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<phrostix> time to drive home from work. bbl
<Rahly> no dynamic arrays, how lame
<Vibes^> yo
<mod_five> Err, I can't seem to make my TToolButtons show their caption! Does anyone know how to do that? In a best case scenario I can have a TToolButton with an image left aligned with text on the right explaining the image/button.
<mod_five> I have actually got the bar to show text.. Tcoolbar.showtext, but It's underneath the image and takes up too much space. Anyone know how to right align this text?
<Rahly> kids nowadays
<Rahly> don't even know what a burnout is
<GPF_1> hmm, burnout ? = smoke show ?, lots of drugs?
<Rahly> well -drugs
<Rahly> we just had a burnout here in town, part of the festival
<Rahly> it was sponsered by the local fire department
<GoonyBird> heh
<GoonyBird> cool

<Rahly> yeah, and smelly
<GoonyBird> blah
<GoonyBird> relipse No such nick/channel
<GoonyBird> i was hoping to have some fun
<Rahly> thank god
<Rahly> have you tried with a z?
<GoonyBird> he;s fun to tease
<GoonyBird> no luck
<GoonyBird> heh
<Rahly> C# doesn't have dynamic arrays, thats gotta be a serious flaw
<FuzyLogix> just use a Vector, in C#
<Rahly> vector's are c++
<FuzyLogix> ArrayList then
<Russell__> no arrays in c#?
<Russell__> well, there goes my serious consideration of that language
<FuzyLogix> C# has arrays
<FuzyLogix> string[] myStrings = new string[10];
<Rahly> yeah FuzyLogix, i'm using that right now, just no dynamic array support, kinda sad
<FuzyLogix> have you ever coded in c++ for solaris?
<Rahly> only a little
<Rahly> although, are you looking for specifics for something?
<FuzyLogic> well, how easy is it to code using msvs c++ .. then how can I easily recompile on solaris?
<FuzyLogic> using portable lib/code of course
<Rahly> generally not hard if you are already thinking ahead for portability
<Rahly> and you don't use anything OS specific
<FuzyLogic> I just mean.. like how do I build on solaris? do I have to make all the make files and such from scratch?
<Rahly> depends on if all your code is completely generic, or you have some os specific code that gets compiled on different OS's
<FuzyLogic> all generic
<Rahly> then you shouldn't need to change your make files
<FuzyLogic> but it would appear msvs doesnt use make files.. or, auto-generate them would be a more precious statement
<GoonyBird> blah
<GoonyBird> that sucks
<Rahly> you can use make files with windows
<GoonyBird> or, save them to external text files
<GoonyBird> Rahly - yes you can - but does Visual C export the setings to external makefiles?
<GoonyBird> or does it save the settings in a custom project file?
<Rahly> GoonyBird: the MSVC++ compiler will automatically read those settings
<GoonyBird> which settings?
<GoonyBird> the ones in a makefile?
<Rahly> no, the ones in the external settings file
<GoonyBird> ok
<GoonyBird> yes
<GoonyBird> that wasmt my question though
<Rahly> read nmake
<GoonyBird> of COURSE it will dothat but
<GoonyBird> does it export them to an external make file
<GoonyBird> or give you the option to do that?
<Rahly> donno, don't know why you need to
<GoonyBird> im trying to help FuzyLogic solve his problem!
<GoonyBird> im not the expert really on porting visual c code
<Rahly> but
<GoonyBird> but?
<Russell__> eurgh, visual c :P
<Rahly> at least in VS.NET 2003 has an Export Makefile option
<Russell__> what sort of makefile is it
<Rahly> a standard one?
<Russell__> obviously not a gnu makefile :P
<Rahly> it works for me
<Rahly> using gmake

<Russell__> O_o
<FuzyLogic> Rahly, where in 2003 is that export makefile option?
<Rahly> well
<Rahly> if you read the help
<Rahly> To export a Makefile project
<Rahly> On the Project menu, choose Export Makefile.
<Rahly> Under Projects, select check boxes next to the projects to include in the Projectname.vcn file.
<Rahly> To select or clear all the project check boxes simultaneously, choose Select All, and then select or clear any check box.
<Rahly> To force writing of makefile dependency files, select the Write dependencies when writing makefiles checkbox.
<Rahly> Selecting this option slows export of a makefile, and is only needed when file dependencies have changed.
<FuzyLogic> are you sure that's in 2003.. I dont see any Export Makefile under the Project menu
<Rahly> thats what the help says
<FuzyLogic> the company is sending me vs2005 .. so I'll prolly be upgrading to that shortly
<Rahly> k
<Rahly> did you create a makefile project?
<FuzyLogic> no..
<FuzyLogic> let me try
<Rahly> try adding that to your solution
<FuzyLogic> hrm.. if I did dev on say a linux (debian) os .. using g++ that'd probably compile how solaris would, correct?
<Rahly> "did dev"?
<DaynaGirl> hi guys. thanks for your help.
<Rahly> oh
<Rahly> ummm
<Rahly> maybe, FuzyLogic, it all depends on the code
<DaynaGirl> we're gonna steal a bmp from the paint method of each object (visual) on the main form...
<Rahly> using POSIX or SysV code, i would say yes
<DaynaGirl> and render it onto the objectform... by alphablending (addition ) each alpha blended image.
<Rahly> otherwise, expect at least some minimal changes
<Rahly> hey dayna
<Rahly> problems, cmf?
<smif> yes! i donno y it does this. its not even at an even interval
<Rahly> someone is spanking you
<jono`> borland's image editor keeps converting my resource file graphics to low colors, even though i'm selecting 256 colors. it converts it to 24 colors.
<jono`> is this a problem with the editor, or what?
<jono`> just so you guys know, it was borland's resource editor that was causing the problem. i downloaded one called Resource Builder and it works great
<Russell__> borland image editor is ****e
<Vibes^> _Russell_: YEs, it is.
<jono`> alright, Rockstar is drank. i'm ready for the night
<DaynaGirl> hi guys.
<DaynaGirl> what's new or nice?
<Vibes^> DaynaGirl: Did it work?
<DaynaGirl> Vibes^: yes/no. it did but it had a 3-5pixel aura around it.
<DaynaGirl> not for a label... but for a flash movie.
<Vibes^> The only way around that is going to be to do alpha-blending with the background on the fly.
<DaynaGirl> and bits of the flash movie disappeared too.
<DaynaGirl> Vibes^: *nod* we came to the same conclusion.
<Vibes^> Yeah, that's going to happen unless you choose some outrageous background color that's not going to be in the flash movie.
<DaynaGirl> Vibes^: some of the movies will be filmed with a video camera...
<DaynaGirl> and we have no control over what colours go into it.
<Vibes^> Right.
<Vibes^> What's this for?
<DaynaGirl> *smirk* can't say.
<Vibes^> Then can't help you. :)
<DaynaGirl> *grin* I know. terrible isn't it.
<DaynaGirl> but even if you knew it wouldn't help much.
<DaynaGirl> mrbtrieve helped this co. too. he knows and it didn't help him understand either.
<DaynaGirl> if only you guys could see me now...
<DaynaGirl> I'm sitting here on a grassy knoll overlooking a lake...
<DaynaGirl> I've got my portable bbq on... providing heat...
<Vibes^> and dinner?
<DaynaGirl> my monitor is the only light ... there are street lights on... but they are 30m away or so.
<DaynaGirl> yep. done with that though.
<DaynaGirl> had A&W Chicken.
<DaynaGirl> hmmm firedept just lit up like a christmas tree... sirens everywhere.
<DaynaGirl> anyways...
<DaynaGirl> bought a wireless router today for $71
<DaynaGirl> took it home... the boost antenna is sold seperately...
<DaynaGirl> its an additional $69
<DaynaGirl> went back returned it bought a full sized router with boost antennas built in.
<DaynaGirl> for $89 + $20 Mail in Rebate...
<DaynaGirl> the router requires more input power than the whole rest of my portable system.
<DaynaGirl> well... this isn't any fun. I came down her to do range testing... and mom was supposed to guard the stuff... mom went to watch the skate borders...
<DaynaGirl> and I'm talking at myself... I might as well pack up... *sigh*



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