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<dabb> is there a current equivalent to the old junk.m4?
<msk> what was it, a feature?
<dabb> ya, feature hack... allowed you to have a database of ips/hostnames and associated reject message for each
<dabb> like access.db but let you have a standalone "reject all these" file...

<dabb> looks like this is it but it doesnt seem to expand when I try to use it
<msk> hm
<msk> did you install it in your "feature" directory?
<dabb> yes
<dabb> i see it being included in , but nothing else seems to expand
<msk> weird
<msk> i've never used it
<dabb> very
<msk> ask on the support lists, "ca" is the main guy watching them
<dabb> will do... its not shipped with current sendmail, but the server I inherited seems to have it in there... oh well
<msk> yeah
<msk> i checked, it's not part of the distribution. probably never has been
<dabb> lots of kludged ones out there I guess
<msk> definitely
<dabb> trying to do everything standard this time :)
<Trengo> bom dia

<Trengo> see ya!
<spork> hey anyone up
<sub> You are spamming two channels
<spork> yes!
<spork> I'll jsut spam the other one then
<sub> ask in the appropriate one:)
<sub> as long as it is not ipv6:)
<spork> this is a zone edit question =)
<sub> You mean like
<spork> yeah
<spork> have you seen there cloaking feature?
<sub> No, I don't know/user zoneedit
<sub> Isn't that proxying?
<spork> im not sure how it works
<spork> I just want to make sure we're not pulling data through them
<sub> What's the domain?



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