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<ShadowRag> how do I boot into dos from windows so I can reformat?
<ShadowRag> the computer that needs it has no floppy drive
<joxter> you can make a bootable cd that emulates a floppy
<sparkeatr> datil
<sparkeatr> it's plugged into a PA system
<sparkeatr> but that's just using the standard line out on the laptop
<ShadowRag> couldnt I reformat with the windows XP cd?
<sparkeatr> yes
<ShadowRag> im going to need to install it anyways
<ShadowRag> ok good
<sparkeatr> you can delete the partition
<joxter> I think so
<ShadowRag> good
<ShadowRag> because I installed a new mobo
<sparkeatr> with the install program

<ShadowRag> and its not liking the old drivers
<ShadowRag> lol
<joxter> how odd :P
<ShadowRag> meh
<ShadowRag> doing this should theoretically work
<bi0h4z4r_> bbl, nfs:mw
<Xcalibur`> What's the whole idea with this card
<Xcalibur`> ?
<CJDeak> It makes it so that your processor handles math calculations but that card handles ONLY the physics
<CJDeak> only the distance the coke can flies when you shoot it
<Xcalibur`> So why use it
<CJDeak> Because you'll get faster games
<Xcalibur`> Wont an x1900xtx do me better tahn a physX card?
<CJDeak> Yes
<Xcalibur`> Mmm
<Xcalibur`> So in comparison, where would the PHysX cards lye?
<CJDeak> I wouldn't know
<CJDeak> I ahven't seen enough benches
<Xcalibur`> mmm
<Xcalibur`> So, running an x1600 PRO 512Mb with oblivion, can I expect much more performance than my GF4 Ti?
<Xcalibur`> AGP 4x
<CJDeak> YES
<Xcalibur`> nice
<CJDeak> that's like asking if your ferrari will go faster than your pinto
<Xcalibur`> lol
<Xcalibur`> I need a new AGP board
<Xcalibur`> cant afford PCI-e
<Xcalibur`> So
<Xcalibur`> I have a Athlong XP 26-2800+, whats a good 939 cpu I could get with better performance but not too expensive
<Xcalibur`> like 50-150$
<ShadowRag> how do you register a channel
<Xcalibur`> no idea
<Xcalibur`> did'nt know you could
<CJDeak> Xcalibur` you acn't get a 939 proc for 50 bucks, but for about 130-160 you can get an Athlon64 3000+ or 3200+
<Xcalibur`> CJDeak, I know
<Xcalibur`> I found a good one for 180$
<Xcalibur`> 3500+
<CJDeak> So get it
<Xcalibur`> Well, I can't afford it right now
<Xcalibur`> :-p
<Xcalibur`> but I will get it
<Xcalibur`> damn
<Xcalibur`> its OEM
<Xcalibur`> so I'll need to buy a heatsink
<Xcalibur`> >_<
<bushblowz> does anyone know the name of the switch for an xbox controller's tigger
<bushblowz> it has three prongs and senses when something turns
<bushblowz> do you know what i mean
<Neff> hello is there an easy why to modify a ATX power supply to atx 2?
<Neff> why/way
<Pentium4e> no
<Neff> hmm
<bushblowz> could anyone asnwer my question by any chance
<Neff> what's your question
<bushblowz> does anyone know the name of the switch for an xbox controller's tigger
<bushblowz> it has three prongs and senses when something turns
<bushblowz> trigger
<Neff> so it's a POT with a switch?
<bushblowz> i dont know myabe

<bushblowz> i need to know what prong is grnd, and so forth
<bushblowz> i will look into a pot with a switch though
<D3viant> EH , my windows media player plays video in black and white . how do I fix this? I install divx codec too.
<Neff> bushblowz: i'd look for xbox controller hacking on google
<gavi1> hi
<gavi1> anyone awake'
<[loony]> is it possible to change a graphic card on a laptop?
<neoimp> alienware laptops
<[loony]> what?
<RatTrap> hey ppl..... i have a bugg in playing an old game on my laptop (FF7).... i have an Intel Mobile 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express.. It's worked just great up untill one part of the game..
<RatTrap> in the FF7 Configurator the card passes everything... but... 8-bit paletted textures...
<RatTrap> so i guess that be it.... anyone know of a driver or extra softrenderer tha can do the job?
<Zodiacal-> anyone know if a dvi to component cable will alow me to use my pc on my hdtv?
<Pentium4e> it will
<Zodiacal-> with out a transcoding device?
<Zodiacal-> have you done it?
<Pentium4e> its a simple signal out/in...what transcoding
<Pentium4e> if you have nvidia its easier than ati but whatever
<Zodiacal-> i have ati
<Zodiacal-> radeon
<Zodiacal-> pentium4e i thought dvi was digital and component is analog
<Zodiacal-> cuz i have read that vga needs a transcoder to goto componenet
<Zodiacal-> and i think i read that dvi does
<Pentium4e> I know nvidia like the back of my hand....sorry, not helping with ATI :]
<Zodiacal-> i do'nt see how it would be differetn
<Zodiacal-> its just the cables im talking about
<Pentium4e> have you hooked any video card to any TV before?
<Pentium4e> just out of couriosity
<Zodiacal-> yea
<Zodiacal-> my dvi to hdmi
<Zodiacal-> but my tv limits what resolutions hdmi can use
<Zodiacal-> my tv's native rez is 1366x768 and the hdmi limits it to 1280x720
<Zodiacal-> its kinda blury
<Pentium4e> ok, so thats all video card/software issues
<Pentium4e> ATI is different than nvidea
<Pentium4e> nvidea is sooooo nice...i tried ATI before...card to TV and it went horrable
<Zodiacal-> its not
<Zodiacal-> thats a limit of my tv's hdmi input
<Zodiacal-> so i need to use compoent for this custom res
<Zodiacal-> my video card can handle it fine
<Zodiacal-> with powerstrip
<Zodiacal-> but how do i put that on my hdtv is the question
<Pentium4e> what are you choices of imput for the HDTV?
<Zodiacal-> hdmi, component
<bassgoon> so I want to get a laptop, is it worth getting a 2 ghz core duo for $141 over a 1.83ghz core duo? same cache and fsb
<MrPockets> bassgoon, how much is the 1.83?
<bassgoon> there's no set price...just relative cost
<bassgoon> but
<bassgoon> the 1.83 is $80 more than a 1.66
<MrPockets> i spose it depends on what you'd be doing with it
<MrPockets> if i got a laptop, itd mainly be word processing, internet, AIM and music.
<bassgoon> the main thing I want to be able to do is play games
<MrPockets> so id go with the lesser
<bassgoon> otherwise I wouldn't need a fanct laptop
<bassgoon> I mean...the main reason I'm getting a nice laptop is so I can play games
<MrPockets> personaly i wouldnt ever purchase a laptop with the intent of gaming on it
<bassgoon> I keep tossing these ideas around
<xlx> hey guys, when it comes to understanding chipset... there's Northbridge and Southbridge. Which handles the sata drives?
<bassgoon> xlx, I've never seen a computer wiht sata that has a true southbridge
<bassgoon> but technically speaking its the southbridge
<MrPockets> bassgoon, do you have a desktop box?
<bassgoon> yeah, i'm selling it
<xlx> my drives on freebsd are showing up as UDMA33 ..
<xlx> i want true UDMA6 (133)...
<xlx> and i'm trying to see which chipset i need to lookup to see where it's covered.. someone was saying freebsd 6.0 stable, another said current
<MrPockets> see what i'd do is then buy a lower end laptop for my previously indicated use, and put the remaning cash into the desktop for better gaming
<bassgoon> but...I can't bear the thought of a cheap laptop
<MrPockets> if it runs XP im happy
<bassgoon> low do I go
<MrPockets> if i had the cash i'd put $600 into a 1.8 with xp and 258 ram
<bassgoon> I've been back and forth a thousand time on this
<bassgoon> 256 ram? **** man, no way
<MrPockets> MAYBE 512
<MrPockets> come to think of it, 128 would be a horses ass with xp



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