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<Fr33Trade> Publius. I dont know, A lot of it is the underdog resenting the superpower and wealthy society to the north. If they considered immulating us is that the right spelling ? Well if you get my meaning anyway, emulate us instead of antagonize us they too could be much wealthier.
<Publius> im a student of history, a young one so I like to think about this
<Publius> FreeTrade: Castro is wealthy enough. he doesn't care for the people and they are obviously trying to get out
<drugrel8d> every one loves castro
<Fr33Trade> Publius, There is no doubt about that
<Publius> when communist/socialist societies do not revolt like his and north korea that means the governments have brutal control
<Publius> over their people
<Publius> and that also means they have drug trade friends.
<CryArvach> drugrel8d....yeah...those with enough drugs
<Fr33Trade> Yeah, or some people in the culture are paid well to bust down dissent.
<drugrel8d> the libs love castro
<Publius> FreeTrade: I don't like Guevara....but he would been pissed at Castro for this
<CryArvach> Hillary is a Fidelita
<Publius> woulda
<drugrel8d> i almost got in a barfight with this liberal that was defending castro
<Fr33Trade> They use idealism as a means of cementing solidarity. We are not an idealistic country in the sense we all believe in Communist or we all believe in Capitalism or this or that..

<CryArvach> Publius Che Boortz ...the Tax Revolution!
<Publius> LOLOL
<Fr33Trade> So for the Army to support a dictator in the USA is virtually impossible.
<Publius> yep
<Publius> but not in Cuba
<Publius> Castro has got to die...he should. the bastard must be a genius
<CryArvach> Cuba will first need a dontkillmetax
<CryArvach> Castro will be dead soon
<Fr33Trade> Cuba is smaller and if you can convince poor people than commuism gives them wqual status to the rich it can sound appealing, the only problem is the equal status is poor.
<CryArvach> he is 80 in August
<Publius> Cry: the Cuba advisory pinal is finally advising the president what to do
<Publius> when he dies
<Katey> do any rumors ever circulate about his health?
<Publius> he is either sick
<Publius> or we got him!
<CryArvach> We will advise them.....
<CryArvach> with FORCE if needed
<Publius> Katey: in the white house, think tanks, and advisors
<Publius> you can find them
<CryArvach> last I heard he took a bad fall
<Publius> wow
<Publius> LOLOL
<Fr33Trade> Unless you are a party official and then you get more wealth and in Russia they had western stores for the party leaders where you could by European or American goods. The common russian had no such right to buy anything other than what the government allowed them to buy.
<CryArvach> Broken bones at 79 = a bad thing
<drugrel8d> i still can't believe the rushans tried to put missles in cuba
<CryArvach> I do
<CryArvach> 60 miles away from the US
<Publius> that is sooooo scary
<Publius> holy ****
<Publius> russians got ballz
<CryArvach> an SRBM from Cuba could hit any part of the USA
<Fr33Trade> Yeah and thanks to the NSA we had their codes so we could intercept kruschevs conversation to his Captain and commander.
<drugrel8d> high five the nsa!
<Fr33Trade> the NSA may of stopped Nuclear war, and people want to stop the NSA ?
<Fr33Trade> Yeah seriously
<drugrel8d> who wants to get rid of the NSA?
<Publius> FreeTrade: how?
<Publius> LOLOLOL
<Fr33Trade> I dont believe in any more government than that which is neccesary I think people here know that about me.
<Fr33Trade> But the NSA has saved our ass
<Publius> FT: = boring, too consistent. ;p
<Fr33Trade> Publius how ? The NSA Broke the code.
<Publius> how did they break it?
<Fr33Trade> The Russian code which was very complex.
<CryArvach> the fda saved our asses once too
<Publius> Russa !=complex!
<Fr33Trade> Publius, I dont have classified status I cant tell you, You have to have the highest security clearance in america to find that out.
<CryArvach> they Blocked Thaidomide from entering the USA
<CryArvach> brb
<Publius> FreeTrade: oh
<Publius> we could figure this out...the internet is devious
<Publius> i mean
<Fr33Trade> We know some details, for example it was a double code.
<Publius> not get their records...we can just figure out what it was
<Fr33Trade> so when you cracked the first code
<Fr33Trade> you then had to crack a second code
<Publius> ah
<Fr33Trade> once you could do that it was done, and thats very difficult to do.
<Publius> didn't we give them a bad er, leak on technology?
<Publius> one time
<Fr33Trade> I suspect super computers and very smart people.

<Publius> I agree
<Publius> and some russian defectors
<Fr33Trade> Publius, Yeah we gave them the instructions on building a nuclear bombs..
<Publius> well
<Fr33Trade> Well not we, the Rosenbergs and any allies they had, they were executed husband and wife.
<godfist> poll on parents attention to kids playing their videogames:
<Publius> didn't we give them some virus?
<Publius> in the 80's?
<td-> this Hastert thing is interesting isnt it
<Publius> gah I wish i knew the little I had heard
<Fr33Trade> Had they been willing to speak and give information they would have been given life in prison.
<Publius> LOL
<Publius> wow
<Publius> rosenburgs..i've heard that
<Fr33Trade> td, how is it interesting ?
<Publius> like a test said people executed for spies
<Publius> yah
<Fr33Trade> His defense of congress as a sovereign body ?
<td-> Hastert demanding the FBI return the documents it took from william jefferson
<RobVanDam> no other spies were murdered by the federal government
<RobVanDam> clear anti-semetism by the fdr admin
<td-> thats cool
<Fr33Trade> td, Well then he reversed himself from what he said yesterday.
<Publius> Rob: very possible
<Publius> Rob; typical democrats
<Publius> lol
<Publius> not funny...
<RobVanDam> hastert is a great example for kids
<RobVanDam> in order to save your own ass, criticize the fbi
<Fr33Trade> Yesterday he didnt say anything about giving anything back he was just astonished that the judicial and executive branches allowed a investigation to go to someone who is obviously guiltys office in congress and take evidence away of his crime.
<Fr33Trade> Crimes plural
<td-> "We think those materials ought to be returned," Hastert said, adding that the FBI agents involved "ought to be frozen out of that (case) just for the sake of the constitutional aspects of it."
<Fr33Trade> When two branches of government agree against the other, I dont know what you can do.
<td-> although the media could be twisting his words
<Fr33Trade> Congress can investigate the president and the supreme court has forced the presidents to hand over information they also deemed protected by the seperation clause, but they lost with that arguent.
<Publius> FreeTrade: god tahts incredible
<Publius> we need to be sure to protect the legislative branch
<Publius> make sure this doesn't get bad
<Fr33Trade> So if the president can be investigated at the whitehouse then why not the legislative branch, Now if they didnt have such iron clad evidence, I would agree it would be an abuse of power.
<td-> hey, dont you keep large amounts of cash in your freezer?
<Fr33Trade> but they had the money in tin foil and tupperware (Who the hell believes he did that with his earnings? ) And he had witnesses who plead guilty aready for bribing him.
<Publius> ROFL
<RobVanDam> td-: I know I do
<RobVanDam> td-: behind the milk
<Fr33Trade> The question is when we have clear evidence of lawlessness should any place be 100% immune ? The constitution doesnt say that. And I found it interesting Fred Barnes used my example I used yesterday morning, what if he had 10 pounds of cocaine in his office ? What a great way to smuggle or hide illegal ****, byu making it illegal to investigate a congressmans house office.
<Fr33Trade> I am not for the drug war but thats not the point.
<Fr33Trade> 10 Lbs of cocaine today is illegal. It is a good illustration
<Fr33Trade> byu -u
<Fr33Trade> I need to get to work..
<Publius> LOL
<Publius> bye bye
<td-> TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Florida Gov.
<td-> Jeb Bush said he was privately approached about his interest in becoming the NFL's next commissioner.
<td-> hehe
<td-> no can do! i'm gonna be president
<Publius> LOLOL
<Fr33Trade> He has no intention of running for president but watch out for his son in 20 years
<Publius> !
<td-> Olmert begging u.s congress to take action against Iran
<td-> "The international community will be judged by its ability to convince nations and peoples to turn their backs on hatred and zealotry."
<td-> i think he means they'll be judged if they turn their backs on Israel
<RobVanDam> nope
<RobVanDam> he means what he said
<Publius> td: begging, kiss my ass
<Fr33Trade> Why did you choose the word, beg ? I just read the article and it was nothing remotely like begging
<td-> Well, I think they are upset that people are moving to diplomacy
<td-> (Israel)
<Fr33Trade> In fact it was a very moderate and well intentioned speech.
<td-> "If we don't take Iran's bellicose rhetoric seriously now, we will be forced to take its nuclear aggressions seriously later," he said.
<td-> -> fear mongering
<Fr33Trade> Its the most reasonable speech I have seen for ages coming from israel because it both recognizes Israels needs and its willingness to work any day with a palestinian government which sincerely will work with it.



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