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<Water_Bed> !requst
<Aller> ?
<Water_Bed> !requst
<Aller> this is not a pr0n channel
<Aller> read the topic
<Aller> sigh
<Water_Bed> yes it is
<Aller> no it's not
<Aller> you're on the wrong network
<Aller> get a grip
<Water_Bed> so where is the right network
<Aller> how the **** should i know?
<Water_Bed> u kno

<Aller> that's the topic for this channel
<Aller> and i'm not some horny 70-year old looking for porno on the internet
<Water_Bed> ur right ur a 24 year old that cant get no ass lookin 4 porno on the inthernet
<Aller> not entirely true
<Water_Bed> so ur 23
<Water_Bed> lol
<Water_Bed> u r
<Aller> actually i'm 27
<Aller> oh
<Aqua|Work> lol
<Aqua|Work> whata jackass
<Aqua|Work> how can we render a bitmap object
<onyx_blac> hiya. Is this the appropriate place to ask classic ASP questions? or strictly .net stuff?
<Rizard> this is it
<Rizard> its late though, most are prolly sleep
<onyx_blac> excellent. My question is fairly straightforward .. I have an "age" variable stored in a SQL database as a DATETIME, and I'm able to retrieve it in vbscript/asp easy enough. Trying to calculate their age in years based on that
<onyx_blac> thought I had it right (its certainly close), but in many cases, is showing the user as 1 year less than they actually are
<onyx_blac> wondered if there was a standard way to convert a DateTime variable into an age-in-years, given the difference between that datettime and the current time/date
<onyx_blac> this is more or less what I have now:
<onyx_blac> DateDiff("YYYY", dtDOB, NOW() ) - 1 dtDOB being the datetime I have stored
<onyx_blac> have also tried "Date()" in place of Now()
<onyx_blac> any suggestions?
<FuzzyLogi> does anyone know of an upload script or component that will upload a video file without the use of enctype="multipart/form-data"
<FuzzyLogi> is there such thing as a simple form upload script? one that does not have an enctype?
<FuzzyLogi> basicly this component I have for capturing video and uploading it submits a form automaticly
<FuzzyLogi> i can't change it and it uses what they call simple form upload
<FuzzyLogi> and does NOT have an enctype on it but they do not provide the upload component they tell me that's up to me
<bf> !request
<MadAtWork> active server pages
<MadAtWork> not porn
<combatfil> hello all, anyone around who might be able to help me add some stuff to my store page?
<combatfil> I have this little ASP script, I was trying to just copy and paste, I'm not sure if the script is entirely self-contained or not
<loonatik> ask the person who wrote it
<combatfil> he was let go from the company
<combatfil> That's why I'm here ;)
<combatfil> It seems to be a fairly simple script, can I pastebin what we have?
<loonatik> well we certianly arent going to be able to help you, so either hire the guy back (contract?), figure it out yourself, or quit
<combatfil> I'm sorry, but is this not an ASP help channel?
<loonatik> this is #asp not #doyourworkforyou
<combatfil> The work is already done
<loonatik> great, then you dont need our help
<combatfil> I simply need a little ASP help. it would take only a few minutes.
<loonatik> if you ask a ASP question sure, but im not looking at your code for you
<loonatik> especially not someone elses code you are trying to figure out
<loonatik> hire the guy back if you cant figure it out
<loonatik> or rewrite it
<combatfil> The entire site is done in ASP, I know only very basic ASP, I was simply trying to get a tad bit of help with something I'm having trouble with. I am an employee, I don't have the authority to hire anyone back.
<loonatik> [11:16] <@loonatik> ask the person who wrote it
<loonatik> [11:17] <combatfil> he was let go from the company
<loonatik> [11:17] <combatfil> That's why I'm here ;)
<loonatik> if you were his replacement
<loonatik> then you should know asp
<loonatik> if not, hire someone who does
<combatfil> Okay, this isn't what I came here for. I would appreciate some help from someone who is willing to help me rather than argue with me. I'm getting paid to fix this site, not to argue, so i can't.
<loonatik> LOL
<loonatik> then fix it
<loonatik> otherwise pay me

<loonatik> and ill fix it for you
<mefromfl> how come when i open my asp page with a browser, it shows the code and not the page
<Aller> because the server doesn't support asp
<Aller> i think :)
<mefromfl> ic
<mefromfl> i just need to have iis that's all right?
<Aller> yes
<mefromfl> hmm
<loonatik> Mediator
<loonatik> mefromfl you have to view the asp file through your web server
<loonatik> and it needs to be IIS
<mefromfl> i can't built the page locally?
<mefromfl> and view it there first
<loonatik> mefromfl yes you can, just use IIS
<loonatik> locally
<mefromfl> k i did add the iis component
<Aller> oh, i asumed he was using iis on his own box :S
<mefromfl> yes
<mefromfl> not webserver
<mefromfl> i have access to a webserver, but i can only ftp to it, so I can't do what this program is asking me to do
<mefromfl> that's y i wanna test it on my computer
<loonatik> install iis locally
<loonatik> and use it
<mefromfl> just goto conrol panel/add remove programs right?
<loonatik> yes
<mefromfl> and add iis component thru there
<loonatik> yes
<loonatik> and put your files in wwwroot
<loonatik> and view them through the web server
<mefromfl> ahh
<mefromfl> ic
<mefromfl> hmmm, still the same when i put it in wwwroot
<mefromfl> nm
<mefromfl> u know any good geoip software?
<mefromfl> that's easy?
<MadAtWork> ever check out maxmind?
<mefromfl> that's what i'm checking out now
<mefromfl> their docs are hard to follow
<MadAtWork> well they seem to be one of the best out there, just get some coffee and get down to it
<mefromfl> :)
<mefromfl> i can't even get my .asp page to display on my computer
<loonatik> mefromfl what is so hard man
<loonatik> mefromfl explain to me how you are viewing the page
<loonatik> you said you have it in wwwroot
<loonatik> how do you view it
<mefromfl> well i think i have it working now, i just type localhost on my browser and it comes up now
<mefromfl> before i was just right clicking the file and opening it with browsers
<loonatik> which isnt viewing the file trhough the web server
<loonatik> through8
<loonatik> opening in localhost is
<loonatik> http://localhost/file.aspx
<mefromfl> yes that's what i'm doing
<mefromfl> i thought i could have just right click on the asp file and view with browser
<loonatik> mefromfl can I ask you a question
<loonatik> why are you learning classic asp
<loonatik> and not
<mefromfl> my enviroment here is asp
<loonatik> define here
<mefromfl> work
<mefromfl> it's still using asp stuff
<loonatik> well if your company is still doing new dvelopment in asp classic
<loonatik> you need to find a better company
<mefromfl> well they are doing it in jsp
<mefromfl> but i only have access to asp server
<mefromfl> can i do .net on those?
<g1bz> how can u not know those answers if your doing development for a company?
<mefromfl> i am not
<mefromfl> i'm just testing an geo ip application for a website
<mefromfl> i have no programming experiece
<g1bz> mm k



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