<Hamm> thanks sub
<sub> You should be able to set up sendmail properly with that
<Hamm> sorry for the 20 questions
<sub> No problem, hamm
<m347> thanks all, I'll give that URL a read see. Thanks Sub.
<sub> who's doing your mail now?
<m347> my domain registrar, they forward to my email
<sub> ah
<sub> and how do they call that feature?:)
<eraze> hi there sub
<sub> Hi eraze
<sub> how are the ribs?:)
<m347> sub, they call that feature mail forward
<eraze> thay are ok now.. got vacation now so.. =)
<sub> sometimes they come up with wierd names for it:)
<sub> so you impressed the girls and got a vacation?
<sub> I should relocate!
<eraze> hee yes.. i got vacation for here sake..
<eraze> need to spend some time together..
<m347> sub, I'm seeing many postfix suggestions... how is it different from sendmail?
<sub> It's another MTA
<sub> some say it's better
<m347> how so?
<sub> The usual sendmail bashing
<sub> It's up to you to choose. If you use sendmail, we can answer your questions about it
<m347> thank you :)
<sub> Try both
<m347> I'm trying to follow this tutorial: . But I'm having an error when I run the m4 command.
<m347> error: /etc/mail/ m4: Cannot open /usr/share/sendmail-cf/m4/cf.m4: No such file or directory
<m347> I'm using Fedora Core 5
<sub> find out where the cf.m4 is. Maybe you have to install that from your packages system
<m347> what package would contain that file?
<m347> sendmail-cf
<m347> let me see if it's installed
<m347> you know, I don't even want the mail to go my server for good. All I want is my server to just redirect the email to my yahoo, all these guides show you how you can retreive emails and such..I just want to redirect
<m347> any shortcuts I can take?
<twkm> continue to let your registrar do it.
<m347> The registrar isn't being very reliable recently, I'll figure it out sooner or later.. thanks for heading me into the right direction



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