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<JamesBaud> We seem to have hit an oil well jackpot in the Gulf Of Mexico.
<sub> "Beginners have a tendency to blame the compiler, the library, or anything other than their own code. Experienced programmers would love to do the same, but they know that, realistically, most problems are their own fault."
<eraze> morning sub
<sub> Morning eraze
<eraze> how are you today?

<sub> Better than yesterday:)
<eraze> hehe thats god =)
<sub> You mean good?:)
<eraze> hmm yee to early for me ;(
<sub> You're ready for work?
<eraze> waken at 5 in the morning
<eraze> im at work now.. where at the gym before
<sub> You have not moved yet?
<eraze> no 3 weeks
<eraze> September 30 im moving
<Trengo> bom dia
<sub> bom dia
<Trengo> hi sub
<sub> hi trengo
<Tas0> mornin all
<Tas0> when sendmail get's "" , how would I have it forward to "" which is on a totally different server...also, I really want *anything* from to forward to our server
<sub> You eant to rewrite the address with feature(`virtusertable')
<sub> <TAB>
<Tas0> hrmmm I thought so :/
<Tas0> also, the mail servers name is; need it to forward to;

<Tas0> basiclly, anything from needs to go to , and they're two different servers
<sub> You want all to go to
<Tas0> yeap
<Tas0> for the time being
<sub> There is a tab in between
<kneer0x> hey sub
<sub> Hi kneer0x
<Tas0> I'd put that in virtual user tables?
<sub> Yes and makemap
<Tas0> gotchya
<Tas0> now to add virtual user tables I do a feature(`virtusertable') in the or
<Tas0> wonderful :)
<sub> should not be local btw
<Tas0> that's correct
<Tas0> it's not
<Trengo> no? would it be bad if it were local?
<sub> No. It's only to make sure that it gets routed to as he specified
<Trengo> great :) because i do that all the time
<Tas0> ;)



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