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<Ramzi22> hey i just installed fefora, and my ethernet internet isnt working, dhcp or static ip both dont work
<Ramzi22> if i try static, i cant ping anything(such as google or my router) and if i select dhcp it says Determining IP info for eth0... failed
<_Suicide_> define ping
<_Suicide_> did ya set a gateway and ip?
<Ramzi22> when i do dhcp i cant even activate, because it cant determing ip info
<_Suicide_> forget dhcp for now
<_Suicide_> whats the gateway ip ?
<Ramzi22> when i set static it activated but when i do "ping" it says Destination Host Unreachable
<_Suicide_> did you set a gateway ?
<Ramzi22> yeah
<_Suicide_> is the gateway ?
<Ramzi22> yeah
<_Suicide_> do
<_Suicide_> ip addr show
<_Suicide_> and paste it into a paste site

<_Suicide_> and then post me the link
<kaber2> hey
<_Suicide_> hello
<kaber2> hey _Suicide_
<Ramzi22> heh i dont got a internet connection on that pc
<_Suicide_> you dont need an internet connection
<kaber2> hmm. I'm running FC4. and I had a friend setup qmail.. worked good. then i had to reboot my computer. now qmail is not picking up any new messages or letting me send any messages. any of you know what service i have to enable
<_Suicide_> open aterminal and type that in
<_Suicide_> ahh
<_Suicide_> doh
<_Suicide_> i get ya
<_Suicide_> hmmmm
<_Suicide_> one sec
<_Suicide_> kaber2, 1. learn qmail...
<_Suicide_> 2.
<_Suicide_> check /etc/init.d/
<_Suicide_> for qmail init
<_Suicide_> then service qmail start
<_Suicide_> Ramzi22, let me think
<_Suicide_> hmm
<Ramzi22> anything specific you wanted?
<_Suicide_> yeah the eth0 ip
<_Suicide_> ip addr show|grep inet
<Ramzi22> inet brd scope global eth0
<Ramzi22> is the static i set
<kaber2> _Suicide_: no work :|
<_Suicide_> kaber check the fodler for the qmail init
<_Suicide_> there is a script in there called qmail..something
<_Suicide_> Ramzi22, sec
<_Suicide_> ip route show
<kaber2> i ran service qmail start
<_Suicide_> whats the default set to ?
<kaber2> said OK.. but still no picking up new messages
<_Suicide_> kaber2, hen your configuration isnt working
<kaber2> and in that init.d folder. i just have a file called qmail
<kaber2> indeed :/
<_Suicide_> reconfigure it
<kaber2> hmm
<kaber2> i brb. gonna eat somethin real fast
<Ramzi22> dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src
<Ramzi22> dev eth0 scope link
<Ramzi22> defualt via dev eth0
<_Suicide_> hmmm
<_Suicide_> that looks right
<_Suicide_> hmmm
<_Suicide_> service iptables status
<Ramzi22> Firewall is stopped.
<_Suicide_> k
<_Suicide_> odd
<Ramzi22> i know
<_Suicide_> sorry got distracted
<_Suicide_> errm
<_Suicide_> try this
<_Suicide_> ping -c 10 -I eth0
<Ramzi22> From icmp_seq=1 Desitination Host Unreachable
<_Suicide_> hmm
<_Suicide_> lsmod
<_Suicide_> sec
<Ramzi22> what? what do you want to know from lsmod\
<_Suicide_> i need to know if ya kernel mod is loaded for your ethernet card
<_Suicide_> ohh wait

<_Suicide_> try this first
<_Suicide_> ping -c
<_Suicide_> ping -c 10
<Ramzi22> yeah that works
<_Suicide_> is it a direct link to the gateway ?
<Ramzi22> what
<_Suicide_> nic > cable > nic
<Ramzi22> is the static ip i set for that machine
<_Suicide_> or is there a switch inbetween ?
<Ramzi22> no it goes to a hub, then a wifi access pointer, then router
<kaber2> back
<Ramzi22> but this pc is also connected to same hub
<_Suicide_> wait
<Ramzi22> with a static ip (and dhcp works if i choose)
<_Suicide_> hub or switch ?
<Ramzi22> and i had redhat on this machine last night with network working
<Ramzi22> pretty sureits a hub
<_Suicide_> and you didnt change anything ?
<Ramzi22> i formated rehat and install fedora core 4
<Ramzi22> didnt change any of the physical network
<_Suicide_> hmmm
<_Suicide_> haha computer virus that will strike midnight
<_Suicide_> not on this linux box haha
<_Suicide_> Ramzi22, is check lsmod
<_Suicide_> what network cvard is it ?
<Ramzi22> what? i dont understnad what you want me to tell you about lsmod
<Ramzi22> SiS900
<Ramzi22> lsmod displays "sis900 21697 0"
<_Suicide_> have ya got an onbaord ethernet ?
<Ramzi22> yeah its a laptop
<_Suicide_> btw
<_Suicide_> you said you have a nic >hub>wlan>router ?
<Ramzi22> (also got a wifi card but thats a pain in the ass to configure)
<_Suicide_> whats the ip of the router and wats the ip of the wlan ?
<Ramzi22> ndiswrapper and ****, got it working once
<Ramzi22> routers
<_Suicide_> forget that for now
<_Suicide_> k go on
<Ramzi22> the ap is
<Ramzi22> it just connects to my router, then gives one ethernet wire out
<Ramzi22> that goes into my hub
<_Suicide_> k
<Ramzi22> then my laptop, windows machine, mac, and xbox are connected to hub
<_Suicide_> ohh wait
<_Suicide_> so nic>hub>router yes ?
<Ramzi22> more like nic>hub>wirelessAP>router
<_Suicide_> well that obviously wont work with the et0
<_Suicide_> eth0
<Ramzi22> it did in redhat, and slax
<_Suicide_> so the cable goes from >nic>hub>wlan>router ?!?!?
<Ramzi22> yeah
<_Suicide_> is the wlan a switch router too ?
<Ramzi22> no
<_Suicide_> but how can it go from the wlan to the router ?!?! if its not a switch ??!?!
<Ramzi22> the wlan just connects to my router downstairs wirelessly and outpuits a single ethernet port, no firewall or anything
<_Suicide_> ehhh
<_Suicide_> you dont udnerstand
<_Suicide_> we are not dealing with your wlan now
<_Suicide_> we want to get your cabled nic working
<Ramzi22> yeah
<_Suicide_> that has nothing to do with the wlan
<Ramzi22> i know
<_Suicide_> so why tell me about it hehe
<Ramzi22> because you asked
<_Suicide_> so again...
<_Suicide_> your nic>cable>hub> ??
<Ramzi22> yes
<_Suicide_> cable>router ?
<Ramzi22> huh?
<_Suicide_> nic>cable>hub>cable>router
<Ramzi22> nic>cable>hub>cable>accesspoint>wireless>router
<_Suicide_> why do that ?
<_Suicide_> for a cabled network
<Ramzi22> because the router is downstairs and i have a whole bunch of pc's upstairs



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