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<poutine> :/ I'm just trying to figure out how a coax cable got unscrewed by itself
<poutine> and another cable attached
<Assid> "and another cable attached" ?
<poutine> another cable was attached to the wall, and one was attached to the splitter end that went into the wall originally
<Assid> maybe there was a lightning jolt or something which jumped it lose?
<sBForum> hey all
<Stracks> hey sBforum
<sBForum> how r u doing Stracks ?
<Stracks> sBForum is the most pro php coder over net
<Stracks> :)
<Stracks> fine
<Stracks> u
<sBForum> fine too
<sBForum> thnx Stracks
<sBForum> :P

<sBForum> ppl , Stracks is the best forever
<sBForum> :D
<sBForum> do u have something to talk about ?
<Assid> english please
<sBForum> Assid how r u ?
<Assid> trigger happy!
<poutine> evulish is mad because he's broke
<evulish> i haven't kicked anyone in a week!
<sBForum> oh .. why people ?
<evulish> i'm not broke. i just got paid for going on vacation.
<Stracks> looooooooool
<sBForum> is Arabic forbeddin here ?
<evulish> sBForum: yes, because anyone who speaks it is a terrorist.
<poutine> yes
<poutine> we hate arabs
<poutine> with a passion
<sBForum> okay .. so , **** u mother****ers .... son of *****es
<poutine> We piss on the quran
<Assid> poutine: now now be nice
<Stracks> you r mad
<sBForum> we piss on ur mother
<sBForum> what Stracks ?
<Assid> alrite this is getting outta hand
<evulish> sBForum: only because she pays you!
<Assid> evulish: cool it
<evulish> it's funnier this way :)
<Stracks> **** you ***** at least i know who is my father
<sBForum> i think this is a PHP channel
<Assid> yeah.. but im not one for racism dude..
<sBForum> we should talk about PHP
<Assid> Stracks: last warning cool it
<evulish> Stracks: that would be a bastard, not a *****
<sBForum> evvlish ... he's talking with u not me ...... hehehehehehehehehehehe
<evulish> o..kay?
<Assid> man.. pc-cillin rocks
<Stracks> by the way the quran you talking about is from god you should at least respect it
<Two-Bits> fortunately i dont believe in god
<evulish> your viewpoint isn't everyone's viewpoint
<Stracks> :|
<sBForum> Oh .. i don't think that
<sBForum> God ... u don't beleive in ?
<Two-Bits> of course not
<sBForum> the creator of the world !
<evulish> yeah.. right.
<sBForum> how the world exists without a god ?!
<Two-Bits> same way a few billion stars millions of light years away exist?
<sBForum> God created all of them
<evulish> right.
<Two-Bits> i can't imagine god went through the trouble of building giant gaseous fussion bombs that far away just so i could safely see a twinkle in the sky at night
<sBForum> and created u and me
<Two-Bits> negatory
<evulish> the stork brought me in.
<Two-Bits> no traditional "god" figure fits in my belief system
<evulish> after meeting up with the easter bunny for drinks
<fedt> hey, two-bits, you're smart. what's the easiest way to setup a file serving on a windows computer and then be able to access it by a computer outside of the lan?
<Stracks> loooool

<Two-Bits> i refuse to believe that any force that may have created the universe knows i even exist nor gives a **** what i do
<evulish> fedt: serv-u ftp server
<Two-Bits> yeah, ftp or http server
<TacomaTrailer> you guys are really pissing Xenu off with all this
<Two-Bits> TacomaTrailer: xenu can suck my turgid thetan
<fedt> yeah, but i have a lot of files to transfer often, so i don't think ftp would work
<Stracks> check these out feel free to read
<Two-Bits> fedt: why not?
<sBForum> check these out feel free to read
<Two-Bits> fedt: i'm currently (sorta) working on a bittorrent based multiple site backup system
<fedt> i'm using two windows computers for some reason and i'd like to be able to like copy and paste files as if it's from a mapped drive
<Two-Bits> i dont believe in god and therefore have no use for a religion, period
<Two-Bits> i have no formal need to congregate with like minded individuals either
<sBForum> hehe .. u don't have a religion then !?
<Two-Bits> that's why we have no churches of atheism
<Assid> Stracks, sBForum : everyone has a right to believe what they want.. end the matter there
<Two-Bits> a church is just a support group for faith addicts
<Assid> i dotn wanna hear any more of this
<evulish> sBForum: so what makes islam correct rather than something like judaism or hinduism
<fedt> so...uhhh, can you map a network drive that's outside of a lan?
<sBForum> u can see islam's rules
<sBForum> and see its simple
<Assid> arghh.. stopppp!!!!!!!
<Two-Bits> simple == correct and factual?
<Two-Bits> zomg
<Assid> im starting to get annoyed here
<TacomaTrailer> fair and balanced too?
<sBForum> u can see this if u want:
<sBForum> yeah correct and factual
<Two-Bits> lets discuss this in #religions
<Assid> yeah yeah.. take it there
<sBForum> Assid , what's ur religion
<sBForum> ?
<Assid> human
<Assid> you can ask my parents
<sBForum> so , don't have !
<evulish> islam denounces terrorism?
<Assid> im not a droid
<evulish> by like whispering it?
<Two-Bits> sBForum: take it to #religions
<sBForum> islam battling terrorism
<Two-Bits> last warning
<Assid> you guys have 30 seconds to stop this in this channel
<sBForum> hehehe no problem .. i'm in #religions now
<Assid> done..
<sBForum> don't have anything with PHP ?
<todden> How can you convert a string into an Integer
<todden> sprintf only do the other way around?
<create_vibe> $myStr = (int)$myStr;
<create_vibe> intval() also
<todden> allright
<pizza_milkshake> @intval
<mod_spox> (PHP 3, PHP 4, PHP 5)
<mod_spox> Get the integer value of a variable
<pizza_milkshake> @sscanf
<mod_spox> (PHP 4 >= 4.0.1, PHP 5)
<mod_spox> Parses input from a string according to a format
<create_vibe> oops, $myInt = (int)$myStr; that makes more sense
<todden> Thanks
<create_vibe> question when does intval() or casting (int) return NaN
<create_vibe> seems as though, if it can't cast, it returns 0 ?
<eyebrows> or empty
<fedt> !penisflood
<fedt> :(
<fuehrer> *****es
<fuehrer> er, wrong window
<fuehrer> but you're *****es as well
<poutine> trollboy
<eyebrows> POUELETE
<eyebrows> i'm no punk-*****



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