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<DarthBurg> Selectively editing the news.
<DarthBurg> BY POLITICS>
<MrRod> DarthBurg: What Lauren Weiner did was a petty crime that impacted very few people. Maybe you think it's newsworthy _because_ she's a Democrat. However, I don't think that matters. Abrahoff had far, far more influence.
<DarthBurg> pointing out does not make me guilty of Bias. nice try.
<MrRod> DarthBurg: You're doing the same thing. You're selectively complaining based on your politics.
<Publius> booohoooooo
<DarthBurg> MrRod I can certainly agree to different degrees. but the list is to long. you only adressed a couple, you give them ALL excuses. I do NO SUCH THING for republicans, especially if they get busted.
<Kaliuna> sorry -- MR R -- had to answer messenger
<SweetLeaf> Yes Mckinney is a stller person in congress
<DarthBurg> Mcdermots crime is TEN YEARS OLD for crying out loud.
<DarthBurg> nada.
<Publius> <---- is my 2nd master
<Twobar> DarthBurg is complaining based on her gender
<TalkRadio> she played the false race card and got called on it..heh
<SweetLeaf> Much to do about a hair doo

<SweetLeaf> heh
<Twobar> kiss me I"m irish
<Twobar> si si
<Twobar> no no no virus
<Kaliuna> MrR -- my yellow hybiscus is blooming -- pretty -- and got dozen peppers to pick tomorrow..
<MrRod> DarthBurg: I'd agree that the press sometimes goes nuts over a story that is not of national importance because of a particular Republican or Democrat being involved. It happens to people of both parties. Look at the McKinney story. She was told to stop playing to the press because the press was taking the focus off DeLay. Kind of blows your theory right out of the water in one shot. I'm done. Coffee time.
<gop> TalkRadio: but allan clomes and others claim she is not a racist against whites
<Kaliuna> TWO - now way -- MrsTWO would get angry at that
<gop> Twobar: mckinty is racist towards whites
<Twobar> MrRod, your not done. No coffee. its late.
<TalkRadio> i like what delay had to say about her
<gop> Every Jimmy Buffett Concert live on SIRIUS sweet
<Twobar> Kaliuna, she better not. I lay down the law. My wymyng does what I long as she doesnt hear me.
<gop> Twobar: how is your XM lately
<DarthBurg> MrRod you will not see me for instance, defend conrad burns. Abrahoff. But its funny no one is talking about Max Baucus's ties to Oldaker, who is a corrupt lobyist, I guess since he is not "As big" as ABrahof, we just sweep it under the rug with excuses.
<DarthBurg> its the doubel standard I take issue with.
<Kaliuna> TWO -- lol
<gop> Twobar: lol
<Twobar> MrRod, get married and she'll get your coffee.
<DarthBurg> MrRod "It happens to both parties" is a crock of ****.
<Twobar> MrRod, and then we'll see who's the boss
<DarthBurg> if it happened to both parties I would not have an arguement. it doesn;t.
<Dr_Rambo> Black ppl drinking coffee? as if they are not black enough
<gop> it happens
<DarthBurg> "They both do it" does not work with me.
<gop> to republican
<gop> negative news
<gop> the media would of bashed and ranted if it was a republican congressman who hit a black cop a
<MrRod> DarthBurg: If you were a Democrat you'd be *****ing about Democrats being bashed by the press. All that needs to change is your politics.
<Twobar> its too late at night to have racists wind knots around your brain
<gop> MrRod: the media don't bash democarts
<DarthBurg> MrRod not me, I am honest.
<gop> execpt talk radio
<MrRod> DarthBurg: Honest. Sure. But also biased.
<Twobar> MrRod is combing his hairpiece
<DarthBurg> MrRod it does not WORK that way, and you know it,.
<gop> hmm bob dylan will have a show on xm Twobar
<Twobar> it is on the mantle
<Twobar> gop, neat
<gop> Twobar: you ever listen to the sufer show on 60 on g
<MrRod> DarthBurg: I agree that most, but not all, of the press is biased toward the left.
<gop> 60 on 6
<SweetLeaf> If no one had seen what had happened that cop's career would be over by now because of her
<Arminius> rod: that's right, the corporate media owned by nuclear contractors. they're in bed with enviro-nazis, aren't they.
<DarthBurg> MrRod then admit it. do not defend these SCUMBAGS as not newsworthy just because you THINK i am biased.
<Twobar> gop, I listen to the 60, 70, and 50's music and the Folk village or whatever its called and one or two others
<Twobar> MrRod, ADMIT IT !!!!
<DarthBurg> ****ing double standards.
<gop> i love thier 60 on 6 in the mornig
<MrRod> SweetLeaf: Hey, you can't inappropriately touch an angry black woman and get away with it! ;)
<gop> you can call in
<gop> and have your song played
<SweetLeaf> that cop could lose his job Mckinney dont care
<gop> Twobar: I am young, but love when people request songs
<Twobar> gop I know every 60's song there is in my head
<MrRod> DarthBurg: Oh, I know you're biased.
<Twobar> and fifties too
<MrRod> DarthBurg: I can tell by your examples.
<Twobar> MrRod, Darth is not biased. he's too gay.
<gop> Twobar: oh wow rock and roll
<SweetLeaf> She played the race thing and lost

<SweetLeaf> Now everyone knows she is a racist
<gop> SweetLeaf: but she been know to play the race card
<DarthBurg> MrRod i do not emply double standards, therefore I am not biased.
<Twobar> Sweetleaf, dont worry. When she does it the next time, if it's even remotely not stupid, everyone will get in an uproar again
<DarthBurg> I do not defend corrupt republicans as Not Newsworthy.
<US_Male> I say we hang her
<DarthBurg> i am not that STUPID.
<gop> mckinney dresses gethoo for a congresswomen
<SweetLeaf> she will get elected again just like Marion Berry heh
<Twobar> I am sick and tired of the mega liberal blacks yanking out the race card every five minutes.
<Kaliuna> Darth -- I don't defend any of them -- unless the law backs them up
<gop> mckinney dresses gethoo for a congresswomen
<Kaliuna> gop -shes a racist
<gop> why
<Twobar> Washington DC deserves a crackhead mega liberal like Barry
<gop> lol
<Twobar> or they wouldnt have elected him 97 times
<Johan}> Publius: Who s your 1st mentor
<DarthBurg> I defend Delay. but thats a rare example of political legal skullduggery.
<Twobar> I would defend Delay, but he quit: he didnt even defend himself.
<Twobar> so **** him
<Kaliuna> Darth -- I will defend Delay --
<DarthBurg> there is that.
<pilgrim`> politicans on crack...hummm well, sober politics hasn't been such a good idea, maybe we should give it a try
<SweetLeaf> I bet Mckinney is used to using race as an issue on everything
<Kaliuna> TWO -- you just don't know the stuff going on there -- would fill you in but its getting late
<US_Male> he's gone anyway
<gop> check this out
<gop> big goverment
<Twobar> If Delay had hung in there...I'd probably defenend him. On second thought, never mind.
<gop> check it out
<gop> IT: IRS Leaves Taxpayer Data Largely Unprotected
<Twobar> Kaliuna, that is most likely true
<Arminius> i defend delay too, since he sent $250,000 into by bank account last year. NOT
<gop> ****en irs
<Twobar> gop, hahaha as long as the irs gets your money, then they dont care
<gop> "Two weeks ago, Department of Treasury received a D-minus grade in the Federal Computer Security Report Card for 2005, down from a D-plus grade in 2004. The majority of Treasury systems are those belonging to IRS. The government-wide computer-security grade for 2005 was D-plus, while Homeland Security and Defense both received an F. Grades are based on reports submitted to Congress by the agencies; the reports are required under the Federal In
<gop> formation Security Management Act of 2002.8 The scores are meant to reflect whether departments meet federally mandated security standards.
<MrRod> DarthBurg: You're complaining about the national news not covering a Democratic research assistant who got busted for illegally getting a senator's credit report on-line. It's not a big story unless you just want to bash a Democrat, not an elected official, just a Democrat who works for a campaign committee.
<Twobar> Homeland Security got an F ? hahahaha
<gop> Twobar: yepe
<Twobar> They need to look up the word "security"
<Kaliuna> TWO -- am serious about Delay -- but cannot tell ya what is going on ok
<Twobar> Kaliuna, I told you, I tend to agree.
<Arminius> heimat sicherheitsdienst not doing so well? well, sieg ****ing heil.
<DarthBurg> MrRod oh bull**** that is not what I am arguing and you know it. Dirty Republicans are household names, Dirty Democrats are forgotten about. thats the reality, spin it anyway you want.
<pilgrim`> I can understand the IRS getting a low grade
<Kaliuna> Two -- got too many windows open -- sorry missed your comment
<Twobar> Kaliuna ok
<US_Male> damn dirty republican
<MrRod> DarthBurg: Maybe the Republicans are more notorious. ;)
<Twobar> Arminius, dont you think german words are a bit long ?
<gop> but homeland security pilgrim`
<Twobar> farkenwchweinhundttacofixen
<DarthBurg> MrRod Media Bias.
<Arminius> germans believe in compound words. take "houseboat" zum beispiel.
<pilgrim`> gop it goes without saying: government never hires the best and brightest
<Publius> what's going on here?
<US_Male> machen Sie deine Mund zu
<Twobar> Arminius, my friend is german. it took her two weeks to teach me the german word for "screwdriver". I think it's like 6 syllables
<gop> hhahahah pilgrim`
<MrRod> DarthBurg: So far you haven't given many good examples of corrupt Democrats worthy of the national spot light. Maybe there aren't many.
<gop> how about this
<Johan}> Publius: Who s your 1st mentor
<Kaliuna> pilgrim - cause the smartest prefer to stay on sidelines :)
<gop> for your gobal warming freaks
<Publius> lol
<Arminius> the-thing-that-makes-metal-rods-go-into-other-things
<pilgrim`> I worked for a city government for a time. I can atest to the truth that morons run government
<Johan}> Neal Boortz: "Oh, by the way. I think that Bill Clinton was the most corrupt and dishonest President we have ever suffered through in this country during my lifetime. If I had to say something nice about him I would say that he is more honest than his wife, and cuter. Well, that's something, I guess."
<Publius> Boortz takes a backseat to Rush
<gop> Twobar: did you know it better to drive the pickup truck or suv it does less harm



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