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<planetxm> How do I use 'rpm -q' after clearing /var/cache/apt/archives/ to redownload ALL the rpms that are in the RPM database? IN other words I want to dowload all the RPMS and place them in cache gotten from a current Repositiory then reupload all those rpms to my own repositiory... ( incase the original repository I hace no control over goes down. ) I am using APT-GET by the way
<planetxm> OK how do I rebuild my /var/apt/cache dir is I have cleared it out, based on what I CURRENTY have installed?
<GeoRG2Eus> Ahhhh!
<treychyld> What do you guys use for xvids/divx?
<treychyld> My mpleyer freezes... totem doesn't work (even tried xine linked vs gstremer linked)
<magikman> i use mplayer
<treychyld> magikman, did you install any extra packages for mplayer? support files? avi etc?
<treychyld> or did it just work e.g. yum install mplayer
<magikman> i installed every codec they offer
<treychyld> Is there a list or something?
<magikman> they have them on their site
<magikman> search your repos for an rpm if you would like
<Crowww> What wireless PCI cards are recommended?
<Crowww> hrmm
<magikman> Oranoco cards are good
<magikman> Orinoco cards too

<magikman> ;)
<Crowww> Does that company still exist? Can't find their website
<magikman> orinocowireless
<magikman> (it may be down)
<Crowww> hmm
<Crowww> Not something Best Buy or Comp-USA carries, huh?
<magikman> newegg will
<magikman> or not
<Crowww> hmm, do you have a second brand? :)
<magikman> does i have to be something that bb or cu sells?
<Crowww> that would be preferable :-\
<Crowww> thank you for your help magikman
<Crowww> goodbye
<trans4mer> hi
<trans4mer> chkconfig --level 12345 cpuspeed off
<trans4mer> amd dual opteron 250 under fedora core 4. /proc/cupinfo reports a wrong(slower) speed under 2.6.15 (but not other kernels stock with fedora). Anyone know why?
<trans4mer> ok just solved it
<trans4mer> sorry for the bother!
<trans4mer> hi again
<trans4mer> how can i turn off that stupid thing in my taskbar that tries to update redhat?
<trans4mer> (and why does redhat keep adjusting to be like windows?)
<sammy_> hello
<yzrider08> screen -S gnump3d /usr/bin/gnump3d2 im running that command when my system boots up and i get Must be connected to a terminal.
<yzrider08> how can i fix this
<ofakar> I've have a few fc4 installation questions.. would someone please lend me a piece of their time ?
<ofakar> I have partitioned my hd in hda1 and hda2 .. it asks me to create a root partition .. how much disk space should I allocate? ..
<ofakar> ...and it also asks about the extra partition .. should I allocate and eventual rest of the free space for it ? ...
<ofakar> .. and are these ext 2 or 3 partitions ?
<ofakar> don't really understand all this
<treychyld> Anyone ever experienced Azureus not EVER downloading a single kb of any torrent EVER?
<treychyld> I've been trying for two days... It just sits and sits and sits.
<llandru> anyone running vsftp - i need some help
<magikman> what do you need help with?
<magikman> i am about to exit
<llandru> i have vsftp up and running and can ftp to it on teh machine where it is running, and do ls
<magikman> and?
<llandru> but when i try and ls from anotther machine on the network, it times out
<magikman> are you using passive or active mode?
<llandru> in passive it times out also
<magikman> so you are using active.
<magikman> the data port is being blocked by something
<llandru> i switch to passive and it still times out
<magikman> if you are using port 21 for the command/listening port, 20 also needs to be open.
<magikman> a firewall is blocking the data
<llandru> ok, ill look at SELinux now
<llandru> amazing. i just set 20:tcp in selinux, and it changed the entry to 'ftp-data:tcp' wtf?
<magikman> because that's the default ftp-data port
<magikman> :)
<llandru> still no ls from other machine, logs in fine, can do pwd fine.
<magikman> something is blocking the connection somewhere
<magikman> check your vsftpd.log just to be sure
<llandru> ok thanks...
<magikman> but if you can access it via localhost, but not remote, something is blocking it.
<llandru> but what?
<llandru> i shouldnt be able to pwd
<magikman> do you have a firewall between the machines you are using?
<llandru> yes
<magikman> check its logs
<llandru> thanks again...
<magikman> np
<treychyld> Any worthwhile (3d) games installable via yum (with livna too)>

<treychyld> ?
<GeoRG2Eus> Hello
<GeoRG2Eus> ANyone know where I could get information on parameters I can pass to the Anaconda installer?
<GeoRG2Eus> Aye to
<GeoRG2Eus> *yo
<GeoRG2Eus> I done a text-based install, and i wanted to boot my system from a floppy like I done with Red Hat but Fedora's installer never offered the option to me, how can I now boot the system ??
<GeoRG2Eus> how can i boot my fedora system from a floppy so i won't have to install a bootloader onto my MBR?
<tisme> I have a problem. When I install Fedora it doesn't recognize my internal network card (I think b/c it uses PCI-Express technology). Can someone help me out? I really want fedora.
<zeulb> is this the forum for getting config help on fedora?
<ofakar> crap .. my integrated wireless card doesn't work on fedora core 4..
<ofakar> on my acer travelmate
<magikman> well that sucks!
<magikman> what kind of card is it?
<ofakar> well .. who knows ..
<ofakar> it's an acer travelmate with everything onboard
<ofakar> i can try check
<magikman> perhaps if you look up some info on the model you can find the type of card.
<ofakar> silicon systems integrated sumtin
<ofakar> sis bla bla fast ethernet adapter ... but thats the lan .. not the wireless
<`Tingles`> anyone have any ideas why during a fresh install of FC4 it will randomly die, this is during both text and graphical?
<Scony> hmm
<Scony> error message?
<`Tingles`> one sec running thru the install again to get the exact message i will type it out within 5mins
<Melio> sup
<`Tingles`> ok so it just went ot the spot where you can test your media
<`Tingles`> i passed on it now its in the text instal
<`Tingles`> selecting my time zone
<Melio> hmm
<Melio> I can't launch any controlling terminals from gnome desktop
<Melio> how do I see what's broke in the background without a term :(
<Melio> tingles, fedora installer has issues with testing media, ignore that next time, skip it
<Melio> i'm rebooting. something just became really unstable. nothing is loading
<Scony> Melio why cant u launch a terminal
<`Tingles`> ya its not when testing its at random after that
<Scony> still doing it?
<`Tingles`> ya so far soo good but i never get past all the configuratin steps
<`Tingles`> one sec.. its still going.. so far
<Scony> just cross your fingers, it sometimes helps
<`Tingles`> :p
<`Tingles`> it did it
<`Tingles`> and said...
<`Tingles`> INstall Exited Abnormally
<`Tingles`> sending termination signals....exit... etc
<`Tingles`> and then the shutdown routine..
<`Tingles`> but it happens at randome throughout the install
<Scony> hmm
<urcahn> Good afternoon!
<Scony> is it happening during the install or the config?
<`Tingles`> config section...
<`Tingles`> in both text and graphical mode..
<Scony> how did you get the distro?
<urcahn> does anyone know how to make a boot floppy for a fedora install so I don't have to install a bootloader to the HD?
<`Tingles`> offf the mirrorz from
<Scony> did u check to make sure it worked properly
<`Tingles`> what do you mean worked properly?
<Scony> I should have asked, did u burn it to a cd/dvd or are you doing it from the hd
<`Tingles`> cd
<urcahn> DVD
<`Tingles`> and i made another cd 1
<`Tingles`> to test
<`Tingles`> happens to that one aswell
<melio> cd or dvd
<`Tingles`> cd
<`Tingles`> atleast i think they are cds hehe lightscribe 700Meg 52x cd-r
<urcahn> well how can one boot a fedora installation normally using the rescue cd?
<Melio> I I always wanted one of those lightscribe cd burners
<`Tingles`> hehe they are pretty damm cool
<Melio> yep
<Melio> I agree, no markers needed :P
<`Tingles`> some tests from last night... i accually got it on friday..
<Melio> it works in linux?



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