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<Kryx> Heya folks
<Kryx> I'm having a problem where my box isn't able to receive mail from one particular domain. But its able to send to that domain and receive mail from several other domains
<Kryx> Any advice on what it might be, or where I can find logging information? /var/log/maillog shows mail coming in and out, but nothing in the case of mail from the problem domain
<pip_> is the problem domain running qmail?
<Kryx> I only have access to a webmail client on the problem domain
<pip_> send yourself an email and look at the headers
<Kryx> I don't see any references to qmail in the headers
<pip_> do you a reference to a sendmail version?
<pip_> +see
<Kryx> Hmm, no reference to either
<Kryx> One sec.. I'll fiddle through and see if I can find anything else
<Kryx> Okay, I can't find any reference to qmail or sendmail
<Kryx> Just the webmail client that I'm using to send the mail
<pip_> when you send an email using the webclient to your problem domain, what's the reason for the delivery failure?

<Kryx> I don't receive any notification of failure
<pip_> do you receive a bounced message?
<Kryx> Nope, nothing
<pip_> so you send an email and it disappears?
<Kryx> Yup
<Kryx> The webmail client does record the mail as sent, though
<pip_> i see
<pip_> what operating system are you running on your problem email server?
<Kryx> FreeBSD 6.0-release
<pip_> firewalled?
<Kryx> Thats the one that isn't receiving the mail. The one that I'm sending from, I'm not sure what its running.
<Kryx> Nope
<msk> can you telnet to localhost port 25?
<Kryx> Yup.. and it can receive mail from other hosts.., and another domain that I control with a similar setup.
<Kryx> Just not the problem domain.
<msk> the problem domain can't even make a connection?
<Kryx> Hmm, I'll try that. One sec
<Kryx> Yup, telnet to port 25 works
<pip_> ok. i had to look up something
<pip_> do you know the ip address of the webclient?
<Kryx> Anyone know the commands off hand that I can enter in the telnet to test the mail?
<pip_> you have shell access to the machine with the webclient?
<Kryx> I do, yes
<pip_> then do this
<pip_> on freebsd: tcpdump -i tun0 -nn tcp port 25 | grep <ip address of webclient>
<pip_> replace tun0 with the interface routing to the internet
<pip_> then try to send yourself another email using the webclient and see if it even tries to deliver to your problem email server
<Kryx> Kk
<Kryx> Okay, tried a bunch of different things and nothing is coming up on the tcpdump
<sub> It may be a good idea to ask the postmaster for help
<msk> if you can connect then you should be fine
<msk> on the machine from which you're having trouble, send a complete message
<msk> if it fails, paste what gets logged when it tries
<pip_> sounds like a webclient issue
<pip_> not a sendmail one
<Kryx> Whats the syntax for sending a message while telneting to port 25?
<pip_> telnet 0 25
<pip_> helo host.domain.tld
<pip_> mail from: <>
<pip_> rcpt to: <otherperson@otherdomain.tld>
<pip_> data
<pip_> subject: this is a test
<pip_> this
<pip_> is
<pip_> a
<pip_> test
<pip_> .
<pip_> quit
<Kryx> Thanks :)
<Kryx> I'll try that, and then probably get in touch with the admin of the webmail box.
<pip_> when you type "help" at the telnet on port 25, what's the output?
<Kryx> 214-2.0.0 This is sendmail version 8.13.4
<Kryx> 214-2.0.0 Topics:
<Kryx> <snip>
<pip_> looks like sendmail
<Kryx> By using telnet, I was able to send a mail
<Kryx> So it looks like a problem with the webmail server

<Kryx> Thanks for the help guys :) Much appreciated
<pip_> np
<Trengo> hi
<sub> Hi
<spork> hihi
<REMTheNam> im having some problem printing MAIL to hotmail
<msk> printing?
<REMTheNam> yes
<pip_> printing must be a hidden feature of sendmail
<msk> isn't that a printer problem?
<msk> and how do print mail to an ISP?
<REMTheNam> first i open(MAIL... )
<REMTheNam> then print MAIL "ETC ETC"
<REMTheNam> with the To: From: Subject
<REMTheNam> etc
<sub> This is called scripting not printing
<REMTheNam> sorry
<REMTheNam> i must open a port on my router to print it?
<sub> You cannot do that
<sub> That "feature" is only usable if you have your own mail server
<sub> Do you have your own mail server?
<REMTheNam> yes
<REMTheNam> i own my own server
<REMTheNam> i use to can
<sub> Is it sendmail?
<REMTheNam> i own my own webserver
<sub> I am talking mail server
<REMTheNam> i dont have one
<REMTheNam> this sendmail use to work
<sub> Then you cannot use that feature
<REMTheNam> has it changed?
<REMTheNam> i use to could send out mails
<sub> No, but without a mail server that feature won't work
<REMTheNam> i have sendmail installed
<sub> Then you have a mail server
<REMTheNam> ohhh i see
<sub> Now see whether it is running
<REMTheNam> that's right
<REMTheNam> sendmail has to be opened
<REMTheNam> damnit
<REMTheNam> i need a KVM switch
<REMTheNam> is there a specific command i can use to tell if my sendmail is on or off?
<REMTheNam> sendmail (pid 4415 4411 4407 4403 4399 4394 4390 4386 4382 4377 2062 2056) is running...
<pip_> REMTheNam : what's the operating system?
<REMTheNam> its running!
<REMTheNam> :D
<REMTheNam> linux fedora
<pip_> never used it
<pip_> sorry
<sub> telnet localhost 25
<REMTheNam> [root@sellconnection ~]# service sendmail restart
<REMTheNam> Shutting down sendmail: [ OK ]
<REMTheNam> Shutting down sm-client: [ OK ]
<REMTheNam> Starting sendmail: [ OK ]
<REMTheNam> Starting sm-client: [ OK ]
<REMTheNam> is mailman part of the sendmail?
<sub> no
<REMTheNam> how do i start sendmail ?
<REMTheNam> sendmail (pid 5631 5627 5623 5619 5615 5611 5607 5603 5599 5595 5557 5553 5549 5545 5541 5537 5533 5529 5525 5521 5468 5463 5462) is running...
<REMTheNam> its running more and more.. the more i do sendmail the more it sends
<REMTheNam> im running sendmail through a script
<REMTheNam> do i have to open a port for it to send out mails?
<REMTheNam> does hotmail block these email message?
<REMTheNam> im sending email to hotmail
<REMTheNam> can someone send an email to hotmail to see if they get it?
<sub> yes
<sub> - it may help you ...
<REMTheNam> do i have to setup the mail server from's control panel?



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