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<skruffee> Does somebody have info why all of is down?
<msk> nope, never heard of 'em
<sub_> Thanks msk
<msk> sure
<CO_USA_KR> msk: thx for the help last week with dk-milter

<perl_cont> so ... what's the difference between dk and dkim? do I need to install both?
<msk> did you figure out what was wrong?
<msk> dkim is the successor to dk, but isn't yet as widely deployed
<perl_cont> msk: should I care about dkim today or not?
<perl_cont> for sending real emails?
<perl_cont> msk: ya I read your posts in the sf mailing list and realized it was my masquerade setting breaking the dk signature
<msk> DK is really the one being used by gmail, yahoo, etc.
<msk> ebay, i think
<msk> but eventually once an RFC is issued, DKIM will replace it
<perl_cont> my email authenticates on the dk-sendmail auto-responder and yahoo mail. I think it failed on the elandsys autoresponder tho
<msk> try
<perl_cont> when's 0.4.2 being released. I see 0.4.1 had some problems doing verification.
<msk> i haven't worked on it
<msk> what problems?
<perl_cont> the log errors and email rejection. there's a patch for all that in the forum
<msk> hm

<msk> you'll have to remind me tomorrow when i'm looking at it
<Trengo> bom dia
<spork> um..
<spork> is there any flag to configure sendmail to retry a milter
<spork> well at least retry to reconnect if it fails the first time
<sub_> No, but you can change the timeouts
<spork> yeah however the connection isn't timing out, it's getting dropped
<sub_> fix the milter?
<spork> um..
<spork> I'm seeing lots and lots of these
<spork> Sep 12 09:53:44 mail sm-mta[69907]: k8CFrirq069907: [] did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MSA
<spork> I can't seem to figure out what that box is doing
<sub_> The client disconnected
<spork> so if the client connects, and the mailertable is setup to route to the box which is recieving those, keystone connects?
<spork> like client -> keystone {mailertable -> mail} -> mail
<spork> all in one action?
<sub_> Yes, spork
<Trengo> bye



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