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<aLiCaNt> :P
<aLiCaNt> awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!
<aLiCaNt> pkaa
<aLiCaNt> please go to sweden and take this guy out!
<aLiCaNt> or better yet
<aLiCaNt> max, you do it :P
<M_A_X> I'll do it ;]
<aLiCaNt> ehehe
<aLiCaNt> he's the antichrist
<aLiCaNt> save us
<M_A_X> Will do, i hate that bloody song too ewww
<harryvv> better yet send him to Moguldishu
<harryvv> See how long he lives without a goverment there.
<ScLord> heyyyy
<Soljarag> hey

<ScLord> wassup soljy?
<Soljarag> not much
<Soljarag> my univ. appartment finally is letting me get on mirc
<Soljarag> you//?
<Soljarag> 2 more days of physics!!
<ScLord> all the same around here
<Soljarag> hopfully i can pull out a C
<ScLord> wish you the best :d
<Soljarag> ill be glad to be done
<Soljarag> thanks
<Soljarag> sclord.. can u test my dcc
<ScLord> sure
<Soljarag> try to send me something
<Soljarag> oh ****
<ScLord> what?
<Soljarag> not connecting
<Soljarag> ah well, atleast they let me chat
<Soljarag> for 2 years they completly blocked mirc
<Soljarag> ill try to send u something.,. ok?
<ScLord> hold on
<Soljarag> k
<ScLord> resend
<Soljarag> u ever listen to "the blue man group"
<ScLord> nope
<Soljarag> they are pretty good
<ScLord> line doesnt accept the send :/
<Soljarag> ok
<Soljarag> atleast i can connect to mirc
<ScLord> well :) obviously
<ScLord> lol
<Soljarag> :) couldnt connect for 2 years at my apartment
<Soljarag> ****.... this connection seems slower
<ScLord> well i am happy with 35 kb/sec :D
<Soljarag> haha
<Soljarag> im used to uploading at 500 kb/sec
<ScLord> damn, WTF :D
<ScLord> well dsl still expensive around here
<ScLord> for my 384/128 i pay like 20euros/month
<Soljarag> mine is free
<Soljarag> well, included in the rent
<ScLord> through uni
<ScLord> ?
<Soljarag> ya
<Soljarag> they just switched somehing that involves on campus housing internet
<Soljarag> today
<Soljarag> and the **** seems slower
<Soljarag> and its not even regular school time (its summer)
<ScLord> ;p
<Soljarag> this **** better improve
<Soljarag> ooh
<Soljarag> i wanted to ask u something
<Soljarag> u know ur helmet
<ScLord> yeah?
<ScLord> what about it?
<Soljarag> how did u make the inside padding
<ScLord> texture u mean?
<ScLord> ? :/
<ScLord> ??
<Soljarag> hey

<Soljarag> still there
<ScLord> yeap
<Soljarag> ok
<Soljarag> i mean the modeling
<ScLord> so, what about it?
<ScLord> oh
<Soljarag> like... did u offset the outside
<ScLord> easy stuff :)
<ScLord> i took the outer shell
<ScLord> duplicated it
<ScLord> reduced it's size at 90*
<ScLord> 90%
<ScLord> trimmed both outer and inner part
<ScLord> and blended between the 2
<Soljarag> ah
<Soljarag> i like the details
<ScLord> difficult part was outer shell's details where the visor opens
<ScLord> and most difficult of course get the whole helmet shape nice
<ScLord> trims came out ok, so i guess model was ...accurate :/
<Soljarag> :)
<Soljarag> how did u do the outside shape?
<Soljarag> loft? or just nu scale
<ScLord> hm, 4 lines lofted :)
<ScLord> and then i played a bit around with their points
<Soljarag> this chinese bmw book has lots of cool tricks
<Soljarag> that ive learned
<ScLord> well best tricks you learn on your own while experimenting
<Soljarag> ya... well... since its in chinese.. i basically am doing it on my own
<Soljarag> i look at the pictures
<Soljarag> and try to fig. out how he did that
<Soljarag> wanna see what one of the pages is like?
<ScLord> yeah, post in imageshack
<ScLord> all abour rhino is snaps
<ScLord> ;p
<ScLord> and tangencies
<Soljarag> damn.. i can totally tell my conn. is slower
<ScLord> i can totally say you are ungreatful :D
<Soljarag> big size..,
<Soljarag> haha
<ScLord> damn, my original site is still offline :/
<ScLord> damn, wtf, really big size :/
<ScLord> niceee
<Soljarag> this book is bad ass
<ScLord> i would have done the same shape using other methods though :D
<Soljarag> :)
<Soljarag> i hope to finish in a week
<Soljarag> well, in the car
<Soljarag> i have to ride in a car for 12 hours each way
<Soljarag> so i might as well model a car
<ScLord> :)
<Soljarag> any new project?
<Soljarag> one more page to show
<ScLord> nope not yet, thinking of starting a new one though :D
<Soljarag> 'so i gotta figure out how the hell he did that
<Soljarag> but... i got to focus on physics for 2 more days
<Soljarag> i have had to restart on this car soooooooo many times'
<Soljarag> i worked on it for 2 weeks weeks so far
<ScLord> how he did what?
<Soljarag> i'm just talking in general... since i cant read chinese.... i gotta figure it out
<ScLord> well, i told you before
<ScLord> start thinking 3d
<ScLord> and experiment on your own
<ScLord> everyone has his own style
<Soljarag> ya
<Soljarag> i have modeled tons of stuff on my own
<ScLord> goodie
<Soljarag> (for school)
<ScLord> that's modeling also :P
<Soljarag> ya
<ScLord> anyway soljy, gtg man
<ScLord> catch up tomorrow
<ScLord> laterrrzzz
<aLiCaNt> solj
<aLiCaNt> where did you get that book man



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