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<fryer> ./usr/bin/dk-filter -D -h -l -p inet:8891@localhost -C bad=r,dns=t,int=t,no=a,miss=r -d -u domainkeys -s /etc/mail/domainkeys/dk.pem -S dk
<fryer> dns=t?
<sub> dns=t = tempfail IIRC
<fryer> man doesn't say much about configuration options
<sub> It's the erro codes
<sub> It does
<fryer> OH
<fryer> Its in the DNS entry
<fryer> Bah
<fryer> One min
<sub> see action accept
<fryer> What about now?
<fryer> Sent another mail
<sub> sorry, what?
<fryer> Check mail
<kneer0w> hey sub

<sub> Hi kneerow
<kneer0w> in san diego ..
<kneer0w> -_-
<sub> It's not signing now
<fryer> haha jeezzz
<fryer> dig +short txt
<fryer> t=y is gone
<fryer> I got bad sig again
<fryer> Let me send to you again
<sub> The t=y is not causing any problems
<sub> in fact you should keep it
<fryer> Oh
<fryer> I sent you another mail
<sub> because you are testing
<fryer> True
<sub> got the headers but the signature failed
<fryer> Hmm
<fryer> I put the t=y back in
<sub> and you'll have to change selectors if you keep changing the DNS record
<fryer> selectors?
<fryer> ;/
<sub> Yes like
<fryer> Oh ok
<fryer> What I have now looks ok
<sub> It may take some time to debug
<sub> Try sending from a mail client
<fryer> Yeah I think so. I'll try that
<sub> Did you chaneg your dk keys recently?
<fryer> No. This is a new installation and testing
<fryer> I just did everything today
<fryer> That's interesting. If I send from root on bash it signs. If I send mail through it from the outside it doesn't sign
<fryer> DomainKeys is a real pain it seems
<fryer> sub you there?
<adhmedine> is it possible to put 50000000 email addresses as BCC
<adhmedine> ?
<sub> I don't think so but you can try and tell us:)
<adhmedine> i make website, where memeber register. and each member needs to get email in one time.
<adhmedine> a sort of newsletter
<adhmedine> is the best way to send it all as BCC?
<sub> You have 50000000 members?
<adhmedine> or many individual messages
<adhmedine> nno i just overreacted
<sub> You can "BCC"
<adhmedine> oke thanks i will Test it. but its treally impossible for me to test with LARGE numbers
<adhmedine> because i dont have so many emails
<msk> that's a pretty simplistic approach
<msk> use envelope recipients
<msk> until the MTA complains, then start a new envelope
<sub> Hi msk
<msk> hey sub
<msk> sendmail won't allow more than 32k of overall header space
<sub> adhmedine is surely using PHP ...
<msk> then he'll hit the 32k limit
<sub> He'll most likely hit the antispam limit first
<adhmedine> yes php
<adhmedine> i dont fully understand
<adhmedine> MTA envelopes
<adhmedine> but i think the members will be at MOST 10000.
<adhmedine> so 10000 mails as BCC"
<adhmedine> but php has a mail function
<msk> hope you can fit it all in 32k

<adhmedine> i think it will be very slow to loop this mail function i.e 10000 times
<adhmedine> 32 k?
<msk> 32k.
<adhmedine> i dont know what yuo mean with that
<msk> you've never heard of a kilobyte?
<adhmedine> why must it be in 32k ?
<adhmedine> theres a limit?
<adhmedine> no
<adhmedine> i dont think so
<felix> why would it be unlimited?
<msk> yes, there's a limit
<sub> He means that the size of the addresses cannot take more than 32,000 characters
<felix> imagine the abuse that would happen if it didn't have a practical limit
<msk> who in their right mind would generate an e-mail with over 32k of headers?
<adhmedine> so how do news groups work
<adhmedine> newsletters
<felix> wtf?
<msk> varied envelopes
<felix> we're talking about the HEADERS of the message
<felix> not the body
<adhmedine> yrea
<adhmedine> ok
<adhmedine> so maybe better loop 10 000 times and call php's mail function :S
<msk> mailing list expanders use the envelope, not the headers
<msk> that's not a good solution either
<adhmedine> envelope
<adhmedine> i dont know anything bout thst
<msk> but you haven't got the right tools to do what you're trying to do
<felix> yeah
<adhmedine> no probably not, but you can call program from within pgp
<adhmedine> ph[p
<felix> the best thing to do is submit your messages straight into the mail queue using a submission agent.
<msk> if you can call a program from within PHP and pass data to and from it, then use sendmail in SMTP mode
<msk> then you can inject all the recipients you want, unless the local system imposes a limit
<adhmedine> theres a queu built in sendmail?
<felix> uhh, DUH?
<msk> ok then, time to go.
<felix> all real MTAs do.
<adhmedine> ok
<felix> yeah, that's my cue, too.
<felix> BYE MURRAY
<adhmedine> but maybe php's mail function also adds to the queue
<felix> (like during lunch or something)
<adhmedine> so maybe its not a problem to use that
<felix> adhmedine: judging from php's braindeadedness with just about everything else, i really don't think php is that smart. do some research.
<adhmedine> braindeadness?
<adhmedine> give one example
<felix> okay
<felix> within your php script, try to make a non-blocking tcp connection to a listing port on a remote host somewhere. try to detect WITHIN THE SCRIPT the 3 or 4 different error conditions that might arise when your script can't connect to the remote system for some reason
<felix> such as: no route to host, connection refused, connection timed out, port unreachable, or some sort of out-of-memory condition
<felix> you can't do it.
<felix> also: try to open a file while enforcing an exclusive lock on it, and detect within the script why the file couldn't be opened with an exclusive lock. (detect whether the file has an invalid path or directory not found, if the file is already locked, if the file is a directory, etc)
<adhmedine> you can make tcp connections
<felix> yes, and?
<sub> Read what felix said carefully
<felix> can you get php to tell the script WHY it might not have been able to make a connection when you tell it to connect to a remote system/port?
<felix> the only thing you're going to get out of is a generic error saying the connection failed.
<adhmedine> you mean this?
<adhmedine> so php is a mess because of that? lol
<felix> it's one example
<felix> my other example is about file locking
<felix> whoa
<adhmedine> these are all standard error strings 'Permission denied' you can compare wtith them i guess
<felix> so i haven't noticed that before. (the socket error string function)
<adhmedine> ah wll i like php because its simple
<felix> yeah, but for file operations, you don't have access to that information, like you might with the socket operations
<adhmedine> what do you think is better for web programming/
<felix> i've seen the php source around the flock() and open functions, and it doesn't store any error codes in a retrievable form
<felix> perl, python, ruby. any high level language.
<adhmedine> most hosts dont support those



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