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<Trengo> bom dia!
<sub__> How to tame heavy mail attachments through hotmail please. Today one
<sub__> user downloaded six BMP images equal to 218 MB.
<sub__> Somebody please advise.
<msk> fire that user

<sub__> That was a quote btw. Morning msk
<msk> morning
<msk> i need to update dkim and dk this week
<msk> maybe not dk, depends on whether we need to
<sub__> bug fixes?
<msk> no, feature requests
<msk> and in dkim's case, multiple signatures
<sub__> I am running a dev version of dkim because of the DNS related changes
<sub__> I'm waiting for you to decide what you'll do next
<sub__> "cute messages and chronic unreliability are a feature of the current wave of 'Web 2.0' websites and services."
<msk> i want to put out 0.6.0 that covers base-04 and includes multi-signature support
<msk> just a matter of finding time to do it
<msk> i think i'm going to let dk get stale though; for one thing it's not changing, and for another we're trying to get people to move toward dkim
<sub__> You cannot as there are more DK signatures in use:)
<msk> well that doesn't mean i'm going to stop offering
<msk> just stop working on it, other than bug fix or major issues
<sub__> But there is no use for added features to that
<sub__> I assuemd that some of the "names" I have been seeing are your customers
<msk> names?

<sub__> Yes, well-known domains using DK
<msk> oh
<msk> maybe
<msk> ebay is the biggest i know of
<msk> AOL is interested in libdkim
<msk> been talking to them
<sub__> Yes, they have switched it on a while back. BTW, they are still in test mode
<msk> gotta head to the office, bbl from there
<sub__> see you, msk
<Bitte> Good morning guys ...
<Bitte> is there away to forward mail to speccific account on sendmail?
<Bitte> what is the command for adding an ip into RELAY ?
<Bitte> good morning
<Bitte> how can I set aliases for forwarding emails into one account?
<msk> i think your question is probably not quite what you mean to ask
<msk> do you mean something like "all mail for one domain into a single mailbox"?
<Bitte> yes
<Bitte> what I'm tryin to say ...ten email accounts go into one email account
<Bitte> am I phrasing this correctly?
<msk> use aliases or virtusertable



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