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<pip_> then a centralized authority like verisign can be used to authenticate anyone who wants to send email
<sub> You like that idea?
<Rspiro> Yeah, but then they'll decide arbitrary stuff or start enforcing US law on the rest of the world through their policies.
<pip_> it should be available as an option to people who want to use the system
<pip_> with ipv6 every device can have an ip address
<pip_> 3 forms of authentication means that the person sending the mail is legit
<Rspiro> they are?
<pip_> as legit as people can be
<pip_> nothing wrong with us law

<pip_> america > world
<pip_> that's not some idle boast
<pip_> germany barely beats out arkansas in standard of living and quality of life for germans
<pip_> n other words poverty is relative, and in the U.S. a large 45.9% of the "poor" own their homes, 72.8% have a car and almost 77% have air conditioning, which remains a luxury in most of Western Europe.
<sub> You should ask an European about standard of living
<pip_> i have
<pip_> the eu taxation scheme is repressive
<sub> No
<sub> You cannot compare the EU with the US nor can you compare the taxation system
<pip_> why not?
<sub> Because some EU countries have a welfare state
<pip_> one is pro-entrepreneurship and the other is communist
<sub> communist?
<pip_> the european union was setup on the communist soviet model
<sub> Each system has its advantages and disadvantages depending on where you stand
<sub> No
<pip_> communism has no benefit other than for the freeloaders
<sub> Are you trying to compare the EU to the US?
<pip_> yes. comparing standard of living and quality of life
<pip_> europe=nice place to visit, horrible place to live
<pip_> the numbers dont lie sub
<sub> You know what they say about statistics:)
<pip_> well
<pip_> let's not go there
<pip_> i have family in paris
<pip_> they have squatters now
<pip_> traffic congestion
<pip_> and that fanatical muslim problem
<Rspiro> I added myself to the sshd allowed users list, and removed root.
<Rspiro> but I forgot my shell was nologin
<Rspiro> so I have to go down to the office now :(
<Rspiro> thats the only way right?
<Rspiro> ?
<Rspiro> btw.. who here can work out what GMT time is in australian time? :/
<sub> Australian has several timezones

<Rspiro> umm?
<Rspiro> right.. sorry
<Rspiro> pip_ are you using freebsd right now?
<Rspiro> How's 4.11?
<pip_> stable
<Rspiro> lol
<pip_> my workstation is FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE-p1
<pip_> 4:40PM up 20 days, 23:43, 1 user, load averages: 0.07, 0.03, 0.00
<Rspiro> nice
<Rspiro> =)
<lukeyb> sub you round?
<sub> Yes, but you missed the verb in that line
<lukeyb> heh
<lukeyb> i need to compile sendmail 8.13.5 with milter in the siteconfig
<lukeyb> where do i put that option and what does the line look like?
<sub> You don't as it is the default in 8.13.x
<lukeyb> oh
<lukeyb> so just build
<lukeyb> and im good to go?
<sub> Yes and get 8.13.8
<sub> Yes, you are
<lukeyb> k
<lukeyb> same .cf file will work with it?
<lukeyb> as .5?
<sub> generate a new cf
<lukeyb> they really
<lukeyb> made sendmail easy now eh
<lukeyb> used to be all backwards ass to setup and config
<sub> Maybe you understand it more now:)
<lukeyb> maybe
<lukeyb> and
<lukeyb> i gots another problem
<lukeyb> freebsd 4.9
<lukeyb> with linux compat installed
<lukeyb> try to compile milter-regex 1.6
<sub> Use ports
<lukeyb> and it says : /usr/libexec/elf/ld: cannot find -lpthread
<lukeyb> how can it not find that?
<sub> I don't know FreeBSD. Try their mailing list?
<lukeyb> maybe



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