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<AaronWL> how do you alter what name sendmail server calls itself on connect?
<pt> umm smtp greeting
<pt> sec
<pt> define(`confSMTP_LOGIN_MSG
<pt> i do something like --- just to keep them guesing define(`confSMTP_LOGIN_MSG', ` Sendmail 8.6.12/SMI-SVR4; $b')dnl
<AaronWL> hmm thanks
<skigil> hello
<skigil> i hope you guys/girl are ready to get busy with my intersting question
<skigil> ok.
<skigil> we have two boxes, and
<skigil> both have the same sendmail configuration.

<skigil> however, when we send mail from live2, there are no problems, but when we send mail from live, a few recipeint mail servesr will time out. not all recipient servers do this, but a few do.
<skigil> how do i fix that? or rather how do i trouble shoot this?
<skigil> i've tried using the -bD flag for sendmail
<skigil> can anyone email me a valid sendmail.m4 file? we are running sendmail version 8.13.7
<skigil> are there people here, or will i be wasting my time with my questions?
<pip_> how will you know until you ask?
<skigil> great!
<skigil> read the questions i have already posted...just slightly above your last line
<eggy432> Skigel is my colleague
<eggy432> He inadvertently signed off.
<eggy432> Please continue with your answer.
<pip_> timeouts occur on the same hosts each time?
<pip_> or does it vary?
<eggy432> It's the same group of hosts, yes it does.
<eggy432> WB Skigel ;-p
<skigil> wow, my computer just crapped out on me
<skigil> i'm back, yes, the same servers
<pip_> i dont see how a sendmail misconfiguration would do that.
<pip_> it could be a network problem or the hosts you're sending to maybe using tarpits
<skigil> hmmm
<skigil> what's a tarpit?
<pip_> during one of these timeouts, try telneting to that host and check if telnet times out
<skigil> it does
<pip_> telnet times out?
<skigil> yes
<pip_> <skigil> what's a tarpit?
<skigil> interesting read
<skigil> so i need to increase the greeting delay?
<skigil> or i should try that?
<pip_> which domain are you sending too
<pip_> some domains like will only accept a certain number of recipients per envelope
<skigil> telnet 25
<skigil> ..which works fine on other servers, just not this one particular one
<pip_> seems to be using a packet filter
<skigil> interesting
<skigil> what does that mean to me?
<pip_> means more stringent checks on incoming connections
<skigil> ok
<pip_> possible connection limiting
<skigil> how do i get this one server through?

<pip_> call the postmaster and ask
<Archeron> hello folks.
<skigil> i see. their log files would probably help us out?
<pip_> ask him what his logs say on the initial timing out connection
<Archeron> I am having an issue with milter-greylist regarding its socket file
<skigil> wonderful
<Archeron> Starting: sendmail-submitWARNING: Xgreylist: local socket name /var/milter-greylist/milter-greylist.sock missing
<Archeron> however, if I touch that file to create it, I get
<Archeron> Jan 24 05:14:27 archeron sm-mta[51219]: l0O5ERGh051219: Milter (greylist): open /var/milter-greylist/milter-greylist.sock failed: Socket operation on non-socket
<Archeron> if it needs a system socket, should it not be created by the milter at run time?
<pip_> try creating it and see what happens
<pip_> according to the docs you should manually create them
<Archeron> hmm
<Archeron> i have created one and I get that second error I posted.
<Archeron> got a link to the doc section you found that in?
<pip_> touch /var/milter-greylist.sock
<pip_> touch /var/run/
<Archeron> perhaps there is a way to define that file as a socket
<Archeron> it starts without complaint if I touch the .sock file
<Archeron> no dice on delivery though
<Archeron> get these:
<Archeron> Jan 24 21:18:25 archeron sm-mta[95580]: l0OLIPVh095580: Milter (greylist): open /var/milter-greylist/milter-greylist.sock failed: Socket operation on non-socket
<Archeron> Jan 24 21:18:25 archeron sm-mta[95580]: l0OLIPVh095580: Milter (greylist): error connecting to filter: Socket operation on non-socket
<pip_> check the ownership on /var/milter-greylist/milter-greylist.sock
<Archeron> root:wheel
<Archeron> should be smmsp?
<Trengo> Archeron you have to start the milter daemon first
<Trengo> and make sure it is creating that socket in the same location sendmail expects it
<eggy432> pip_: thanks chief ;)
<pip_> sure eggy432. np
<Archeron> Trengo: how does one normally start the milter daemon?
<Trengo> Archeron no idea, its your milter :s
<pip_> yes, it should be smmsp
<pip_> on freebsd it should be mailnull
<Archeron> any ideas what said daemon should be called? I installed milter-greylist from freebsd ports
<Trengo> Archeron /etc/init.d/milter-greylist start ?
<Trengo> no idea
<Trengo> sorry, i'm not used to fbsd either
<Archeron> gottit
<pip_> i use freebsd
<Archeron> the port installs a rc script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d
<Trengo> start it from there?
<Trengo> perhaps /usr/local/etc/rc.d/init.d/milter-greylist start ?
<pip_> /usrt/local/etc/rc.d/ start
<pip_> set your variables in /etc/rc.conf first
<Archeron> yeah
<Archeron> got it wired
<Trengo> and then restart sendmail
<Archeron> should be good now. Thanks guys



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