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<WhatIsIt> i just resized on of my volumes wih LVM but df does show the change
<WhatIsIt> why is that? :-P
<WhatIsIt> does not show i mean
<WizeX> why doesen't NTFS RPM packages to the new kernel work?
<WhatIsIt> or hmm
<WhatIsIt> maybe i need to resize the partition too
<WhatIsIt> yay success!
<WhatIsIt> thanks for the emotional supports
<notx> how do I check if there is a firewall and stuff running on this fedora machine?
<anyweb> login as root
<anyweb> do
<anyweb> iptables -L
<anyweb> see what it says
<anyweb> ok i've disconnected 2 of the four hdd's on
<anyweb> to see if the hanging failure while doing tar is due to heat/power

<anyweb> running a tar backup now as a test
<notx> how do you prevent iptables from loading each time I restart?
<anyweb> you don't want to do that
<anyweb> why are you concerned about the firewall ?
<notx> its an internal machine
<anyweb> ntsysv
<anyweb> try that as root
<notx> k
<anyweb> lokkit as root will give you a semi gui....
<anyweb> to do the same thing.
<notx> thanx
<tHaZ> how can i access "kernel command line"? i need to insert a line with "reserve=e8100000,0x5000" into it
<Annum0> Hello guys, I am going to buy a wirless usb adapter for my Fedora 4 desktop any reccomendations which one I should buy(that has a driver for linux)
<Annum0> .
<anyweb> wireless is tough
<anyweb> why make it harder by adding usb into the equation
<Annum0> Well that way I can use the same adapter on my Laptop as well if I need to
<anyweb> well why arnt you using fcr5 ?
<anyweb> fcr4 is old now.
<Annum0> I have vmware and samba working on my box, an afraid if I go to 5 it will break stuuf
<Annum0> And also dvd authoring has workined after a longgggg time
<anyweb> cool
<anyweb> you should post your stuff on
<Annum0> I will, so you think getting usb wireless on Linux will be another project altogether? too bad I was hopeful that some vendors were providing linux drvers fro their hardware
<anyweb> no idea
<anyweb> ask others in #linux-noob
<Annum0> Do you have wireless device working on your system
<Annum0> okay thanks
<WizeX> why do i get bad superblocks when i try to mount a ntfs partition in fstab list?
<WizeX> somebody who can help me whit mounting?
<robox> How do I setup the webserver that comes with the installation of fedora core 5
<robox> what do i type in bash to enable and disable services on boot
<robox> it was nptypy
<robox> something weird
<robox> I am on Fedora Core 5 and when I type service httpd says failed, but when I type just 'httpd', the service starts without any messages and I can access my webserver. Why is this?
<robox> How can i fix it
<robox> I am trying to use the webserver that comes with the fc5 installation
<frump1> Hi.. startx blacks my screen..
<frump1> I used a command once to get X running, it was ????level ?? But I cannot remember the name of the command anymore =\
<robox> I am on Fedora Core 5 and I'm trying to use the webserver that comes with the fc5 installation, and when I type service httpd says failed, but when I type just 'httpd', the service starts without any messages and I can access my webserver. Why is this?
<OmegaEvil> robox
<OmegaEvil> apachectrl -t
<OmegaEvil> and check the logs
<robox> apachectrl -t doesnt do anything
<robox> do i have to be in a dir?
<OmegaEvil> frump1, check your resolution matches the screen you use in xorg.conf
<OmegaEvil> robox sorry
<OmegaEvil> sec
<OmegaEvil> i think its apachectl- r
<OmegaEvil> i think its apachectl -t
<frump1> what dir is xorg.conf in?
<robox> how would i go about removing my current installation of apache webserver 2.2
<robox> because it's not working correctly, i want to completely remove it
<robox> so i can reinstall it
<robox> im on fedora core 5
<robox> it's the version of apache that came built in my installation

<][orion][> eh
<][orion][> anyone avail to help with a network device problem
<frump1> =\ gedit says my display is NULL
<silconice> i installed fedora 5 and got into the gui fine,when i restarded,at the login screen,any key i press on the keyboard,the resolution of the screen changes,i cant type to login,anybody know how i can fix it
<guto4> there is a bash command that opens up a blue screen that allows u to choose (*) which services you want to activate
<guto4> i forgot what the bash command was for fedora core 5, anyone know it by any chance?
<SumoGirl> how do i run a php script via ssh?
<OmegaEvil> ./script.php
<OmegaEvil> if it has a
<OmegaEvil> #!/usr/bin/php in it
<OmegaEvil> if not errm
<OmegaEvil> there is a way
<OmegaEvil> to strip errm html tags
<OmegaEvil> -r
<OmegaEvil> php -r script.php
<OmegaEvil> or something like that
<VertexHos> ww3 why must you spam?
<OmegaEvil> what was he spamming ?
<guto4> what's the best bash editor out there
<guto4> gedit?
<OmegaEvil> vi
<OmegaEvil> best is relative
<guto4> really? vi?
<guto4> interesting
<guto4> for some reason, when i edit my httpd.conf
<guto4> my service httpd start doesnt like it and fails
<guto4> like i changed thes erverroot dir
<guto4> and it flipped out, i changed it back and it worked
<OmegaEvil> apachectl -t
<guto4> i was thinking it could be the editor
<OmegaEvil> syntax erorr
<][orion][> Does anyone know were I set the guidedog and guarddog script to start
<][orion][> anyoen familiar with installing guidedog / guarddog on FC5
<PaziMetek> oy
<helpme> hello can somebody help me
<helpme> I can't get qmail's smtp starting at boot
<helpme> if I issue /etc/init.d/qmail start
<helpme> it starts it up, but nothing comes of it
<eliran_> Q (Shalom!) whats the latest version of RHEL AS ? Does it corresponds to any FC version ?
<eliran_> Anyone here ? whats the latest of redhat's RHEL AS ? Is it still 4 ?
<Johny> Um.. i've just installed Fedora Core 5 on my IBM Thinkpad T43 and everytime i goto add new programs or to update my system, the prompt to check dependencies hangs
<Johny> is this common?
<eliran_> Can you elaborate ? Add more programs using what ?
<eliran_> Yum ? Pirut ? there's more then 1 way to "add programs"
<Johny> Clicking on the applications menu in the top left. at the very bottom of the list says add/remove programs
<Johny> I'm using Gnome if it matters
<eliran_> Johny : I'm starting gnome on my secodary computer to see what you mean... hold on.
<Johny> ok thanks
<eliran_> Johny : Sorry, no GNOME... can you find what's the executable that you use ?
<eliran_> btw: Does it hang ? is just takes a long time to show available packages ?
<Johny> well it shows the packages
<Johny> but when i actually go to download/install them
<eliran_> Anyway, i recommend using yum (command line) to install packages or pirut (GUI tool) which is nice too.
<Johny> ok
<eliran_> well, downloading does take time, i guess.
<Johny> but my modem shows no tranfer when it hangs
<eliran_> Hmm. dont know. maybe its bulding a list of packages to show at the GUI. how long is long ?
<Johny> basically it pops open a window that says, "Checking Dependencies..." and thats it. no harddrive churning, or anything
<Johny> just a window that has to be forced quit
<eliran_> is it after you've selected something to install ?
<Johny> yep
<eliran_> well, using yum it takes me 3-15 seconds, depending.
<eliran_> maybe its more using pirut... i guess your talking about pirut.. try it from the CL and see if it is pirut.
<Johny> ok
<Johny> thanks for the help
<eliran_> anyway, for a proper answer you should ask when the PRO's are here. :-) I'm allmost a newbie my self.
<Johny> lol
<eliran_> l8r.



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