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<TaSoRR> we are forwarding with aliases
<TaSoRR> they work
<TaSoRR> most of the time
<TaSoRR> but sometimes they don't

<perl_cont> hi. I installed dk-milter with the latest sendmail. when I send email to (or test sites), the sig is marked as bad. what should I do next to fix it?
<perl_cont> it's dk 0.4.1
<msk> when you send to, does it come back bad?
<perl_cont> let me try that now ...
<perl_cont> Authentication System: Domain Keys
<perl_cont> Result: DK signature confirmed BAD
<perl_cont> Description: Signature verification failed, message may have been tampered with or corrupted
<perl_cont> msk: any comments?
<perl_cont> do I have to patch 0.4.1? (I noticed a couple threads on google groups talking about doing that on older dk pkgs)
<msk> you need to debug it. something is altering your messages.
<msk> look at the reply you got from to see if there are any headers and such that may have been added or altered
<msk> if that doesn't work you can do the r= method
<perl_cont> currently I'm running it as dk-filter -l -p inet:2500@localhost -c nofws -o received ...

<perl_cont> anything obviously wrong there?
<msk> -o received?
<msk> try removing that
<perl_cont> msk: ok I removed that option, still "DK signature confirmed BAD"
<perl_cont> my private key file looks like /usr/share/ssl/private/mail.key.pem: -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
<perl_cont> is that the expected format?
<perl_cont> simple doesn't verify either
<perl_cont> ohh ... if my email address is, which dns record is the receiver looking up?
<msk> if you're masquerading, that'll break it
<msk> bbl
<perl_cont> msk: hi
<felix> doot



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