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<square> kut?
<square> :(
<znx> lol
<znx> not here!
<Staos> DCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 0
<Staos> lol
<Staos> DCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 0
<slicknick> i just tried using 'yum install flash-plugin' and it returned a bunch of checksum errors and didnt install anything
<slicknick> so when i try to execute that again it wont even search for the plugin
<slicknick> cant get flash to install :/
<slicknick> erm there isnt even a 'flash' from 'yum list available'
<MadLabs> Hello All
<MadLabs> Not sure if anyone is awake out there, but I would like to know if anyone may have an idea if it would be possible to add additional unpartitioned space to an established mount point, such as /usr, if the OS is installed and running?

<MadLabs> Currently running Fedora Core 5
<MadLabs> 2.6.16-1.2122_FC5smp
<MadLabs> I would definitely like to add an additional 5GB to my /usr mount point from unused space on an existing disk, if possible, without having to reinstall from scratch
<Empath_> anyone find that firefox dies randomly on fedora core 4?
<Empath_> im out
<dubkat> MadLabs: you cant just "add" the space, but you can make a directory under /usr and mount the space there
<dubkat> /usr/extraspace
<ZeD--> MadLabs before u do anything, make sure u backup
<ZeD--> personal expirience has proven me that if u don't u r fed
<free2b> hey, how do i find the amount of cpu each process is using?
<dolbe> top
<truthix> Hello guys
<truthix> I did yum upgrade, got:
<truthix> Error: Package kmod-nvidia needs nvidia-kmod-common = 1.0.8178, this is not available.
<xDamox> truthix, you got the livna repo
<xDamox> truthix, you there
<truthix> xDamox yes...i'm doing yum search nvidia-kmod-common now, takes some little time...
<xDamox> ok
<xDamox> you should do
<xDamox> yum update
<xDamox> then do the search
<xDamox> yum install kmod-nvidia
<truthix> do i have to always run yum update first? i thought it's the default action per yum action...
<xDamox> its a good idea to run the update as packages are added quite frequently
<truthix> xDamox ok, thx
<xDamox> np
<truthix> xDamox after update, search did not find anything again...strange...i'll try to rpmfind on web :-/
<xDamox> truthix, you deffently got the linva repos
<truthix> xDamox look:Setting up repositories
<truthix> dries [1/7]
<truthix> macromedia [2/7]
<truthix> livna [3/7]
<xDamox> are you in Fedora Core 5 too?
<truthix> yes
<xDamox> ok 2secs
<xDamox> type this
<xDamox> yum search nvidia
<truthix> rpmfind found another version of that nvidia-kmod-common, 1.0.8762.3 on livna...
<xDamox> and tell me if that returns anything
<xDamox> truthix, when I type yum search nvidia I get all the results and I can install it by doing
<xDamox> yum install kmod-nvidia.i686
<xDamox> look:
<truthix> i have older nvidia drivers installed....but when i do yum install nvidia, it ask for confirmation...
<truthix> but i don't want it to interfere with my older drivers
<xDamox> it should upgrade your old ones
<truthix> maybe it would be wise to remove the old ones...i'll find with rpm -qa | grep nvidia
<xDamox> Have you installed the latest kernel via yum?
<truthix> xDamox really? ok, i'll try...
<xDamox> It worked for me
<truthix> xDamox yes, installed with yum
<xDamox> The old nvidia dont work with the new kernel
<xDamox> thats why I had to reinstall the nvidia drivers again via yum
<truthix> xDamox I think i understand the process now...
<truthix> just i second
<truthix> yum search nvidia-kmod-common does not find anything

<xDamox> do this
<xDamox> yum search nvidia
<truthix> yum install nvidia-kmod-common solves the dependencies and asks for confirmation...strange
<xDamox> ahh cool :D
<truthix> xDamox i i'll upgrade nvidia now :-)
<xDamox> ok :)
<truthix> xManox but how the search does not work...god knows...i'll google for explanation :-)
<xDamox> ok
<truthix> xDamox i cannot find, but i found the had compability issues in past FC versions, it was not advised to mix with other repos...maybe it has some problems unsolved yet :-|
<xDamox> ahh could be
<truthix> xDamox I don't like the upgrade upgrades the kernel to newest, but the newest does not have nvidia support, so i have to remove the newest one after this operation otherwise nvidia does not work...
<truthix> I wonder why they do not give out only kernel module, why nvidia needs specially crafted kernel :-|
<xDamox> truthix, the latest kernel does have the support
<truthix> Damox really?
<truthix> I'll try...
<truthix> once it's all install
<xDamox> yea
<xDamox> This is the latest kernel 2.6.16-1.2122_FC5
<xDamox> I have nvidia instaleld with it
<truthix> xMamox ok
<truthix> Ctudujes CVUT-FEL ?
<truthix> I'm sorry :-/
<[[trav]]> hello
<[[trav]]> i cant get postfix and dovecot to work on my fedora box
<ashlon> I have a dell 720 usb printer, how can I go about installing it?
<xDamox> ashlon, type system-config-printer
<xDamox> as root
<ashlon> ok done
<ashlon> sorry I got disconnected if you typed something to me
<ashlon> I'll mess with this later
<xDamox> ok
<xDamox> type
<xDamox> system-config-printer as root
<xDamox> this will help setup a printer for you
<ashlon> ok now what
<ashlon> oh ok thnks
<ashlon> my printer was not listed
<xDamox> whats your printer
<ashlon> for Dell p 720
<ashlon> its usb
<xDamox> ok 2secs
<xDamox> znx :)
<xDamox> hehe
<Bjornicle> how can I find out what xfree86 version I'm running ?
<eliran> Shalom. I'm trying to install HPLIP so i could scan with HP OfficeJet, and i get error's during 'make install', please see - Help would be very much appreciated. (Using FC5)
<mikefoo> I am on fc4 and seems only postgresql 8.1 is in fc5 repo, anything I can do besides upgrade to fc5?
<xDamox> mikefoo, 2sec
<xDamox> Ill get you the MySQL rpm
<mikefoo> mysql?
<xDamox> What other sql server do you want?
<xDamox> ooops misread
<xDamox> have you tried FC5 rpm on FC4?
<eliran> I need help with SANE/HPLIB - here is what i get when i try to run HPLIB according to this how-to i found.
<eliran> [root@new hplip-0.9.11]# /usr/lib/cups/backend/hp
<eliran> unable to open /var/run/hpiod.port: No such file or directory: prnt/hpijs/hplip_api.c 84
<eliran> unable to connect hpiod socket 50000: Connection refused: prnt/hpijs/hplip_api.c 702
<eliran> [root@new hplip-0.9.11]#
<eliran> going to try a reboot. brb.
<eliran_> using the command '/usr/lib/cups/backend/hp' i get 'unable to connect hpiod socket 50000: Connection refused: prnt/hpijs/hplip_api.c 702' - any ideas ? (this is about HPLIP)
<eliran_> any ideas ? (looked in xinetd.conf & xinetd.d, found nothing relevant)
<WizeX`LNX> somebody who have set up a dhcp server on FC5 before?



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