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<Trengo> bom dia
<mrluring> sendmail: rejecting new messages: min free: 100 (sendmail)
<mrluring> what is that? :P
<twkm> your disk is full.
<mrluring> aha
<mrluring> then sendmail will not send? :)
<Trengo> o/
<spork> hey, how can I setup sendmail to drop 5.1.1 Mailbox is not available. messageS?
<sub> error
<spork> with all the spam, I'm seeing thousends a day

<spork> :p
<sub> Nobody would read the 5.1.1 anyway
<sub> spork, did you see "error"?
<spork> after they fail to return to sender they get handed off to postmaster
<sub> well, you should reject at smtp time
<spork> how do you do that on backups?
<spork> the backups accept all mail for any given domain
<sub> You tell the backups the mailboxes to accept?
<spork> as they don't have access to a valid mailbox list
<sub> Then you give them a mailbox list
<sub> or ask your backup to drop specific recipients if that is a problem
<spork> =/
<spork> come on
<sub> I am serious, spork
<sub> What other solution do you see?
<spork> im not sure, There should be a way though
<sub> You could do some more checks at the delivery end to drop bounces but that would be more work
<sub> In a large setup, one may suggest LDAP
<mrluring> Is there any good resources on sendmail + ldap? im just going to try it in lab for fun :)
<sub> The docs although it's not that great
<mrluring> ok
<mrluring> google maybe know :)
<sub> maybe:)
<spork> okay
<spork> I lazied out
<spork> on the backup smtp, postmaster: bit-bucket
<sub> Not a good idea
<spork> why not
<spork> they shouldn't ever receive mail to them selves on localhost
<sub> because you are dropping mail
<spork> err
<spork> I'm dropping rejected and failed messages
<sub> sometimes people may want to email postmaster
<sub> I know, I did
<spork> postmaster@domain still work
<spork> but postmaster@backup.domain don't
<sub> But postmaster@host won't work
<sub> Should I give you an example?:)

<spork> as the host doesn't have mx records it self, there should be no mail going to it
<spork> if there is, I don't care if it gets lost
<sub> wrong assumption
<sub> The host is still a mail server
<sub> although it is also a spam magnet
<spork> yes, but not a mail server for it self
<sub> It remains a point of contact. BTW, that's your policy and you are free to drop it
<spork> though the backup host it self does accept mail as a secondary for a primary domain, it self shouldn't have to deal with any postmaster, abuse, etc, mail directed to it
<sub> spork, that's not the problem. It's about having a contact when something is wrong. If you are a large provider, you can drop postmaster without any effect
<spork> but those contacts should go to the domain, not the backup
<spork> so backup still accepts mail for postmaster@domain
<sub> The problem is when there is a problem you cannot contact the domain
<spork> it just doesn't accept it's own problems
<spork> which is fine because the server only does 1 thing
<spork> which is shuttle mail to the primary
<sub> Then you're covered
<sub> as I said, it's your policy. I would not know the details
<spork> yeah, in my case, the backups don't directly accept mail for final delivery, nor do they send mail out (other than trying to return errors to people)
<sub> BTW, in such a senario, you really want LDAP as you are fixing the wrong problem
<sub> scenario
<spork> yeah I know
<spork> likely it'll be sasl internally
<spork> dropping postmaster is a stop-gap fix
<sub> and you can do some tricks without LDAP with a bit of immagination
<spork> I don't want to deal with 10k bounces a day
<sub> How much mail are we talking about?
<spork> all together?
<sub> on the backup
<spork> not sure
<spork> sec.
<sub> approximately?
<spork> alot =)
<spork> around 42k a day from the primary backup
<sub> Now that's not approximate:)
<spork> 42002 transactions yesterday
<sub> spork, I did not have 10K bounces with much more mail than that
<sub> With that volume, you could have around 50 bounces
<spork> most of the bounces are failure messages being returned to sender
<sub> But you have to filter
<sub> Yes, I understood
<spork> I could eleminate nearly all of them by adding mailbox validatation to the backups
<sub> Would that be a problem to do?
<spork> no, just time
<sub> msk, are you around?



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