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<spork> twkm do you know pf
<twkm> not really.
<twkm> i'm a hardware firewall sort of person.
<Trengo> bom dia
<jcazor> hi all,
<jcazor> im having trouble with a MSP (mail), can i configure the file adding mailertable capabilities???
<sub_> Why do it there?
<jcazor> sub_, cause i dont have the sendmail server up, i want the client be able to differenciate between two relay servers
<jcazor> iv'e read this: Some things are not intended to work with the MSP. These include features that influence the delivery process (e.g., mailertable, aliases), or those that are only important for a SMTP server (e.g., virtusertable, DaemonPortOptions, multiple queues).
<sub_> relays to localhost. That's how it was set to work
<sub_> You can try the mailertable feature if you want
<jcazor> adding the same that in the file???
<sub_> Yes

<jcazor> ok, im gonna try it
<spork> hi sub
<sub_> Hello spork
<spork> I did a major mail server upgrade this weekend.
<spork> it wasn't fun
<sub_> What went wrong?
<spork> I compiled the OS for the wrong processor
<sub_> oops
<sub_> You had a backup?
<spork> yeah
<sub_> Did anyone notice?:)
<spork> I was wondering if you have a few minutes would you mind looking over my pf.conf
<spork> yeah some people =)
<sub_> show me
<spork> sec.
<sub_> Hope they did not complain too loud:)
<sub_> looking
<spork> theres a few things wrong
<spork> pass out log quick on $ext_if inet6 proto { udp, tcp } .... *****es
<sub_> udp doesn't support S/SA
<sub_> drop the flags for that
<sub_> and you don't want udp for that port list anyway:)
<spork> k
<sub_> You want comments on the whole .conf?
<spork> does keep state work with udp,tcp ?
<sub_> Yes, spork
<sub_> But flags won't work with udp
<sub_> so you could have two rules there if you wish
<spork> this line: pass out log quick on $ext_if inet6 proto { udp, icmp } from ($ext_if) to any keep state
<spork> complains
<sub_> should work
<spork> what about ipv6 in general
<sub_> looking for my ftp rules
<sub_> I have not tested ipv6 here. But the rules should be similar as you are looking at the protocol and not the addressing
<spork> how can I pass all inet6 traffic on the interfaces
<sub_> pass in quick inet6 from any to any I guess
<sub_> keep state
<pip_> try using ($ext_if:0) instead of ($ext_if)
<sub_> for ftp >49151
<spork> what does the :0 mean
<spork> sub what do you mean
<sub_> for ftp you don't want > 1024
<sub_> Your server will use higher ports usually
<spork> k
<spork> pip_ what do you mean
<pip_> 0 means no alias's allowed on the int
<Trengo> later
<_tewfik> hi all
<_tewfik> i had a problem last night, when AUTH mechanism disapears from sendmail (old one; 8.12), can you tell me please, gdbm and cyrus are the only two requirements ?
<sub_> you need to build sendmail with SMTP AUTH
<_tewfik> well i did
<_tewfik> i configured, and it worked (for several months)
<_tewfik> when i do ehlo domaine
<_tewfik> i dont get auth

<_tewfik> nor when i grep sendmail mechanisms
<sub_> Then the configuration is incorrect
<_tewfik> sendmail could start if the .cf is broken ?
<_tewfik> if i have a broken config, sendmail starts well and perform its job, auth mechanism isn"t available
<sub_> No, it would not start then
<_tewfik> its like i havent include it in config
<sub_> the config is not broken. It's only not doing what you expect
<_tewfik> this is my nightmare, i think i should upgrade to latest stable
<_tewfik> well what i can"t explain is why this was working fine, and then downgrade suddenly
<sub_> You upgraded?
<_tewfik> maybe i deleted a package needed by this mechanism (so why sendmail don"t complain)
<_tewfik> nope
<_tewfik> i just added MailScanner, a few weeks ago
<_tewfik> ( and AUTH was working till last night )
<sub_> Why should sendmail complain?
<_tewfik> well i'm supposing if i had broken a dependency while removing some libs, he shoudl
<_tewfik> should
<sub_> No, it won't load the mechanism then
<_tewfik> humm i see
<_tewfik> kind of dynamic link
<sub_> Yes, it is a so
<_tewfik> i saw on some docs, that gdbm and cyrus-sasl were the libs required
<_tewfik> do you know others (these are installed)
<sub_> cyrus-sasl, yes
<_tewfik> gdbm for base64 i think
<_tewfik> and openssl too
<sub_> These don't use openssl
<_tewfik> ( i'm not crazy, i left ssl support hehehe )
<sub_> ssl is something else btw
<sub_> did you install from ports?
<_tewfik> i'm on redhat
<_tewfik> i installed from rpms
<sub_> Try reinstalling the rpms
<_tewfik> humm or upgrading, better i think
<sub_> What version of sendmail do you have?
<_tewfik> 8.12
<_tewfik> old plain buggy one
<sub_> Do you want to update to 8.13?
<_tewfik> exaclty
<_tewfik> yes i want
<_tewfik> is this hard than others versions ?
<sub_> Then get the rpms and update. It may break stuff btw
<_tewfik> like virtusertable
<_tewfik> ?
<sub_> No, it is not hard. But package management can be a headache
<sub_> virtualstable and stuff remains similar
<_tewfik> okay, i think i'll to fix AUTH, then see changelogs for 8.13
<_tewfik> thaks for help
<sub_> better update, then fix
<sub_> as you will brealk it during an upgrade
<_tewfik> okay thats it (-;
<_tewfik> heheh, and nobody want this
<sub_> Then see log and increase LogLevel if needed
<_tewfik> humm fine
<_tewfik> great, i love logs
<_tewfik> i'll do it that way
<_tewfik> thanks for everything
<_tewfik> have a good day / night
<sub_> make sure you get the correct version
<_tewfik> stable u mean ?
<sub_> some vendors have a different version for sasl support
<sub_> No it may be a different rpm
<_tewfik> plain auth for now, we'll see sasl later
<_tewfik> bye bye, thanks



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