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<Linus--> we can't expect physically mature people to abstain just because we try to make them
<Linus--> Nemes, fake freetrade
<assbag> but ***ually active ones, distinct from pregnancy, are not t hemselves problematic.
<Nemes> ya i thought so cause Fre_Trade is opped
<assbag> the problem is encouraging the perferable outcomes while still acting in line with your ethics...
<assbag> but unfortunately, allowing abortion may be the only way to that particular end
<Linus--> pervferable?
<bud`> calcigerous
<Linus--> if we deny them the pill!
<Timur> 'FreeTrade' is spamming me
<Nemes> but how does this fake FreeTrade know that I just joined #politics?
<Nemes> yeah
<assbag> he has spies
<Timur> good q
<Linus--> his goal is to trash the real FTs rep, so he sets on-join msgs
<assbag> the internets are sneaky!

<Nemes> wonder who is spy is or more likely who he is in disguise
<Linus--> lol
<bud`> nemes just close the window, havent you seen this before
<KoBushi> Easy... /who #politics
<bud`> only reason they keep doing it is cause ppl are like WHATS THIS?
<Linus--> ding
<vasili0s> exactly
<Linus--> rubberneckers of irc
<Nemes> i'll just /ignore FreeTrade for now
<KoBushi> I'm really surprised by the # of people that don't understand what's going on just by looking at Fre_Trade's nick
<Nemes> easy enough
<Timur> I just replied to him/her/it that if what he says is true, then he can take on the entire US construction industry
<Timur> haha
<KoBushi> It shouldn't take more than 3 seconds from joining the channel to realize Fre_Trade had his nick stolen :P
<Nemes> KoBushi, oh i understood what was going on, i figured someone had nicked his nick, i was just wondering why FT hadn't put up a channel msg really explaing
<Linus--> thk you for admonishing us, KoBushi
<Nemes> just struck me as weird for all of 2 secs
<KoBushi> Linus-- you deserve it :P
<Linus--> he has
<Linus--> I'm not the one going on about it
<WotGorila> hmm I thought Van Morrison died
<KoBushi> hehe Linus-- no... but still
<Linus--> -Fre_Trade- this will be my nickname for awhile until I get my regular one back. Thanks
<KoBushi> Linus-- you deserve admonishment for SOMETHING... so that'll have to do
<KoBushi> ^_^
<rond> My younger sister flew into town a couple of weeks ago with her daughters, when she flew home, there was a note from Airlines security stating her bags had been searched. She had no idea what they saw. Last nite while taking a bath and using some oils my wife gave her she realized it was the missing bath powder that came with the oils. That must have sparked the search and they kept it. :)
<Linus--> whee
<Gosseyn> rond: OH NO, ANTHRAX! :)
<Linus--> anthrax oil beads
<rond> :)
<Linus--> i like that santana LP, anthraxas
<KoBushi> Hum, makes me glad I have an Insight and don't have to fly anywhere, if it's in the continental US it's just cheaper to drive
<Gosseyn> rond: if you ever wonder why TSA freaks do **** like that, consider -- TSA "security" people are government employees, and pretty much bottom-of-the-barrel in terms of education and discernment.
<Timur> Linus: I'd expect ops would be at greater risk of nicktheft
<Linus--> i always worry they'll search my carry on and pull out my thong in public view
<KoBushi> It's too bad EFnet doesn't have a Nickserv
<Timur> DDOS his ass
<Gosseyn> KoBushi: I hears ya. I've got a Prius, it's almost as fuel-efficient as an Insight.
<rond> Gosseyn they do a pretty good job
<rond> I have no complaints
<KoBushi> Gosseyn wheeee
<Gosseyn> KoBushi: and I haven't had a chance to see whether its fuel economy (already in the low to mid 40s) improves when the temps warm up. It should.
<Gosseyn> 73 MPG?
<Gosseyn> Jesus.
<Gosseyn> what do you do, accelerate from 0-60 in three days?
<Linus--> does one actually save enough on fuel costs to justify the price of those cars?
<Linus--> rofl
<KoBushi> Gosseyn no I accel at full throttle, I just shift at 2500rpm
<Nemes> anyone got an old tower or case they wanna give me? save me buying one?
<Nemes> :)
<Gosseyn> Linus--: I bought mine because it's a supremely geeky car. The fuel savings is just a bonus.
<Linus--> ah
<Gosseyn> Nemes: I have more cases, motherboards, CPUs and memory than you can shake a stick at.
<Linus--> how much?
<KoBushi> Linus-- By the end of my car's life, it will have paid for it's self... but I bought it used for $10k
<Gosseyn> Linus--: $28,000.
<Nemes> Gosseyn, same with one exception, towers :)
<Linus--> KoBushi, good deal
<Gosseyn> Linus--: then again, my wife and I make almost $240k a year. :)

<Linus--> i wasn't asking that
<Linus--> :(
<Gosseyn> Linus--: we don't *need* to worry about saving money. :)
<Nemes> i am building another computer so i can play with linux, but i need a tower
<KoBushi> Average new hybrid owner makes over $200k/yr
<Timur> Goss: doing what
<Nemes> guess i will go buy one sometime this week
<Linus--> wow
<Linus--> gotta go
<Gosseyn> Timur: I'm a manager at Verizon, she's an accounts specialist at CenBen, and we have a tidy little six-digit annuity for the next 29 years. :)
<Timur> I went to dinner with a young lady who earns $150K + and whose husband is worth > $30 million
<KoBushi> Gosseyn but don't feel too bad, driving technique makes a HUGE difference in your gas milage... my wife only gets mid 50s in the same car :)
<Timur> what's CenBen?
<Gosseyn> Timur: a third-party insurance management company. They manage companies' health benefits.
<Timur> not that money = happiness, of course, but it doesn't hurt, either
<Timur> ah, ok
<Timur> I do hate 1500 forms
<Gosseyn> KoBushi: I know. She rarely gets above 40mpg driving the Prius, while I rarely see LESS than 43mpg.
<Gosseyn> KoBushi: what I do is accelerate hard up to speed and once there, give the car *just enough gas* to keep it moving at the cruising speed.
<KoBushi> Gosseyn yep
<KoBushi> that's ideal, and also stop in advance when you can, let it cruise on brake regen
<KoBushi> But the biggest fuel saver... do the speed limit; and draft large trucks :)
<KoBushi> If I can get behind a semi that's hauling cars... hehe, I can easily get 90mpg sustained at 80mph
<Gosseyn> KoBushi: on the Prius, also, when needing to slow, use the "B" gear. It regenerates to the battery more effectively.
<Gosseyn> KoBushi: it kind of irks me, though, that my motorcycles get barely better fuel economy than a 2500 pound five-seater.
<KoBushi> Well your motorcycles don't do 0-60 in 11 seconds either :P
<Nemes> :)
<Gosseyn> KoBushi: No, they do 0-60 in six seconds (the Burgman 650 scooter, with computerized ECVT), and 3.9 seconds (the SV650).
<Nemes> more like 3.6 s
<Nemes> hehe
<KoBushi> See, trade-offs :)
<ouchie> +m!
<Gosseyn> Yeah, and my passing power is just a little bit better.
<Gosseyn> Hee.
<CometBaby> Some prisoners at Guantanamo Bay from China, Saudi Arabia and other nations do not want to go home, according to transcripts of hearings at the U.S. prison in Cuba.
<CometBaby> lol
<CometBaby> Club Gitmo
<CometBaby> hey goss !!!
<ouchie> lol sure
<Gosseyn> like, downshift, snap the throttle, and leave that ***** on the cellphone alone in the Hummer H2 in my mirrors.
<ouchie> where can i sign up?
<Gosseyn> hey, CB.
<CometBaby> nice to see you :)
<Gosseyn> did I mention how much cellphone-using idiots irk me?
<bud`> CometBaby yep. same thing happened in 2003/2004. but bein' election year it obviously wasnt gonna get reported
<KoBushi> i've also got a 6.6L duramax diesel ... I could tow 32 Insights at once with that beast :P
<ouchie> i love my cellphone
<ouchie> ;p
<Gosseyn> and how much MORE idiots who drive ALONE in Hummers irk me?
<CometBaby> bud I think its a total hoot and it has to mega piss off the left
<ouchie> not
<ouchie> i just bough a hummer
<ouchie> for you!
<Gosseyn> and how much the combination makes me want to go medieval on their bad-driving asses?
<ouchie> ;p
<bud`> CometBaby I like the part about how they are given space in a privelaged area at club gitmo with tv's, stereo's and views of the beach
<CometBaby> hahaha
<CometBaby> Club Gitmo :)
<Gosseyn> I mean, fer ****'s sake, it's bad enough to be a cellphone-using bad driver in a sedan.
<ouchie> on the way to club gitmo
<KoBushi> I use my cell phone all the time for biz... but I know how to drive
<Gosseyn> combine that with an 8000-pound **** extender like the Hummer H2, and it's a nightmare.
<ouchie> do you get to stay in gitmo for free?
<KoBushi> Most people's problem is they can't drive to begin with
<ouchie> or is it like a luxry resort?
<ouchie> bs
<Gosseyn> KoBushi: I'm a paranoid motorcyclist. I assume everyone's out to kill me. I'm usually right.
<ouchie> people who can't drive right are attracted to hummers
<ouchie> like soccer moms
<Timur> I wouldn't drive a bike, too risky
<ouchie> :)
<KoBushi> Gosseyn heh, I delivered Pizza for 2.5 years... everyone else on the roa IS out to kill you :)
<Gosseyn> KoBushi: though it's not that they're actually TRYING to kill me, it's that they're too ****ing stupid to look around themselves to see ANYTHING. They seem to believe they're the only vehicles on the road.



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