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<addmilk> hello
<addmilk> looking for help installing sendmail sendmail-8.13.7 on solaris
<pip> what version solaris?
<addmilk> 9
<pip> ok. so what's the problem?

<addmilk> I just downloaded it and untared it as well
<pip> did you remove the solaris sendmail package?
<addmilk> I just don't want to install it on the previous ver
<addmilk> no
<pip> you know sun has a patch for the native sendmail package on solaris 9 right?
<addmilk> no ... I didn't know
<addmilk> would that upgrade it into sendmail-8.13.7?
<pip> no, it would patch the vulnerability in the solaris 9 sendmail binary
<addmilk> I'm told this sendmail-8.13.7 is the best one
<addmilk> so I rather install this one instead of solaris
<pip> addmilk : do you have a sun support contract?
<addmilk> nope ....
<pip> addmilk : is your sun machine a production box?
<addmilk> who can afford them!
<addmilk> yes
<addmilk> just setting ut up for sendmail and apache as well
<pip> addmilk : if you ever have a problem with sendmail that requires sun support, they will not help. do you understand that?
<addmilk> understood ...totally
<addmilk> who can afford them anyhow
<pip> addmilk : do you have a development environment installed on that machine?

<pip> the gcc compiler, libs, gmake, etc?
<addmilk> yes
<addmilk> no gmake
<pip> you need gmake
<addmilk> not sure ...let me check 1st
<addmilk> what is the command for it ?
<pip> command for what?
<addmilk> for gmake
<addmilk> ./gmake ?
<pip> ah, i think its "gmake"
<addmilk> no I don't have it
<addmilk> I guess I need to download it
<pip> yes you do
<addmilk> it's not on sunfreeware website
<addmilk> there is make but not gmake
<pip> let's use make then
<pip> follow the instructions at
<addmilk> ok
<addmilk> pip : are you still around?
<perl_cont> hi. any online tutorials for installing domainkeys with sendmail?
<Trengo> bom dia!



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