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<johnny9> anyone around?
<sub> yes
<johnny9> if i have multiple domains hosted on the same box and i need 2 users with the same name (i.e. and is there a way to setup accounts for each user named bob and have them able to log in to squirellmail or some interface, both using the name bob?
<sub> no
<johnny9> ok
<johnny9> didn't think so, just wanted to ask
<johnny9> sub do you have any good recommendations for the best approach at that?
<johnny9> just make separate users?
<msk> you can have them login under different names, but vhost them to the same userid as far as mail goes
<johnny9> yeah
<johnny9> via virtusertable?
<msk> and genericstable but yes
<johnny9> is one better than the other?
<johnny9> i've never used genericstable
<sub> eraze, are you around?

<eraze> yes
<Mr_You> hi
<Mr_You> curious if anyone knows what "Service unavailable" means... it doesn't give any indication what is causing this.
<sub> It means that the service is unavailable
<Mr_You> right
<Mr_You> and?
<sub> and what?
<Mr_You> service locally or remotely?
<Mr_You> and what causes this?
<sub> It depends where you saw the error
<Mr_You> local log
<sub> If it's your server, it's local
<Mr_You> and is the email sent later?
<Mr_You> I searched for info on this a couple weeks ago and didn't find anything.. any pointers to info?
<Mr_You> is there some sort of limit on the number of emails sendmail is suitable for sending per hour?
<sub> You, I can put an error in my server. You won't understand what it means as it's my server
<Mr_You> this is a sendmail error.
<Mr_You> I guess I didn't make that clear?
<Mr_You> if it was more verbose on what the problem was I wouldn't be here :-P
<sub> The error can be generated by many things such as incorrect configuration, broken server, dumb postmaster, antispam policy etc
<sub> The person with the answer would be the one operating that server
<msk> it can be generated by a huge list of things
<msk> you need to contact the administrator of the server returning the error to figure out what it means
<msk> that code is generic though
<Mr_You> umm.. ok... FYI, I'm the adminmistrator and this is the default sendmail config.
<Mr_You> yes it is too generic.. and not describing what the problem is.. hence why I'm here.. heh
<sub> paste the error from your log
<Mr_You> Aug 16 12:00:02 ml36 sendmail[2676]: k7GFpPF5002674: k7GG02F4002676: DSN: Service unavailable
<Mr_You> Aug 16 12:00:02 ml36 sendmail[2676]: k7GFpPF5002674:, ctladdr=nobody (60001/60001), delay=00:08:37, xdelay=00:08:37, mailer=SMTP, pri=120314, [], dsn=5.0.0, stat=Service unavailable
<sub> message from yahoo
<Mr_You> they've been using qmail here which sucks and so I wanted to try a couple servers with sendmail and I'm seeing this.
<sub> It's not a qmail v/s sendmail issue
<Mr_You> I have the queue interval at 5 minutes.
<Mr_You> I wasn't saying it was, I was just describing the scenario.
<Mr_You> but I get that "from" (if thats the case) multiple providers.
<Mr_You> Aug 16 10:11:01 ml36 sendmail[29124]: k7GEB03l029122:;, ctladdr=nobody (60001/60001), delay=00:00:01, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=SMTP, pri=120314, [], dsn=5.5.4, stat=Service unavailable
<Mr_You> so I'm not sure its the remote mail server
<Mr_You> any other ideas?
<msk> it is the remote mail server
<msk> that log entry says the error was returned by []
<Mr_You> how do you gather that?
<Mr_You> the log entry to me just tells me it found the relay for and here's a status.
<msk> nope
<msk> that's not what it's telling you
<msk> it doesn't bother looking up the relay (MX) unless it's about to attempt a delivery
<msk> so that's the error returned during the delivery attempt
<msk> so you're not the administrator of the machine returning the error
<Mr_You> so it remains in the queue? How do I get these messages out? I just find it odd I'm getting these for multiple domains.
<msk> so no, none of the stuff we're talking about is what you're labelling as "obvious"
<msk> no, the error status you're getting is a permanent failure, so the message has been rejected and won't be delivered
<msk> no further attempts will be made
<msk> perhaps you've been added to a blacklist
<msk> that all of those domains are using
<Mr_You> ok I see the error in regards to this one ID... it says "This user doesn't have a account" ...
<Mr_You> I would like that message to be in the log.. I have logging level at 12.
<msk> where did you find that text?
<Mr_You> in the bounced email.
<Mr_You> with same ID.

<msk> the syslog shows the error returned as part of SMTP
<Mr_You> err.. well I found the bounced email for that emails ID.
<msk> not what was in the bounce, as that's a completely separate transaction
<msk> all sendmail can log is what their SMTP server told it
<msk> which is what it did
<Mr_You> in the "bounced email" it indicates the error.. (550 IIRC)... I want this in the log.
<Mr_You> its not logging what it was told.
<Mr_You> thats what I'm wanting.
<msk> yes, it is.
<msk> the bounce and what you logged are separate transactions
<msk> it logged what it got back over SMTP from yahoo's server
<Mr_You> no.. its logging "Service unavailable" .... then the generated email has the error..
<msk> the bounce arrived separately
<msk> yes, which is what i just said
<Mr_You> I need it to log the generated emails error.
<msk> it can't
<msk> that isn't part of SMTP
<msk> and, for that matter, could come a completely separate route
<Mr_You> hmm ... qmail did everything fine.
<Mr_You> in regards to this.
<msk> that would be a neat trick
<msk> since SMTP is the same in both cases
<Mr_You> loglevel at 9
<Mr_You> 12 on another.
<msk> the bounce contained an explanation of the service unavailable, but in order for sendmail to do what you're asking it would have to open and parse the arriving bounce
<msk> if qmail did that, that's a bit of a ridiculous design
<Mr_You> sendmail is generating the bounce.
<msk> you'll have to put the bounce up someplace where i can look at it to explain further
<Mr_You> this is what appears to be happening... Sendmail -> Remote SMTP -> Remote SMTP Responds with "no email address" -> Sendmail logs "Service Unavailable" -> Sendmail generates email with actual error
<msk> but essentially sendmail's reporting the last SMTP error it got
<msk> sendmail logs user unknown if the remote end says that
<msk> k7CNYoDf014908:, delay=3+22:48:43, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=esmtp, pri=-2074295027, [], dsn=4.2.0, stat=Deferred: 450 <>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local rec
<msk> for example
<msk> it just copies what the remote end says to it last right into the logs
<msk> so if yahoo is giving some weird compound error, that's hiding the text you're looking for
<msk> i just did a test, yahoo appears to return a 554 code for disabled accounts, which matches "service unavailable"
<Mr_You> yeah.. but in this case its not "copying what the remote end says"
<Mr_You> into the log, only into the bounce email generated.
<Mr_You> thats what I'm trying to solve. not sure I can.. hrrm
<Mr_You> by what you are telling me.
<Mr_You> might have to look into another mailer.
<Mr_You> increasing the loglevel won't do it?
<sub> sendmail is logging what the remote end says
<Mr_You> but its not.
<sub> tcpdump to show otherwise
<Mr_You> Client host rejected: too many connections( 2 )
<Mr_You> 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable
<Mr_You> that is not being logged.
<Mr_You> atleast when I search the log based on emailaddress.
<sub> That's at your end
<Mr_You> Service unavailable is... the portion above is not...
<sub> Do you tell me when you reject my connection because of rate limiting?
<Mr_You> huh?
<Mr_You> the remote server is complaining abotu too many connections.
<sub> If I send you an email and you reject my connection because of the above reason, would you tell me?
<Mr_You> it is telling you..
<Mr_You> "too many connections" message.
<sub> In the log but maybe not in the smtp reject message
<Mr_You> this is just one message.. the other messages are "mailbox full" or such.
<Mr_You> no... hehe.. geez.. I want this in thelog.
<Mr_You> its only putting it in the reject message, not the log and reject message..
<sub> You mean that the reject message is not being logged?
<Mr_You> YES!! Haha
<Mr_You> this is what I want ;-)
<Mr_You> trying to accomplish.
<sub> Hmm, reject messages are generally logged, over here at least
<sub> The female passenger aboard United Flight 923 said she was claustrophobic and became very upset and got into some kind of confrontation with the flight crew
<sub> They should ban females on transatlantic flights
<Mr_You> ok get this..
<sub> oops
<sub> wrong channel
<msk> you're searching by e-mail address? try searching by job ID
<Mr_You> hmm nm
<Mr_You> yeah I did.. and I just confused myself further.. cause I have two emails with the same ID..



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