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<Smirker> therefore you 'scanning' it will be doing nothing
<TriAngle> ya that is y my cursor when to 0,0 cause there is nothing in the box...
<TriAngle> it makes me think that the codes only work when the form1 is visible as a active window
<Doh_> it doesn't matter whats in the box
<TriAngle> by the way is there a faster way to do what it should do ?
<Kaverin> schroedinger's cat
<TriAngle> cause i can see its quite very noob code i mean... for what i code it to do...
<Re_Boot> hmmm, is the jury in vb broken or not? ;)
<phrizer> POO SHOOTER
<Re_Boot> umm, what dung bettles wait on..... Alex I'll take animal husbandry for 500$
<Smirker> our company's wholesale fixedline provider screwed up their csvs and missed about 7% of the phone calls made, so we only billed for about 93% of calls. :/ = loosing money
<Smirker> luckily theyve promised to fix it up and refund us for the damages
<Smirker> thus im not in **** =p
<BW[Work]> mm
<poloman_> muie

<sennyv> hii...
<sennyv> hi bigAl thanks yesterday..
<sennyv> anyway, i can't pass back my textbox value, someone told me i have to set the parameter as textbox, so it would pass the value back.. i've tested it on other function and it's working... but i don't know how to apply it to the tosqlall function you gave me yesterday...
<sennyv> paramArray has to set as variant...
<sennyv> if i set it as textbox, then compile error...
<bigAl> ?
<sennyv> is there any other way to solve it
<bigAl> paste something
<sennyv> Sub tosqlall(ParamArray asArgs())
<sennyv> Dim i As Integer
<sennyv> For i = 0 To UBound(asArgs)
<sennyv> asArgs(i) = tosql(CStr(asArgs(i)))
<sennyv> Next
<sennyv> End Function
<bigAl>, show what you are trying to do with that function
<sennyv> ups sorry
<sennyv> okey..thanks
<bigAl> heh "First pirated HD DVD movie hits BitTorrent"
<Meekys> didnt take long
<bigAl> yea, so much for aacs
<sennyv> sorry takes long time... here it is...
<bigAl> seems windvd keeps the decrypted key in memory
<Meekys> "whoops"
<bigAl> text1=tosql(text1)
<bigAl> tosql escapes the string for the database operation
<bigAl> do not change the text in the textbox
<bigAl> just create your sql using tosql(text1) & "','" & tosql(text2) ...
<sennyv> actually, i'm doing this for other importance, not for the database operation... so i just want to get a new value pass to mytextbox...
<sennyv> for database operation, i did as you told early
<sennyv> back to what i want to do, i don't want to write text1=tosql(text1).. if i have ten textbox then i have to write it ten times...
<sennyv> so i hope i could call it directly like, tosql (text1,text2,text3,text4,...,text10)
<bigAl> do you know about control arrays?
<sennyv> then all ten textboxes will have their value changes...
<sennyv> not, i only know vb will ask if i copy a control
<sennyv> i choose no...
<sennyv> can i apply that to my prob?
<bigAl> yes
<bigAl> read this
<bigAl> thenyou can do;
<sennyv> oh thank you very much
<bigAl> for i=0 to ubound(yourTextBoxes)
<bigAl> yourTextBoxes(i).text = tosql2(yourTextBoxes(i).text) ..
<bigAl> you will need another vertion of tosql() as the one that uses a byref string cant be used for a textbox
<bigAl> lo
<DJCharlie> is anyone else going to the msdn dev roadshow this year?
<bigAl> i got a lifetime ban last year after the whole ****ting in the canapes thing :(
<bigAl> i suppose i could sneak in in a burka
<Re_Boot> ooooO, binkiniburka!
<Re_Boot> HUMAN....the hight of perversion, they clothe thier WOMAN.....HUMAN
<bigAl> transparent burkas, problem solved
<Re_Boot> please..... it might be safer that its not
<Re_Boot> snow today... time to go to work and get nothing done, ltr gents...
<sennyv> i have two control txt_name(0) and txt_address(1)
<sennyv> for i=0 to ubound(txt_name)
<sennyv> will raise error
<sennyv> asking for array...
<sennyv> i thought txt_name is array already...
<bigAl> no, you need to make it an array, set the index property of txt_name to 0 in its properties window

<bigAl> then if you rename txt_address to txt_name it will become txt_name(1)
<bigAl> then if you rename txt_*** to txt_name it will become txt_name(2) .. etc
<sennyv> so they need to have a same name...
<bigAl> indeed
<sennyv> yes but still got same error...
<sennyv> i look at my textboxes... txt_name with index 0, text_name with index 1
<sennyv> ubound(txt_name)
<sennyv> error
<BW[Work]> ;)))
<bigAl> what error
<sennyv> asking for array
<bigAl> For i = 0 To txt_name.UBound
<sennyv> i store the value of these txt_name in other textbox, text1=txt_name(0) & text1=txt_name(1)
<bigAl> ?
<sennyv> after processed in my function, it return empty
<sennyv> sorry just to make sure.. i mean the result is empty
<bigAl> you need to show code
<sennyv> my txt_name(0) and txt_name(1)
<sennyv> my tosql function ?
<sennyv> okey
<bigAl> <@bigAl> you will need another vertion of tosql()
<bigAl> function toSQL2(s As String) As String
<bigAl> toSQL2 = Replace$(s, "a", "p") 'test to change a to p
<sennyv> i changed s as string to s as textbox... that what i have tried...
<bigAl> End Function
<bigAl> then txt_name(i).text=tosql2(txt_name(i).text)
<sennyv> yah.. its working....
<sennyv> mm... i change my s=replace$...
<sennyv> i thought it could directly pass by the parameter, so i use s=replace...
<sennyv> i forgot i wait for function return.. ^^
<bigAl> that works for variables, it wont work for properties like .text
<sennyv> yes, i can do that if i change it to sub not function
<sennyv> then change s as string to s as textbox...
<sennyv> it works too
<bigAl> thats passing in an object and directly accessing it, same effect but a different mechanism than byref
<sennyv> i change txt_name(i)=tosql... to tosql txt_name(i)
<sennyv> hahahaha, i'm so happy now.... ^^^^
<sennyv> thank youuuuuu......
<sennyv> so much :)
<sennyv> gtg now... bye.. and thanks for helping once again...
<bigAl> yw
<BW[Work]> lol
<Doh_> wtf
<bigAl> thats their real army
<BW[Work]> Well, then we are doomed ;P
<bigAl> the teddy bears are certainly ****ed
<FuIru> love how they scream after having their heads ripped off
<FuIru> that, and the indiana jones music
<bigAl> hehe single channel, i like the way the music cuts out for the sound effects
<FuIru> one hopes that was editted in some way, and is not the original turkish film. That, or that all of Turkey's moviegoers have severe ADD
<Teycho> thars the whole thing aparrently
<Javin> WTF Is THAT?
<bigAl> Turkish Star Wars
<Teycho> this translation is horrible
<Teycho> "There is just no end to them. They come in multitudes. Let's go over them"
<Teycho> "We must cross over the space seed. Be prepared to counter the coming ones."
<Teycho> this is the best one
<Teycho> "These coming ones are too sour faced. It'd be nice if some chicks with mini skirts were coming"
<DJCharlie> lol
<Teycho> silly turks
<DJCharlie> I think the Turkish are a Deligh
<DJCharlie> t
<DJCharlie> I must concentrate on the job at end
<Javin> I mean, what is it REALLY?
<Teycho> Turkish Star Wars
<Teycho> bootleg clips of star wars all up in it, horrible plot, etc
<Teycho> using swords, aparrently
<Teycho> seems slightly contradictory
<bigAl> NO NO NO
<bigAl> he MELTED the golden sworn ON TO HIS HANDS



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