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<sub> no
<mnk0> well jsut cuz ur not

<mnk0> maybe some other ppl are/?
<sub> Spell in here cause you are going to annoy me if you write like that
<mnk0> is that a bad thing?
<mnk0> anyways dont be sucha baby
<mnk0> it's a great day out
<sub> no.
<mnk0> well the problem iw as inquriing about .. in squirrelmail how do u empty the trash ??
<JamesBaud> mnk0, if you don't want to read the squirelmail manual, use pigeon mail. It's not as technical. You just remove it off their leg. ;)

<mnk0> oh nice one
<Trengo> bom dia
<TaSoRR> Hrmm...Okay , so I have a sendmail server that is configured to be in the domain "". Sometimes mail goes to this mail server but it's supposed to be forwarding any "" mail to another "" server which is specified in it's dns. Instead of forwarding the mail, it sometimes will locally deliver it. How could I change MASQUERADE_AS and MASQUERADE_DOMAIN to really be nothing
<sub> How are you forwarding?



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libnetsnmp is needed by libfwbuilder