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<znx> ugh
<znx> :)
<billbong6> hey anyone know how to get the drive you mount to show up under computer for all users?
<opsec> umask 0222
<soexcited> how do i find the root/master mysql password? i lost mine.... =(
<opsec> yea right
<znx> soexcited: are you root on the server.. if so you can reset it
<znx> there
<soexcited> yes
<znx> soexcited: go to that site..
<znx> i wrote that bit.. it will allow you to reset the mysql password
<soexcited> znx: thanks biotch
<znx> :p
<opsec> it's biatch

<opsec> ;)
<Lidice> love this chan. zero noise floor. Until this comment of course :)
<bigs> i love fedora....even tho it is based on redhat
<bigs> proves worthy in my book, and IM a BSD freak
<bigs> this room is dead
<bigs> and i just installed fedora core finally
<opsec> good for you.
<kreep> what happens if a girl says you can cum on her face, but you've already cum once before and they'res not much left, so just a little dribble lands on her? I mean that's not very manly
<kreep> it's questions like these that I ponder while waiting for yum to update my 200+ obsolete packages
<kreep> omg and now it won't perform the update, because I don't use the kernel rpm, and it wants the new version of it. I HAVE THE ****ING THING INSTALLED (from tarball), why can't i just ****ing force the upgrade? I hate this kind of "we know better than you" design in yum. Sometimes, I really do know what I'm doing, and it's appropriate to force things.
<kreep> i shouldn't have to install a package I don't want or need just to make thigs work
<kreep> I'll stop *****ing though
<kreep> I usualy never talk
<kreep> but no one else is
<bigs> i talk
<bigs> i like 2 talk
<bishnu> need somebody's help to setup Fedora
<bishnu> i'm trying to setup Fedora in VMWare and having problem to get network connection
<bishnu> can anybody help?
<richtroye> A friend reports with fc5test3 that kudzu segfaults. Is this a known problem? or should I prompt him to file a report?
<richtroye> hi packeting
<richtroye> here's my question
<richtroye> A friend reports with fc5test3 that kudzu segfaults. Is this a known problem? or should I prompt him to file a report?
<richtroye> wow, all these knowledgeable people showing up! here's my question:
<richtroye> A friend reports with fc5test3 that kudzu segfaults. Is this a known problem? or should I prompt him to file a report?
<richtroye> uh.
<richtroye> i've repeated my q thrice, if you want me to do it again just holler.
<anyweb> is it seg faulting on a fresh install, or in vmware
<turi> anyone around
<amos> anyone real here?
<amos> im aving trouble w/fedora... cant ping my windows pc from it
<amos> and vice versa
<amos> anyhelp out there?
<amos> im dieing ova here heh
<amos> no one here?
<amos> =(
<amos> anyone here that can help me with a network issue?
<amos> i have core 4
<amos> anyone here that can help me with a network issue?
<anyweb> ask
<amos> who me?
<amos> ok...
<amos> i cant ping my pc from my linux box
<amos> i get a connection light on the nic....on both boxes
<amos> cant ping from either to either
<anyweb> well both have a firewall enabled if you are anyway security concious
<anyweb> where is the linux box getting the ip from ?
<amos> hmm
<amos> just installed fedora 4... usedta run mandrake a long time ago
<anyweb> where is the linux box getting the ip from ?
<amos> ok.. linux box has 2 cards...
<amos> so I set the card thats connected to the pc box to
<anyweb> ok
<anyweb> and on the winxp box what ip has it
<anyweb> or rather, what ip has the xp box
<anyweb> ok
<anyweb> and if you try to ping the linux box from xp what happens

<amos> says unreachable
<amos> host unreachable
<anyweb> are they connected together via a crossover cable ?
<anyweb> did you try to disable the linux firewall temporarily to test ?
<amos> have crossover and also a hub... tried both no resolve
<amos> must say this tho... 2 thing...
<anyweb> as root on the linux box, type lokkit
<anyweb> then set the firewall to disabled
<anyweb> once done try to ping it from xp
<amos> ok ... sorry i have to run back and forth
<amos> will try it
<anyweb> ok
<amos> turned firewall .. still no ping tho
<anyweb> could be your gateway settings
<amos> dunno
<amos> im stumped
<amos> would i get a ping even before i setup dhcp?
<amos> guess im going to have to try again tomorrow
<anyweb> can you paste the results of ifconfig on
<amos> ive been up all nite trying to figure it out
<amos> sure
<amos> just "ifconfig" ?
<anyweb> yes
<amos> doesnt work for me
<anyweb> do it as root
<anyweb> su -
<anyweb> notice the space and '-' after ifconfig
<anyweb> er, after su
<anyweb> su -
<amos> already was sued, and typed "ifconfig" and enter siad not found
<SuffY> ??
<anyweb> su again
<anyweb> this time with the - after su
<anyweb> suSPACE-
<anyweb> su -
<amos> sry got it
<amos> =}
<amos> dont kill me heh
<SuffY> *killamos
<SuffY> :-)
<amos> =}
<SuffY> oh
<amos> ok entryy is
<amos> ok im out i will try again tonight tho
<amos> thx
<Garret> hello
<Garret> if my cp has by default "-i" how can i remove that
<Garret> i dont want it to promt me with the question of overtwiteing , because i have many files
<znx> Garret: it will be alias'd
<znx> look in your ~/.bashrc
<znx> will be something like:
<znx> alias mv="mv -i"
<znx> or it could be in the global profile... /etc/profile
<znx> if it is.. you can disable it for yourself.. by adding at the bottom of the ~/.bashrc
<znx> alias mv="mv"
<znx> or
<znx> unalias mv
<Garret> okay
<Garret> thanks
<Garret> well
<Garret> i changed alias cp="cp -i" to alias cp="cp"
<Garret> and it still asks for overwrite
<Kya> Could someone answer a question for me?
<Kya> Is there a way I can run world of warcraft on fedora?
<[-G-]> does anyone know how i can get startx to run with a regular user?
<Beryllium> Ahoyhoy! I'm having a weird issue with my yum. It's trying to fetch packages from extras/ on my locally mirrored repo, but the RPMs are actually stored in extras/packages. I looked a tthe header files in the repo itself and it looks like they're pointing at the proper location, so why is yum ignoring the packages/ portion?
<Beryllium> Fixed it - had to purge /var/cache/yum/extras, so it could re-download the headers.
<opsec> Beryllium: yum clean all (in the future)



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