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<scul> hello word app?
<scul> world*
<MJ-12> I have a visual basic question... how do you only allow postive numbers in a txtbox
<Alipha> MJ-12: would you ask a mac user how to fix a pc? (answer: no) so what are you doing here? #visualbasic or #vb or some place
<Teckla> MJ-12: We'll give you a break and assume you accidentally joined the wrong channel.
<strtok> maybe he assumed C coders are smarter than their VB counterparts
<strtok> ?
<strtok> :D
<sbahra> He could have textchange event handler or whatever
<sbahra> Just double click on the text box :-P
<CStubing> gotta love it
<feti> no, but i do love two 3.1TB partitions on my bsd server
<feti> got around the slicing limit finally
<CStubing> damn, that's some size
<CStubing> using vinum?
<feti> no, instead of slicing them i removed all slices from both raid-5 setups. both are 3.1

<feti> i just ran newfs on the /dev/da0 and /dev/da1
<feti> without slices
<feti> the only downfall is they aren't bootable and they aren't compatible with any other os cause there is no partition
<CStubing> hope it's stable ;)
<feti> ya, that's what i'm going to find out
<feti> it's listed in the handbook, so i'm assuming it is ;P
<feti> just an alternative to getting around the slice limits
<xi_> is there an efficient way to determine if a variable is divisible by 10 without using %?
<Alipha> no
<aedinius> % is fairly efficient, imo
<aedinius> Given your options.
<xi_> what about tricks like: x * 6554 >> 16
<squeeze> floating point numbers?
<xi_> but that odesnt give the remainder :/
<xi_> no, ints
<squeeze> is this homework? Since the mod operator is fairly easy to mimic arithemtically. Just not to make as efficient
<Symmetry-> xi_, don't you read the papers, that one's patented
<xi_> no, im trying to optimize some code
<Symmetry-> seriously :) don't use that for division
<Symmetry-> oh, it's actually a patent *application*
<ack> patented versus patent-applied-for
<aedinius> Heh
<aedinius> I just do %
<Symmetry-> maybe they'll patent it, adding to the "Method for Swinging on a Swing"
<squeeze> can't patent software in europe anyway
<Symmetry-> what about software written in europe, but exported to the US?
<aedinius> if(locale == US) { return x % 10; } else { return x * 6554 >> 16; }
<Symmetry-> #ifdef IN_AMERICA
<ack> if/else expressions do different things
<squeeze> ack: I think you can safely assume both Symmetry- and aedinius know that...
<ack> i'll disagree
<xi_> heh
<aedinius> I was making a smartass remark. I don't care if it works .
<aedinius> or doesn'tw ork.
<ack> ;-)
<aedinius> like oh MY God
<aedinius> </Travolta>
<xi_> is a 32 bit and operation executed faster than a comparison? like x & 1 vs x == y
<ack> don't they have someone else more familiar with profiling and optimization? ;-)
<aedinius> So I plowed someone down in class toeday
<aedinius> today*
<aedinius> I dropped my cup on the floor, so I got and walked around the table to pick it up
<aedinius> The annoying girl in class right behind me (who my friend and I think might like me ...) and I turned around and ****ing PLOWED into her
<aedinius> Didn't even see her
<ack> plow has more than one sense ...
<aedinius> So does anything.
<aedinius> I nearly knocked her down
<squeeze> there's only one sense when it involves a girl
<ack> and it seems it's not the one he was using
<Symmetry-> xi_, same speed
<squeeze> ack: now you're just being rational
<ack> i have no sense of humor
<aedinius> squeeze: Oh hell no, I can't stand her
<aedinius> She won't shut up
<aedinius> Even the professor is like "OMG NUB STFU"
<aedinius> Or he would be if it wouldn't make her cry.
<ack> like totally
<squeeze> perhaps if you plowed her properly she would stfu on command

<ack> fer shure
<aedinius> squeeze: I couldn't disgrace my **** like that.
<squeeze> you afraid it couldn't look at itself in the mirror thereafter?
<aedinius> It might try suicide.
<xi_> why is this channel +k
<aedinius> xi, bot floods.
<xi_> oic
<Symmetry-> what does +k do?
<aedinius> key
<Symmetry-> ah duh
<ack> i think you can safely assume both xi_ and aedinius know that ...
<squeeze> lol
<Symmetry-> the weirdest thing happened
<Symmetry-> the input box in hydraIrc became centered
<Symmetry-> and only for #C
<Symmetry-> hydra is a piece of ****
<ack> #C is the centre of your universe
<Symmetry-> yes, the pinnacle of my existence
<scul> what's the centre of yours, ack?
<ack> soft and squishy and warm
<aedinius> Alright. Let's do this.
<scul> rotten fermented tomatos?
<SgtUnix> morning samy
<sbahra> hey SgtUnix
<sbahra> Sorry about earlier, I got carried away with the script.
<sbahra> SgtUnix, you down now?
<myrddin> I installed a 2nd HD, installed ubuntu on it. grub was a sweetheart and everything was groovy. until I tried booting back into windows.
<myrddin> then windows hung for-ever- during the boot process. I thought it was just completely locked up. after much fiddling and cursing and gnashing of teeth, I realized it was because windows was trying to find a fat32/ntfs file system on the new drive.
<myrddin> it did eventually boot up, but took forever to do so. and even then, every time I tried to bring up a file-explorer window, it would sit there and stare at me like I was some wild-haired lunatic expecting free handouts.
<myrddin> once I told windows to just ignore that drive (disabled it in the hardware wizard thing), windows became much more well behaved
<myrddin> so there. I just had to share my pain.
<Maloeran> That reminds me of how windows used to stall, always trying to access the floppy drive... on win95 ( I'm a bit outdated on windows )
<aedinius> I liked how win95 "solved" the problems of win3.1 and floppies
<aedinius> The driver was pre-emptive they said, didn't have the problems of the disk access like that.
<aedinius> Of course, it still sucked horribly.
<myrddin> heh
<Maloeran> I actually unplug my drivers the rare times I boot windows, that's how badly I don't trust that OS
<aedinius> Hehe.
<Maloeran> my drives
<myrddin> oh, I almost forgot... when windows did finally finish inspecting the new HD, it wanted to run a file consistency check on it.
<myrddin> happily, it asked for confirmation from me before attempting to do so
<aedinius> "Your files are inconsistent. They will be deleted."
<Maloeran> You should have let it "repair" your new ntfs file system!
<myrddin> Maloeran: woe would be me! ;)
<zerocide> i have a struct containing a 'char *' into which i need to copy a string of an unknown length.. is it safe to malloc(sizeof(theStructName)) or do i need to know the length of the string i will set?
<zerocide> even with knowing the length (and allocating a dynamic number of bytes), it seems to segfault when i malloc over 32 bytes
<zerocide> memcpy crashes it
<Maloeran> If your struct only has a pointer, then your malloc is allocating sizeof(char *) bytes
<Maloeran> And the pointer isn't pointing anywhere either
<zerocide> it also has a pointer
<Maloeran> In fact, I'm not sure this makes sense at all
<Maloeran> You can't allocate a chunk of memory of unknown size if this is what you are asking
<aedinius> So anyone here care to explain:
<zerocide> i guess i don't clearly understand the 'char *'
<zerocide> oh
<zerocide> 'char *' is 4 bytes because it's a pointer, right?
<Maloeran> Might be 4 bytes, depends of the architecture
<zerocide> but i'll need to allocate as many bytes as i need to store something and have the pointer point to it
<zerocide> seems to crash when i allocate >32 bytes
<zerocide> Allocating 8 bytes of memory.
<zerocide> Node created at address 0x21a08 with data moo
<zerocide> Allocating 36 bytes of memory.
<zerocide> Segmentation Fault
<Maloeran> calc paste
<algorithm> Please paste your code (or a complete example that demonstrates your problem) here:
<zerocide> Maloeran:
<Maloeran> val is not pointing anywhere valid, and you write at that address
<zerocide> ah
<zerocide> hm
<zerocide> wonder why it worked for less than 32 byte strings
<zerocide> it works :)



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